Vision and Purpose

Our Vision

We envision the day when everyone crossing our threshold flourishes as they participate fully as valued members of a mutually supportive community.

Our Purpose

We gather to worship God on Sunday in order to be uplifted, empowered, and challenged to serve God and God’s people throughout the week.

BSMchurchWe gather for WORSHIP:

The services are a place where all of life experiences are brought before God; joy and disappointment—grief and excitement—disillusionment and hope. Through its many elements—from music to meditation—questions are honored and dogmatic certainty is understood as an impediment to an authentic relationship with God. It is a place where mystery is embraced but the intellect is not sacrificed.

We gather for EXPRESSION:

Whether it’s public forums on divisive issues of the day to informal opportunities to share a meal—BSM convenes conversation that shies away from the superficial. From spoken word to meditative dance, BSM comes together to explore where spiritual questing meets artistic expression.

We gather for SERVICE to OTHERS:

We follow the call of Jesus to heal those who hurt, feed those who hunger, and speak up for those whose voices are silenced. We do this by encouraging each other as we act in our individual lives and are alert for ways we can cooperate in this counter-cultural pursuit together.

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