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Get Involved: Volunteer Opportunities


For 5 years now, Broad Street Ministry has relied on the dedication, passion, enthusiasm, and creativity of volunteers to help power and run programs such as the No Barriers Dinner and Breaking Bread, just to name a few. In order for BSM to be faithful to its mission mission and vision, we have to extend an invitation to each individual we meet...

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  • Do you have time on your hands? Wondering what to do with that? We can help!
  • Do you have an idea that you think fits in with the mission and vision of this place? We want to hear about it!
  • Do you have talents you want to share, OR need help in identifying talents to share with the community?? We want to know about it!

"Breaking Bread" Initiative

  • When: Every Thursday, from 11:30am to 2:30pm
  • Where: The Sanctuary of Broad Street Ministry
  • Program Months: Every month of the year
  • Description: The "Breaking Bread" initiative is a weekly meal, targeting the homeless population who tend to find refuge on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The initiative aims to bring meals indoors, and off the parkway, offering both dignity and respect to the individual receiving the meal. Just as importantly, this initiative offers opportunities for the homeless guest to be connected to people who can provide relevant services such as a mental health physician, social workers, podiatrists, legal services, etc... Volunteers would be involved in the preparation of the meal, with the hope that volunteers will be eating the meal (once prepared and served) alongside the guests. Volunteers will also assist in the clean up of the meal, and may possibly be asked to assist the service providers as needs may arise.
  • Contact Liam O'Donnell at liam@broadstreetministry.org

Mail Service at Broad Street Ministry

  • When: Currently 11:30am - 1:30pm Mondays - Thursdays, and, additionally, 4pm-6pm Wednesdays
  • Where: Office/Vestibule/Breaking Bread
  • Program Months: Every single month
  • Description: In 2010 BSM launched a mail service that has served over 300 people and receives and distributes nearly 1000 pieces of mail a month. Volunteers will be able to sort and distribute mail, and greet guests when they pick up their mail.
  • Contact Brittany Mellinger at brittany@broadstreetministry.org or 215-735-4847 ext 13 if you have questions or are interested in volunteering.

Broad Street Market

  • When: Every Tuesday. There are two shift times: one from 11am to 1pm, and the other from 2pm to 5pm.
  • Where: The Broad Street Ministry main hall
  • Program Months: Every month of the year
  • Description: Our Market is a choice-model food pantry that allows participants to chose from available items rather than receiving a pre-packaged bag or box. As of November 2011, the Market has 93 households signed up and serves 35-40 households each week resulting in the distribution of nearly one thousand pounds. We're looking for volunteers in three positions: the check-out person, who assists people as they check their food (including weighing: light lifting may be required); the stock person, who keep the shelves stocked, orderly, and appealing (there will be light lifting); and the floater, who is there to answer any questions shoppers might have. They may also assist in handing out meat from our meat case. Typically we need two stock people, two floaters, and one or two check-out people per shift.
  • Contact Marylou Fusco at 215-735-4847 ext. 22 or marylou@broadstreetministry.org if you are interested in volunteering at the Market. She can also supply you with additional details and information.

Last Mondays

  • When:7pm, the last monday of each month
  • Where:Broad Street Ministry Sunday School
  • Program months: January - November
  • Descripton: Last Mondays is a monthly multidisciplinary performing arts series created by Hybridge Arts Collective, to give performance opportunities to innovative artists. For a very low cost Last Mondays is a community dinner and a show. Hybride Arts Collective is always looking for volunteers to perform.
  • Contact: Click here to visit the Last Mondays website and download an application or email info@hybridgearts.org for more information

If you are at all interested in accepting the invitation, and pursuing this opportunity to participate in any of these programs, or if you have any questions regarding Broad Street Ministry or its volunteer opportunities, please contact: