Psalms of the Street

IMG_7797Every Sunday evening we ask people to invest in our community by contributing their money, daring to be known by filling out a Welcome Card, and trusting the community with their prayers. The prayer cards function as BSM’s “Psalms of the Street”, expressions that span a broad range of experiences: deep, raw sorrow; exuberant celebrations; burdens that need carrying; and personal and communal victories. The prayer cards are prayed aloud at Wednesday evening programming (every Wednesday at 6:15pm) and they are typed up with names removed and published every week.

Recent prayer cards can be found if you click on “Last Night at BSM” on the homepage.  Or you can pray through these ones from BSM’s past.

At Broad Street Ministry, we believe in the communion of saints, those who pray for us and alongside us, across history and across the world.  The Psalms of the Street found here are an opportunity for you to join this community in prayer, no matter where you are.

Sunday March 1, 2015

Pray for me. Help me.


Thank you for praying for my partner, his wife and me. All are well.


With dogma, heresy and tradition floating in the atmosphere of the church, I ask for prayers for our congregation Broad Street. I ask that God gives us a collective dose of discernment and the courage to seek, search, and answer very difficult challenging questions that the church has longed to ignore. Amen.


God, Please keep my son and husband safe as they fly and travel in this terrible weather tonight. Amen.


I don’t like it

At all

But keep pushing

I trust you.

I hate it though

I do


I pray for a heart full of loss to be healed.


Please keep my mother, **** ****, in prayer as she lost her brother today. Also pray God’s comfort for my aunt **** **** and cousins **** and **** ****.


The truth is, I am afraid of facing suffering. God, trusting in you, let me not be afraid of looking suffering in the eye. You’ve called me to stand up to the forces that cause suffering. As long as you call me to this place, give me what I need to serve boldly.

Thanks for ****, her gifts, her ordination.


For grief in my family

for friends who are struggling to make sense of their lives

for strength and steadfastness and compassion

for grace

for patience

for love


Please pray for the new life in our community—no matter how old. And, I miss ****. Pray for those who falter and forget that you’re loved.


Dear Lord,

Please bless ****in this next year of her life—please remind her that she is always your daughter. Please bless the conversations I will have this week. Please help me to be a blessing to this place.


My God,

Thank you. Just thank you. For this community. For this calling. I am so grateful that you would honor me with your blessing. And honored that your love is made known in this place and that I can feel you presence and your love. Amen.


For direction in my professional career.


Glad for this team of leaders.

Blessing on ****.

I don’t want to hate that guy but I pretty much do.


I’m defensive a lot more than I usually am, as of late, Pray that I can figure this out.

Thank you for my studies and my new relationship. We pray for the lonely and those who feel left out.


Sunday February 8, 2015

For continued growth, and release of unneeded things


Lord Be with me as I prepare to embark on one of my biggest adventures to date. Guide my steps and help me to keep an open mind/heart so that I may take advantage of every opportunity


Dear GOD

Please grant me the gifts necessary to help BSM be successful. Help me find foregiveness and offer healing. Help me to good in you and with you and for you in the drive of the Holy Spirit


Please be with my brother


Please help me to let of my anger and resentment

Be with the ****!



We pray for those we lost this year.

Thank you for new opportunities!

Help us to use them well!

I pray for **** and his circumstances



Please pray that our leaders will work to protect those throughout the world fighting for freedom


My sister and her struggle with depression.

My friend and his wife and their marriage


Please pray for all those battling with depression and loneliness. Please pray for their relief and for their ability to access the services that will help them. Also please pray for the souls of those who have lost their battle against depression- that they are now at peace.


I truly love this place.


I pray for my brother **** to find some peace in his immediate path- that he is able to lift some his financial burden as quickly as possible and that the makes the right decesision for himself and for his daughters.


I pray for **** who is waiting on test results that she is healthy. And that she finds a job she loves and most of all peace in her life. I pray **** finds her path and that both of my parents remain in good health




I’m spiraling



Up is

Still spiraling

And help all these

Other guys

Do it



Dear G-D,

Thank you for getting me through this past week, please take care of my family and friends, you are everything to me

Thank you, Me


I am thankful for my family and friends.

Prayers for me to let them love me.


I pray for the triumph of benevolence


I pray that God will grant me a spirit of generosity and will free me of the expectations for myself that hold me back.


I pray for help with anxiety and that I may open up parts of myself that were closed out of fear.

I am thankful for this church.



I ask for physical healing for my allergies and current state of reacting to whatever it is that irritated my skin. Also be love on **** this week. Love yoU!


Please continue to pray for the families of **** **** and **** ****


My concern is for my cousin **** ****. She will be moving to Harrisburg, PA next month. She has been incarcerated for 10 years in Muncy. She also has HIV, and my relatives are concerned about her health and faith in Christ

Thank you so much,

**** ****


Pray for me for a new life Stay on the Rite the Rite way of life

I wanna good life.


Sunday January 25th, 2015

Pray **** **** **** **** **** **** **** and **** **** that has cancer.


I refer to former prayers. I pray for the welfare of all at Broadstreet Ministry.


Please pray for my digestive health and physical well-being. Please also keep my financial and physical well being as I work with others in the fight for social equity and justice in Philadelphia. Thank you and God bless.


Pray for the sick, they are many. Pray for the betrayed, they are in pain. Pray for the powerful, they are afraid of losing their power. Pray for the rich, they have the opp’y to contribute their wealth to life-giving services. Pray for the cold, its wintertime. Pray for the lonely, especially those living in crowded spaces. Pray for our world’s leaders, current and future leaders in every city and country. Pray for the displaced, they are at the mercy of others. Pray for God to flood our world with grace and mercy and hope.


Praise for **** and prayers for her walk with God and in/with BSM. Prayers that I may learn to love more deeply and fiercly and that my love be spirit-ful. May we all sink deeply into God’s invitation.


My younger sister, ****, is going through a major depressive episode at this time. Please hold her in your prayers.


Please pray that my coworker **** gets approved for immunotherapy and that she can be healed from cancer. Please pray that my friend **** can find a new job and that she will have clarity to peace about decisions she has to make. I am thankful for many things today!


My brother, **** ****, is in the hospital with pneumonia and possible mumps following a successful stem cell transplant this summer which saved his life from bone cancer (multiple myeloma). The concern in that the MM is back with a vengeance, although mumps is a distinct possibility. Please pray for him and his wife **** ****.


Dear God, help me have everything I need to serve your people well. I love you and give you my life. Help me to keep saying yes.


