Job Posting: Major Gift Officer

Internal Title: Major Gift Officer
External Title: Donor Relations Director

Purpose of position
To secure funds for the organization by managing a group of assigned, qualified donors (caseload) assuring that as many as possible are retained as continuing donors to the organization and are upgraded in their giving and involvement. The benefit of this position will be the satisfaction of helping donors fulfill their passions and interests through their giving to Broad Street Ministry. To learn more about us, visit

Ongoing responsibilities
1. Will qualify a group of caseload donors.
2. Will create individual goals for each person on his or her caseload based on the donor’s history of giving and the organization’s knowledge of that donor’s potential.
3. Will create a plan for each donor that will serve as a foundational communication and marketing plan for each person on the caseload. Will faithfully and on a timely basis execute that plan so individuals on the caseload are retained and upgraded.
4. Will work with program and the communications department to secure appropriate project information, including budgets, and create offers, proposals and asks that will be used with persons on the caseload to secure gifts.
5. Will create monthly reports as required by management that accurately reflect caseload activity and performance.
6. Will perform other major donor activities as may be required.

Performance Measures
1. Ability to qualify caseload donors that represent the highest giving potential for the organization.
2. Ability to create reasonable financial goals for each donor, which is based on the donor’s giving and the potential.
3. Ability to create a personal contact and ask plan that takes into account the individual donor’s interest, motivations, giving patterns and ask preferences, for each donor on his or her caseload, in a timely and cost-effective manner, and retains and upgrades donors.
4. Ability to secure project and organization information and create and write effective offers, proposals and asks. Ability to secure information that can be sent back to donors to report on how their money was used.
5. Ability to create timely reports that reflect caseload and MGO performance.
6. Ability to manage people, process, deadlines and budget while adhering to the policies and procedures of the organization and ability to get along with peers, subordinates and management and maintain a positive and constructive attitude while solving problems. Ability to protect the mission, goals and values of the organization.


  • This position requires a high level of attention to detail and a Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline.
  • Five to seven years of fundraising experience is required.
  • The candidate should possess outstanding interpersonal and writing skills.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the mission of Broad Street Ministry.
  • This position requires local and regional travel.
  • Some events may require work hours outside the business day or on weekends.

Please send a cover letter and resume to: with the subject line: Major Gift Officer.

Please no telephone or walk-in inquiries. EOE. Unfortunately, only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

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