Please pray for:

(1) **** as she awaits new of a job with Warner Bros Records as a publicity asst.

(2) For me as I begin my new job on 2/2 that I might be excellent and capable.

(3) For **** that he might learn himself, be transparent and honest and that he might find happiness in his life in God.

(4) For ****, **** and their girls as they grow on…


God I am thankful for your presence in my life.


I miss you, ****. So sad that you are gone.


For this new year I pray for direction, for conviction, for recovery and progress, for strength to motivate myself and courage to support others. Amen.


I pray for my young adult children as they transition to the next phases of their lives. For authentic transition and transformation.


Prayers for direction each day prayers for our weekly bible study (outside) each week.


I love you BSM.


My mom—and for those with dementia.

My need and want to do more.

To overcome fear.

See the joy in life.

For ****, ****, ****, ****

For a step closer to God.



I give thanks for this place that issues powerful invitation and has the courage to follow the God of transformation. I love you all dearly.


Thank you, Lord, for bringing us together. Thanks for the gift to us of **** ****’s life; thank you for our mourning for him. I ask you, Lord, to be with my mother in her surgery and recovery and that both may be successful. I ask u, Lord, to align my heart with your will. Amen.


Please pray for the family of **** men—for peace with them during their time of great loss. Also please pray for his friends and students who love him dearly and miss him greatly.


Pray for disruptive change and clarity for my mind and heart.


Please pray as I approach grad school for guidance and for favor of the admissions committees, and that as I am constructing my life moving forward that I will have God’s vision.


Thank you, O God for your continued presence. Empower me to lead your people.


I did not know **** but I thank him for making this place happen. May God bless him and that those who know and mourn him—may be at peace.


Teach me what it means to be a prophet or to live prophetically, in my live, no matter where my career choices take me. Prayers for strengthening my marriage. To be not afraid. Continue prayers for **** ****’s friends and family.


Sunday January 18th, 2015 Prophet Sunday

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM.  We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.

We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.

We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

My pastor’s wife, *****  just had brain surgery and needs several weeks of recovery.  I’m having a colonoscopy on 2/20/15.  Those with depression and anger  – violence toward others.

I pray for the welfare at all, including myself.

My prayer is for my uncle ***** who is going through a separation from his wife.  There is talk of Divorce.  Thank you very much.

Please pray for the families of:  ***** & ***** and *****

Please pray for:

(1)    The Family, Friends & Clients of the recently slain Kim Jones

(2)    My heart (emotional – physiological is fine!)  Someone I care about has been lying to me & I have to expose but in a wise & reassured way.

(3)    *****!  Who will soon have a 2nd interview w/ ***** as a publicity & new media Asst.

Pleaseeee!  Pray for *****and our relationships.  Pray that we continue to seek God in everything we do.  Please also pray that God will humble our hearts.  Lastly pray for people that don’t know love.

Dear God,

Bless my Mt. R – all of them.   Please Please, Please give me everything I need to serve this place.

I thank the Lord for the Lord’s unity & Justice, that are present whether we live them out or not.  I pray for my other to have a successful surgery & recovery this week.  I’m grateful to God for the gift of her life.

I am worried, anxious, scared for my father.  And I love him.  Please pray for him, and for us.

Prayers for my sister ***** & her family.  Difficulties w/ her Son.  Prayers for her health.

Lord, inspire us.  Help us to be imaginative in a world that needs to be reimagined.  Thank you for rest & relaxation, I’m ready to get back into the rhythm and do things!  Please let this new year be an imaginative year.  Amen

Teach me to trust that you will provide.


-health issues

-could possibly be cancer

*for my Grandmother & Father on their Birthday.

*For *****- May her recovery be quick

*For peace of mind

*For a kinder Philadelphia

*For my Family

*For BSM & those they serve
I am lost.  I am afraid of what the future holds.  I am anxious about money.  I am afraid of being unemployed.

Sunday January 11th, 2015




Better with my communication skills


Please pray for

1) ****’s family

2) ****’s success in life

3) **** that he may learn to reveal his heart and lean on God

4) For me as I begin to transition to a new job.



Please be with ****’s family and this community as we mourn his death yet also celebrate his life. Make yourself known.


Thanks to ****, ****, and BSM for your prayers and communion. It has opened me up to new possibilities, hope, and solidarity with others who are feeling similar things. I am expectant to God’s guidance, help, and peace.


Prayers for those grieving to be comforted, especially ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, and ****’s family. May our community know peace. May ****’s soul know rest.


I pray for my friend **** and **** that they don’t get in trouble with law and live cancer free and **** too and me with them.


God, I pray for ****. I never expected him to go so soon. BSM will not be the same. God, please be in my marriage and in my family. Amen.


LORD, Let me love as deeply and live as genuinely as ****… he has some big shoes to fill. Because **** would be transparent and vulnerable, so will I. I am in a relationship which is such a gift, but bc of past history, I am afraid it will “go bad.” I want to give so much, but my own fears get in the way…make me bold, make wise. Help me honor my brother, ****.


Dear God,

Today my prayer is for my daughter ****. Be with her this week as she starts her job teaching at Temple. Help calm her anxiety, find her confidence and lead her to understand that you are already at work in her life and the lives of her students. Amen.


I pray for the family, friends of ****. May he rest in peace.
I pray for peace among my family. I pray that **** finds her path and her heart mends quickly. I pray for **** and **** and the family of ****’s friend who received news of terminal cancer. I pray I am able to take control of the things that I can and let God as the rest.


Only you can bring a broken person to and through the point of change. Please put the light in people who fight alcoholism, push as gently as the condition allows toward healing. I know you know what you’re doing, but. Man. Please.


Sunday January 4th, 2015

Please prayer for my dear friends:

***** & ***** & their daughter *****, whose son and brother ***** was shot and killed by a random act of violence on December 20, 2014.

Please also pray for my friend & clerk of ***** ***** meeting who is in grave condition at ***** Hospital.  His name is ***** .

Please pray for:

  1. Thanksgiving for my new job, that I may be brilliant!  🙂  Shine brightly!
  2. For ***** new opportunities & continued open doors
  3. For ***** that God may reveal himself in his life in his life in all areas.
  4. For ***** that God may open his eyes of understanding

Prayer for a position as Pastoral Counselor & for my Pastor’s mental condition Rev *****

Struggling with ongoing (treated) depression.  Reflecting in the new year, mostly on past regrets, and focusing too much on ways I feel I have “failed.”  Makes me feel down when I need to have confidence as I have a lot to do and create in the coming months.

Prayer to strengthen relations with peers and family.

  • Prayers that *****  would experience love and joy on her Birthday this week.
  • Prayers for mission and meaning in 2015 for myself and this community
  • Thankful for a joyful time with family during the holidays!

God I desperately need a deep joy to settle into my heart, head, and body.  Please saturate my entire being with hope, peace, love, or whatever it is you know that will satisfy my despair, loneliness, and emptiness.

That those I intent to love & care for know & feel this love & care.  I have many friends in need of physical healing.  May they experience this but also experience peace in relationships and calm for anxiety.

Dear GOD-

Please hear my gratitude for all these amazing & trustworthy caretakers.  Please carry them in their weeks of transition that are on their way.  Please ready me for all that will be asked of me in weeks to come.

My sister is doing invetro this week.

Prayers for the family of Shane Montgomery.

Prayers for all families who have lost someone..

Prayers for *****  & his family for the loss of his mother.

Please be with my friend Meg and her family as they deal with the loss of a family member.

Please be with my brother.  He needs support, guidance, courage and especially prayers during this time.

Loving God,

Thank you for community – for a chance to not be alone.  Thank you for showing up today.  Help me to follow you in great expectation this year.


Empower me to seek and find the community and engagement that I seek.  Inspire me.  Feed me.  Guide me.  Teach me to rely on myself, and on you, and on others.  Give me fruitful and upbuilding relationships.  AMEN.

  • Shawn Montgomery’s Mom & Dad, Family & Friends.
  • The *****’s  & their nephew.
  • For Purpose – Living a life of purpose
  • For BSM

God, please show me clearly what path I am to take.  What is my next move?  Please also help me to keep my heart and mind open.

I pray for the leaders of BSM that God continues to guide them because I am so grateful for their guidance.

I pray for courage – courage to see to give choice to what I see.  – Even when others dont see

I pray for my 88 yr old mother

Dear God,

Keep *****  & *****  safe as they travel.  Bless our family gathering this week as we celebrate you coming in to world (a few days late) Amen







Sunday, December 28, 2014

Your healing in the relationship between my mom and grandma.

Prayers for endurance.

Thanks you joys, laughters, mediations, growth, and years experienced at BSM.
I pray for the birth of our baby girl and her last few weeks developing. I pray for a safe and healthy delivery for both of us, for me and **** as we learn to become parents, and that we can have grace with ourselves.


GOD—Please bless my surgery and healing process. Please love me and grow me and heal me in new ways.


Pray for private and parochial schools who need to retain and recruit students and teachers and raise philanthropic funds to remain viable. Neither demography nor economy is conducive for any of these things to happen easily. Pray for public schools in various states of entropy and decay and under threat of additional loss of public funds.


Dear god~

Thank you for this day and all that has brought me to this moment in time. Please be with me and give me the strength to move forward—




I pray for ****and **** place **** to be cancer free and **** and **** with me and my problems and to be okay and I want to make new friends.


Thank you, God, for this day and the love and joy you’ve placed in my heart. Please bring healing to my family to ****’s heart and mind; to the bodies of my mother, ****, and my cousin, ****, my aunt ****, and my grandmother ****. Please guide our family in how to best care for them and each other. Thanks be to God. Amen.


Pray that God’s purpose and plan be fulfilled in my life. Pray that the hand of the enemy be bound and cast out. Pray that I see clearly and walk in God’s will alone. Pray my strength.


This place. God help us all.


Thank you for the extraordinary ordinary.





All bathed in your love and purpose.


God, I don’t know what I want or what I need. I know that I am yours, but am I doing this thing right?


Please be with my brother.


Dear GOD, Help me know how to help…

My son, my friends, my community, myself. Feeling ready and open for a next chapter, new lessons. Please help me be patient, to be brave, to be authentic. Please, God, heal the broken. Let Your news be the headlines…no more hate, violence, fear. It’s time for that change to come.


Dear God,

I am praying for peace and healing for **** and his family. No matter what his diagnosis or prognosis. Hold ****, ****, ****, **** and those kids in your love and light.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I ask that you pray to the heavenly father that the health of my mind/body/spirit are restored to a perfect state so I may do his work. And that BSM continues to grow. And for those who manipulate us consciously, that they may wake up!


May I (and we) say yes to God’s invitation, may we turn swords into plows and spears to pruning hooks. May we use our Spirit-given gifts to fully participate in the transformation of the world that ushers a kingdom of love and justice. (and prayers for my mom and our cat who’s sick)


Grateful for this peace and the opportunity for reconciliation. Praying for **** and ****and my family. Thanks for ****, ****, ****, and ****. All these new people; it’s really exciting.


In the new year, help us to be the vision that God has for us. Help us release the vision we have, the culture has for us. ****


Please pray for the beautiful people who make this ministry possible.


Prayers for my family and every family.


God, here is what I pray—that others would no longer be led to turn me into an enemy or adversary. That others would extend themselves to me in love, as I do them. That there is a home in this world and I can go toward it without impediment.


Thank you and Merry Christmas! ****. ****. ****. watch over them this week.


Merry Christmas. I love this place! Can you please pray for my daughter in Heaven. She went to be with God 2 yrs ago. Prayers are also requested for **** the van man at work who is in the hospital with a brain related illness. Prayers for my family of origin from whom I am separated from so I can stay healthy. Prayers for my earth side daughter and her boyfriend. And BIG prayers that my relationship with **** continues to grow, blossom and become what God intended—hopefully that I become a part of his family.


Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Pray for the **** family during this holiday season as they face the 1st Christmas without their son and brother ****.


My Mom and brother **** and sister ****. And as always BSM and the work you do!!


Please pray for me, feeling a bit out of sorts this holiday season…needing to see God’s love in new way.


For peace and prosperity for BSM in 2015.

For a fun and happy Merry Christmas, New Year.


Please pray for **** (female) She has Parkinsons. **** Blind Poet w ALS. **** semi coma for months. Now we can respond moving his head.


Thank you, Lord, for the love you put in our hearts. Thank you for the gift and burden of family. I pray for healing for my mother, ****, my cousin, ****, my aunt, ****, and my grandmother, ****. May they be healed from their illnesses and have many years of health and life ahead of them. I thank you, Lord, for the gift of their presence in my life. Amen.


Pray for the children of my two nieces who were killed in May! Two teens who lost their mothers! Bless the children.


That God may help me know that whatever may be promised to me will be fulfilled. May God fulfill His promises to all in this world NOW.


Lord, remind me—daily—that I am worthy of your claim on my life. But remind me, too, that the gospel is costly—help me know what that means in my life and where you are leading me. I pray for the health of ****’s family. I pray for reconciliation for ****, ****, and ****.


Thank you BSM for being there.

Prayers to listen to those who are different. Prayers to stop projecting our fears. Lets wake up and open our eyes and ears!


The days will finally! get longer and I pray to know what direction God has for my life.


Dear God,

Praises and joy for the opportunity my daughter has to teach and grow and learn at Temple U. Grant her strength and confidence.


I pray that everyone will have a wonderful quality time with family, whether they are around or far away, whether they are blood related or adopted. Family love is universal and indifferentiated. Everyone have a warm, safe, and well-fed holiday.


Thanks for


me here today.

You knew

I needed to


and get

a reminding.

You always know,

I remember.


Pray for those who seek vengeance.

Pray for those who seek justice.

Pray for those who seek peace.


This is my prayer—that I open myself to more live, that I reach out and that I move forward my chosen family(ies). I am worthy of love and grace and company.


I don’t believe in right or wrong choices, I just want the choices I’ve made to lead to wonderful, great and beautiful things. And I want the same for you. Merry Christmas J


Thank you, God.

I know that I am yours

And that I am loved.

Thank you.



Sunday, December 14th, 2014

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM.  We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.

We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.

We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

For my grandfather ***** who passed away on Thursday Dec. 11 2014.  May he rest peacefully.  For my partner *****.  May her decisions be just and her spirit strong in tough times.  Please pray for her, *****, *****and *****.  Keep them safe.

Dear God-

Please recieve my gratitude.  I am humbled through your grace & miraculous gifts.

I pray for better communication between my husband & I.  Amen

I pray for all those in need of physical healing.  I pray that you will accompany me on my own healing journey.  I pray for those in need of spiritual healing.  I pray for those currently hurt by the brokenness of our country’s criminal justice system and other injustices.  I pray in gratitude for all of my chosen family that help me to get through these difficult times.

I pray for peace in my life.  That I’m able to follow god & remember that he has a plan.  I pray that my family is able to find peace among one another, that ***** finds his path, that ***** finds a job, her heart mends quickly & she finds peace.  Amen.

Dear God,

I pray for *. & his family.  Help me in my work with her that I can create a place of peace for growth and that I make right clinical choices in managing the complexity.  Be with her and with me as I help her.  Amen


***** & ***** Wedding

Our Racial Issues

Those w/ Family issues in this holiday season.  Thank you for family both biological & not

I need to get my ducks in a row and I need to remember that I’ve done enough and not shame spiral.

A prayer for all the heavy hearts, the souls carrying burdens in this season.

Really liked hearing how the culture wants to be “excited” and “happy” and the concept of deeper internal joy.  I’d like to be a part of this game changer in my life.  Thank you always for all of your preparation. for us.

Thank you, God, for miracles!  Please grant another for *****’s Mom, who is in the hospital w. fluid on her lungs.  Please let ***** be home for good, healing, & w/o the aid of machines.  Please be w/ *****’s father-in-law, who learned recently he has a brain tumor.  Please be w. *****’s husband & all those hoping for & awaiting positive news.  I miss gritty work.  Considering school, but need to figure out money first.  I don’t like it, but…that’s how it has to be right now.  Lord, w/ these hands…feet…heart…

Pray for justice & systemic change to create broad justice & equality

Christmas is a little rough when you’re separated from your family.

Prayers for our journalists – that they will be safe & able to tell the truth.

God be with all those mourning the loss of Cap. *****, killed when his F-16 crashed in the Middle East.

Like Mary who lost her son

prayers for all the mothers who

have lost their sons to violence

especially to gun violence –

  • *****  & his parents.
  • ***** , ***** , ***** & ***** – ***** , ***** & Mom.
  • BSM & all who walk through the door and walk & drive by daily
  • For Kindness
  • May I find & recognize Joy!  Thank you!

Since the deaths of my father & brother, my mom and I have not known exactly what new traditions to build for the holidays.  I’m thankful that we have how at least begun sharing with each other the challenge, sorrow and also the darkness-from-which-new-Things may grow.  May we continue to build and share.

I pray that I can be present and engaged.  That my anxiety and fear will not overcome me.

For the Suggestion Box:  Find a way to bring ***** ***** back.  No one rivals her introduction to passing of the peace when p-of-the-p happens at the end of worship. *****.

Honestly I don’t know what to pray for this week, I’m just trying to survive the holidays.

I pray for better communication between my husband & I.  Amen

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Please pray for my mother and I as we travel to finalize details of my late father’s estate. Keep him in our midst and hearts. Also for my sister who will stay behind alone.


Dear God-

Thank you for continuing to show up in neon lights in my life. A special blessing for your peace to light up in the lives of my brother and friend ****-. Be with ****–keep him sustained by hope through you and in you.






Eric Garner

The whole problem

Thank you so much for BSM and moments of have found in the every day mundane.


Dear God- Please help me better accept the way I am—and how wonderful that can be if I “take my blinders off”  Amen, ****


I pray for **** and **** and me and **** and **** and ****


I am praying today for all of the people who think of Broad Street Ministry as their church but who never come to worship. May my prayer extend to them that God brings peace and healing. Amen.


For time to breathe

For healing

For justice

For chance

For love


I have doubts about a “new reality.” I wish I could believe in such a possibility, yet it seems to be that the same injustices keep repeating.

I pray for change.


Prayers for my mother. She suffers terribly.


Prayers for all foreign journalists.


I don’t know

what to pray.


I pray for my brother. That he may be made whole. That he may find himself and grow up (quickly) as he is soon to be a father.


New here, but like the liberal environment. Want to be more involved/engaged with people here.




my Dad


the truth

so he can


and we




I pray for my husband and I to get along better. Please. We are having a very hard time.


Sunday, November 30th, 2014

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM.  We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.

We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.

We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

I pray for ***** to be cancer free and me out of debt with money problems & learn to make it in H and ***** 4 with heart problem

Please pray for my 81-year old mother, ***** *****, who is recovering from successful quadruple heart bypass surgery.  She & my father, *****, are extremely grateful for these prayers (as am I.)

Dear God~

Many many humble thanks for another chance to experience advent @ BSM.  Amen – *****

Please pray for peace, justice & forgiveness.  Also, for ***** – his sobriety, peace, health & enlightenment.  Pray for me to be able to forgive.

I am learning to be open to what God has for me in my life & in the lives of those around me.  Pray for me as I continue to walk & cultivate this attitude of openness.  Pray for ***** as he works in NYC this holiday season that God will open the door to a permanent full time job.

Dear GOD-

Ignite all of our embers especially *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, my husband if he exists through your will for me.  I love you the most! *****

I pray that I may know how to personally respond to police brutality and racism in this country.

I pray for humanity.

Prayer that I would spew less time thinking about myself & worrying about trivial things, and more time about how I/my family can make a positive difference in the world.

For everyone with stress and injury – for healing, for time, for love, for justice

Dear God, Prayers…you know my heart better than I do, but here goes.  That ***** will not have to come back.  For a mighty peace for *****.  For patience, & the ability to enjoy as I await.  Our bodies & minds & hearts are heavy, & full.  Help them to remain full, but of things that lighten & enliven us.  help us prepare.  Help us hope in the midst of the ugly & the broken.  That ***** will be able to forgive herself, & to find people to be her cup to pour into.  For all those who are w/o a home.  For all who are jaded & afraid to let love in or give love away.  Peace, Hope, Love.

Please let me be hired by the design firm in Center City.  I am ready.

***** may he live a life of meaning.  May God bless BSM.  For *****, *****, *****& *****.  For the Hungry, the lonely, the angry.  May Philly for food, people, & peace.

Patience & to truly wish God’s will be done w/ the most personal part of my being!

I pray for justice.  I pray for peace.  I pray that we may be able to create a new beautiful future for our daughters & sons.

Feeling God, I think.  Lots going on that I think God can handle after all.  Thanks

Pray for justice for all people throughout our country.  A cease to police violence.

My friend *****having her brain tumor surgery tomorrow @ HUP.  Thank you *****

Prayers for my last week & a half in Philly.  Prayers that I get everything finished and for the transition back home to be smooth.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

A prayer that I may continue to be of service to my fellow veterans, to my former students of over thirty years of teaching here and abroad, and to God, Jesus Christ, and to continuing right causes, including my remaining relatives.


Please continue to pray for ****—blind poet with ALS. His body getting weaker. His spirit still full of love and joy. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks.


This Sunday, I will be in Oklahoma City as my mother is scheduled for triple-bypass heart surgery at 7 am CST. Please pray for her and my dad and add them to the BSM prayer blog. My mom’s 81st birthday is today and my father’s 83rd birthday is tomorrow. Momma’s surgery is an unusual birthday gift, but could be a very good thing to enhance her health and lengthen her life. Still, it’s a bit scary, especially as my father is in declining mental health (memory loss, impaired decision-making ability all due to old age.) Thanks for your prayers and those of others.

Ask for prayer regarding safe travels for Thanksgiving and that the holiday would be a time of rest and gratitude—and an opportunity to begin and grow family bonds.


Please pray for my dad’s mental and physical health. He is at India. My grandma broke her femus a day back. The surgery was successful. We hope that she could walk again. Also for my mom, grandpa and our pets, ****, ****.


Please be with me this week—please be in charge, let me know you and feel you. Thank you for lifting me us. Love you!


Dear God, Please help me see what is beautiful and right in this world. Amen, Andy.


Celebration of friendship


So, God is in the process of doing some really amazing things in my life…please pray for me, that I might be ready and able for love, prosperity, growth, new opportunities. As it comes to me, so I will bless those around me…


For **** and **** on their energy. For the elderly. For the lonely. For the homeless. For BSM and those they feel during the week and on Sunday. Thank you! PS. Always for ****, ****, ****, and ****.


Lord, You know my heart better than I do. Please bring direction and wisdom but most of all, peace. It’s exhausting asking questions all the time. Amen.


God, You are so good. And you have created me. And proclaimed me good. AMEN.


Marriage and family restoration. Family of Christ seeking people followers of Christ.


I pray that God will communicate to me how I can best help the “least of these,” and that I will have an open heart to listen.


I would like a prayer for staying connected to this, and all important communities, so that gifts are continually shared, bonds strengthened and friendships renewed.


Please be with my brother.


Please pray for my husband’s and my health, career growth and for building a healthy family. World peace!! Thank you so much!


Please pray for my family as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas for only the second year without my dad. Help us to honor and remember and celebrate his irreplaceable role in my family.


Let us pray for our brothers who have been affected by epidemic Ebola in West Africa.


Ipray that my brothers and father are able to find peace with one another;


That I am able to put full faith in god that he has a plan for me and not to worry, stress out, and have constant anxiety about work, finding a relationship, and that I’m just not doing enough for others.


Sunday, November 16th, 2014

I have two people in my house who need to find work and a place to stay.  To continue in my house is to let them think they can take advantage.  Please pray.

Dear God –

Thank you for showing your holy light through the darkness.  Help me find the boldness to do your will.  I love you, *****

Please pray for my Aunt *****.  She is also a believer, but is struggling to hear God’s voice through the darkness.  Pray for wisdom for her Dr’s and those that take care of her.  Thank you.

I pray that I would live in gratefulness and generosity rather than fear and bitterness.  I am anxious about expensive car repairs and finances in general.

November 16, 2014

I ask that a prayer be said for me as I approach my seventy-sixth birthday, which is *****.  Thank you, and peace and love to all of you.



Guide my


With balance

And forgiveness


So I can go




Please pray for my brothers who have turned to meth & other drugs.

Pray against anger, resentment, fear, boredom, & death.

Pray for peace, love, courage, mental & physical encouragement and LIFE.  Pray for a political system fueled by fear and revenge and hatred to be healed toward cooperation, creative problem-solving, service to others and life.

Prayers for my brother who is in the midst of struggles, & feelings of failure.  Affirm his choices…  Grant peace to his mind, & nurture his heart.  Bless his steps, hold him tight.

At the beginning of a new relationship, which is life-giving & exciting.  Yet I hesitate due to past hurts which cause me to pause.  Let peace enter in.  Let freedom & love abide.  Let the hope & excitement I feel & dream of reign.  Let what is good flourish.  Let the rest fall away.

I pray for ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****Me & ***** and *****to. 11/16/2014

Just accepted fact the God’s love is free & I don’t can’t earn it so I’m making steps pray for me.

Dear God,

       Please bring physical healing to my husband as he recovers from an accident.  Draw us closer in our marriage.  Amen

My body…having pains for several months now.  Doctors aren’t sure of the cause.  Prayers for wisdom, for clarity, for an answer which points towards a path of healing.  For *****,  who may be going home alone.  For reconciliation…for *****. For ***** For all of my loves & neighbors who are hurting.  For a sense of belonging & worthiness for all.  It’s time.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gratitude for generous care, joy as laughter, and friendships.

For those experiencing loss of loved ones, may they know God’s peace.


Pray for those who have chronic pain that is exacerbated by the cold, such as my friend who has hypermobility syndrome. Pray for **** and **** upcoming wedding!


That **** will not have to go home alone. And, if without her husband is Your plan, give her time for goodbye. Time to grieve, time to heal and an overflowing amount of love and You in skin to carry her through.


Lord, we pray for **** and his daughter—please take care of them—please help us to help other better.


Success on my job interview and oral exam on Mon 11/10/14 at 8:30am

For a job for ****

For relationships God has for me; that I may be you for all he has for me.

In receiving mode, that’s where I want to be…


Dear G-D,

Be with me and my family and friends. Look out for my son and granddaughter they are all I have in this world. Thank you, Me.


Dear Lord, Please heal ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****. Please walk in my brother’s life to give him love, true love through you. Please bless my work, life and lead me how to serve you with all my gifts. Did you know that I LOVE YOU?!!


For all of my loved ones who struggle with employment. May they be protected and provided for. The God of Providence—may you provide blessings and safety for those who need it—****, ****, ****, ****.


I am so often so scared.


For **** —Happy Birthday! A great mom, sister and friend! We are blessed to have you in our lives and richer for it. Let the journey continue!

May all our citizens be warm as the weather changes.

Bless BSM!


My God,

My God…

Show me how to worship you.


Oh Father, Please be with me as I welcome your children in for a warm place to rest and let yourself be known in their lives.






and the WISDOM


cause it’s slow going





For anyone who feels like they don’t have a voice/power, that they feel heard and understood and that they have agency in their life and in the world.


Prayers for the winter

Prayers for my family

Prayers for progress

Prayers for survival


Prayers for **** that he will heal from his fall. He has broken bones and fear and anxiety.

Prayers for my relationship with ****


Pray for **** and ****. They lost a dear family member over the weekend are mourning, but also celebrating her life. **** is having a difficult time and would appreciate the love and prayer.


Please be with **** as he begins this new chapter. Help him to see the possibilities, to hold fast to hope, and to dream big.

Please help for patience and optimism amidst all of the doors you have opened and possibilities that lay ahead.


I ask for peace of mind as I focus on some large decisions in my life. I also ask for God’s presence and that the choices I make are in accordance to his will.


I pray for ****. She goes to surgery tomorrow for recently diagnosed ovarian cancer. God be with her.


Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM. We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.
We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.
We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.
We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.
We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.
We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

I pray to break my financial burdens by spending less and giving more to God’s and saving the rest. Amen, Thank you

I pray for ***** to be ok tonight & ***** ***** & ***** ***** and ***** to and me ***** *****.

I need help.

Please pray for ***** & his sobriety, peace & well Being. For warmth & shelter for the homeless & cold this winter. For the strength to do the right think for the ability to forgive.

I feel gratful to be here; I feel that we became a family. Today marks a year since I started coming here. Although, I spend more time thinking why I’m in here, I realized that I should stop thinking about a reason and start enjoying spreading the peace.

God would you be with the children of Philly & Camden. Breathe life into public school districts. Please be with me & help me to establish a glorifying routine and be okay with self discipline so that I can love more fully.

Lift up my friend, *****, who is experiencing fatigue. She lets the world break her heart. It’s how she loves. It also makes her weary. I hope she may find rest, capacity to relent, and rejuvenation.

Dearest God,
Thank you for your patience with me. Help me to rest in you, with you, through you. Help me hear you. Help me know how to do your work. Please heal: *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****.
For those who struggle:
*****. Uncle *****.
Bring comfort & peace through the lessons.

Help me in my conflicts. We pray for those who battle stress & anxiety in ways that disrupt the community. Lord, help us to love & support one another to the best of our abilities & even more. Amen

OH Father,
Please watch over those who have no place to call home, point them to a safe refuge from the elements.

Dear Lord – creator of us all,
I pray for the safety and healing of the clients I am blessed to serve. Help me to be a wise and compassionate guide. Embolden me and give me energy. I pray for *****, *****, *****, *****. Give them hope and healing. Amen

Dear LORD,
Thank you for light. Light around, light outward, light w/ in. Thank you for yourself in skin. For peace, for hope. Thank you.
Help me in my unbelief. I feel luke warm, & I don’t want to remain there. Help me be a grace-filled, wise parent, friend, person.
Prayers for the sick, the lonely, the scared. Prayer for those working trough hard decisions & seasons, Peace & progress for *****, ***** family, ***** family, *****, & the *****.

For all our thoughts, praises, fears, hopes which we don’t know how to express. you know our hearts – please hear & know them further.

I am having a very hard time dealing with significant changes in my life. I feel angry, frustrated, and unsupported. Please pray that I find healthy ways to deal with these changes.
God give me the discernment to see/recognize both those people & opportunities that I should pursue and those I need to let go, and the courage to do that.

God, I pray to have the strength & courage to be, everyday, who you have made me to be. I pray to be closer to my family. Amen.

Please pray for my family who is going through a very difficult time – financially. Mom my is face the loss of her home and is struggling to support her children. her name is *****. Thank you.

I thank you, lord, for your ever-present grace, there whether I realize or believe it or not. Help me to see you in all things, to surrender all thinks to you including my time, and to be guided by you & to you. Amen


Prayers for God to guide my relationship with *****.
Prayers for peace & understanding in my family.
Prayers of thanks for my friends & family.
Prayers for those w/ no friends & family.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Please guide me to where you want me after graduation.

Thank you Jesus!


Please pray that I find a way to deal with my job that is very stressful and is seeming to become a trigger for me. I have a job interview on Monday, and pray that I am able to transition into a new position, but if not-be able to deal with my current job.


Please Father,

Watch over her as she has her operation. Give me strength and healing.


Ok, Ok, Ok

I’m going down

I know there’s no

Branch to grab so

I’m gonna fall like

You pull me

(towards the earth)

and with faith

that I’ll hit


and know




For ****, who will learn whether or not he needs surgery on Tuesday.

For **** as he works through which path to take. Help his mind to still, and for him to have peace in his decisions.


Lend me your eyes, so that I may see myself the way you do, my God.


I pray for **** to be cancer free and my friend **** to be strong.


****’s baby.

**** and ****.

**** and ****


Please join me in prayer as I interview for a new employment opportunity this week. Thanks and Love, ****.


Praise report: Much thanks to God for our healthy BABY GIRL! And tremendous community of support. Also, we are grateful God has heard our prayers regarding our cat’s health. Please pray that the Lord will guide me and grant me patience as I pursue new employment. Much thanks!


Dear God,

Help me wrestle with and handle the difficult situation and conversations at work with love, compassion, and discernment guided by you. Amen.


Please continue to pray for ****—a blind poet who has ALS. Thank you very much.


I give thanks to God for the forgiveness and patience the Lord has placed in my heart. Please, God, help these seeds to blossom and flourish into my life. May my co-worker and friend **** be blessed with abounding compassion, kindness, and love in her heart and life.


Prayer that we may see the beauty in the world around us, in laughter we share with friends, in warming sunshine, in the joy of song, the oblivion and remembrance of dance, and all other spaces and moments of beauty.


Pray of thanksgiving for being “approved for ordination pending a call” in the United Church of Christ.


Please heal ****, let her have a holy experience with her Rabbi and further drawn into the light of Christ.


Prayers for peace for my friend ****. Prayers for peace in my family.


Please continue to pray for **** for his sobriety, peace, health. Also for the hungry, needy, and lonely in our community.


Please help me to overcome my fears and resistance, find a new job and someone to love and be loved by in every way. Also, have a nice day!


My body isn’t working as it should. Keep having aches and sharp pains throughout my back, abdomen, and head. Doctor is trying to narrow down what “it” could be. Prayers for healing. Prayers for a good spirit and one of gratitude as I wake each day. Prayers for peace and love in adundance for **** and all who lost **** on Thursday. He was a light distinguished far too soon. For the ****, ****, ****, and **** families. May their road home be quick to come, and full of all the support they need.



Prayers for **** and ****’s new home.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

God please be with **** and his family as his mother dies from a brain tumor. Bring peace and strength to his remaining family. Continue to love and bring hope to Philadelphia and Camden.


Lord, Please fill this world with true justice of the kingdom, of your Gospel. Open your peoples’ eyes to see systemic brokenness and the pain of those around us. Guide us to be your ambassadors in these things. Please guide me; give me direction for after I graduate. Form me more to your likeness. Help me to love you to the point of humiliation. In moments of despair remind me of the joy of true resurrection and true hope you provide. I love you. Help me to love you more always.


I know.

I know.


Maybe instead of

being furious that

there’s just so much

work to do, I oughta

be grateful that

some is left.


Shore me up,

And I’ll do it.



Please pray for **** and his sobriety, peace and reflection. He was my ex, and is in a lot of pain, very lost.


Dear G-D, again you came through for me. Thank you for letting me see my son, he was here last week. Please keep my family and my friends in your watchful eyes. Thank you, ME.


Oh Father, Thank you!!!!


Thanks for lots of time with friends and connecting with people this weekend, for the gorgeous autumn air today! Also, prayer for my mom who had injured her back working and her worker’s comp. Case may be finally ended, which will relieve her of much stress.


Thank you for the ways you have shown grace. Please keep sending us grace as we fail in our relationships and as we wage war in and outside of our communities.


First, I give thanks for your presence last week. I pray for my puppy who is sick. I pray for **** and his family. I pray again for my son who faces more challenges next week. Please be with him and guide him. Thank you for BSM. Amen.


Please pray for ****. She’s not been feeling well the past few days. She’s also seeking a new position. Her current job is overwhelming and may be the cause of her illness.


Finding a truly decent home would be a fine blessing for me in my remaining time. I’ve lived in many different places including foreign countries, and would certainly appreciate it.


Prayers for peace in my family. Prayers for Christians and other in the Middle East.



Please be with my brother and my family. Please be with **** and **** during their interviews tomorrow.



What change do you want to see?


I desire and want to see others and especially myself carry each other’s burdens willingly and freely without hesitation, thereby rejecting individualism and embracing the concept of the body of Christ.


For the community at large to embrace kindness.


Freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety. Peace for our family, neighbors, schools, workplaces, cities, and world.


A system designed to work for our school children. Less technology. Be more connected to people.


More patience. Less trash on streets. Budget better.


I pray for…I plead for the end to violence against women and children.


More tolerance in Philadelphia and the world. More growing together spiritually in my relationship.


The end of political divisiveness. Economic justice.


For myself—less anxiety. For crimes and violence against women to stop.


Sunday, October 5th, 2014

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM.  We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.

We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.

We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

My friend ***** is someone who is incredibly gifted and smart and caring.  He is also very conflicted, uncertain, not sure who he is, his in-betweeness, his questions and insecurities keep him from seeing his full self.  I pray he comes to know his truth, his beauty and share it ever more fully w/ others.

Dear God ~

Please be with me and the rest of the group as we begin our declaration of Belonging today – Please give me reasonable health and clarity as I move through my days ahead – Amen – *****

I pray to not be afraid and to know how to rebuild my life.  Thank you.

Pray for my friends child and a woman that is sick.  Now 3 years 7 months cancer free Monday October 6.

Please pray for:

  • *****= who has just moved to hospice.  Pray for her comfort & the peace of her family.
  • *****, her peace & comfort during her time of loss. (loss of her brother)
  • *****– smooth move to NJ. Success in his new job, our relationship.
  • Me & *****– Mom/Daughter issues due to her lack of job & direction.

God I pray for all the children in Philadelphia, Camden, and across the world who are struggling to stay warm physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  God would you hold them and everyone in your warm, steadfast arms of unconditional love.

Please keep my friend ***** in prayer.  She will begin her radiation therapy tomorrow ~ daily ~thru 10-31-14.  Brain lesions and tumors x3 & 1 spinal tumor.  Thank you, *****

God, remind me to lean into your presence that hems me in, before me & behind me.  Resurrect my passions.  Kick start my wonder, my curiosity, & give me peace, your peace.

Help me to stop shrinking from my work.  I got a message one year ago: stop going back & starting over; just keep moving forward.  Help me to live out that direction.

Dear God – thank you for last Sunday’s service in Indiana – please bless that congregation.  Please, please help me discern my next phase.  Grant me the blessing of companionship & true love – if that is not your plan for me – please take the longing out of my heart.  Please sustain *****– give me something new & good!

Right sizing


*****& *****

Ms. *****


Please be with my brother.  He needs your strength, courage, and guidance right now.

OH, Father

Thank you!!!

Dear God,

Please guide me as I try to work out the recent trouble that emerged between me & my husband.  And once again please be with my son M – win or lose – when he plays tomorrow in a high stress tournament.  I know he is concerned & nervous.  Amen.

I give thanks for my puppy scout.  I pray that you be with my son tomorrow as he plays in an important tournament.  Stay close to him, regardless of how he does – Amen

Lord, help me not to be so fragile, and thank you for growing me.  Please be with ***** *****, *****, *****, *****and *****.  Amen.

This week I pray for everyone who needs love to find love.

Pray for everyone to love themselves 100% so they can love others 100%.

Lord, thank you for the gift of your praise.  Thank you for the blessings given to us by & through your praise.  Lord, help us know how to help the sick, excluded, & oppressed…Guide us in recognizing & alleviating suffering.  In your name we pray, Amen.

Pray for *****– I ran into him on the street yesterday and ended up taking him to the hospital for addiction/mental health treatment.  He’s facing a lot of challenges/struggles and could desperately need some prayer.

Prayer for world peace.

Please pray for me to sin a whole lot less.

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

We pray for all those who are a part of our community but who are no longer with us physically at BSM.  We give thanks to God that they are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.

We pray for those who are a part of our church who are currently in prison, especially those in Graterford.

We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Hope and healing for me and my mom and sister who are grieving my dad’s death.

For all who have lost loved ones: *****, *****, *****, *****…grant them a way to carry on. A peace in their hearts and an abundance of love around them.

For discernment as I consider the “next” and “more”

For all those entrusted with others’ children. Give them pure intents, energy, and passion for the lives they are shaping and perseverance to carry along despite obstacles.

For *.

For this community and all who have and who will make it their family of choice.


I pray for guidance and direction, to remember the grace God has for me and to discover what I am called to do. I pray for the courage to make changes, especially when staying still is easier, and for support and love. Amen.


My friend ***** is maybe 21 and already a father, bless him, Lord.


Oh father, Please take away my fear. I am entering a new chapter of my life. I devote it to you.


Prayers to help my anxiousness as I start an internship. Also for the relationships in my life that are currently in conflict.


To always live by love, never fear or bitterness.


My cousin *****, who had a stroke recently that God will heal her and restore her 100%.

My friend *****that he would know God’s expansive love and he would be successful in his new job.

For my *****, that she would be emboldened by God’s love and favor and find a new job.

Please help me be where I am. Thanks help wow. Amen.

Every prayer for ***** will help. I’ll pray for his beautiful future.

Thanksgiving for breath! Thanksgiving for human life and community! Thanksgiving for hope, love, and peace. Prayer for restoration in full for this world, but praise for all the good there already is.

Sequencing. Priorities. Time management. Celebrating *****!

Dear God, Open my heart to my husband so that we can know deeper correction, love and joy. Help us through the struggling times. Amen.

Sunday September 21st, 2014

We pray for all the members of our community who are no longer with us physically at BSM, but who are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.  We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world through serving.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah, serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

God, be with ***** as he discerns his calling.  Comfort ***** and all who mourn with him.  Send your angels to comfort him.

I got a new job and I like it a lot. School/work/life balance feels manageable for the first time in a long time. For the couple affected in center city hate crime.

Prayers for my dear friend who is struggling with the loss of his father. Prayers for me to forgive those who have hurt me. Prayers for all those who are mourning. Prayers for my broken family. Prayers for me as I discern whether or not to resign from my job.

For *****—30 days in Ecuador on the move to a new family today. May God bless them and you. Be safe.

To *****—Keep working hard in school and good luck in your first game. Sorry I can’t be there.

*****—Don’t be a dummy (only kidding).

Love, DAD

Believe it or not, I am seeking for a new career opportunity and the guts to start my own non-profit. Pray for my guidance and direction. I want to be the artist and form my life as God calls me to.

Prayers for my brother, *****, that he may process his anger and confusion in a healthy way. Prayers for my grandma, *****, that she may see beyond stereotypes and labels.

Need prayer in regard to my job. Direction in starting a business. Family.

Dear God please heal this crippling depression and help me understand how I can give and receive and feel fulfilled in my life. Help me lift myself out of this despair.

For your children, myself included





Help, I think a wave is coming. I would like to breathe as little water as possible. (but I’ll drink as much as is necessary) (but I hope not so much is necessary)

Please pray for my friend’s best friend from high school who committed suicide 3 days ago, for his family, and friends. Please also pray for me in my pursuit to get my finances under control as debt paid off. Thank you!

My cousin is experiencing health issues and struggling overall. Please be with her and her family.

My audition goes better than I thought possible.

Prayers for peace and understanding in my family.

Change is constant and constantly difficult and I pray for continuing strength and support, and for courage, and for direction.

God, sometimes I feel such pain. Please help me to understand it and live with it; And be free of it at times. Amen.

Try to be nice. Try to not be mean. Try to be positive towards other in need. Peaceful. Nurturing. Able.

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

We pray for all the members of our community who are no longer with us physically at BSM, but who are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather.  We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over

the world.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with  the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.

What does it mean to walk toward God?  What steps do I take?  what does moving my feet mean?  Sometimes I think I know but mostly I feel crippled to move forward.

Please continue to pray 4 *****, blind poet with ALS.  Thank you.

Pray for everyone to fight with LOVE and not with their hands!  And lets thank God for LOVE!!

I pray that God shows me the steps that I need to take forward on my journey, and that I will be faithful to God’s will and commandments.  Thank you, *****

Even though I am going through a truly tough time I still have so much to be thankful for.  Therefore not only pray for the help I need but thank the lord for all he has given me.  Thank you.

Today, the crisp fall air felt refreshing & gave me renewed life.  Prayer that this may sustain through new season.  That God show me new life & I may have strength to walk towards it.  Also, lift my brother ***** up.

*****’s hope & Joy.  Comfort to those who are mourning *****family, *****& her children.  Pray for me as I learn to identify what really matters in my life.

I got a job!  My health has improved.

Dear God.  Please. Help.  Thanks.  I can feel the seeds of hope being watered by your love & your people.  Please grow them & I’ll keep trying too.

Why do I fear the light more than the darkness?  Why do I insist on presenting myself as an impotent, passive fool to those who love me the most?  “No Graven Images?”  So making portraits is a sin?  Shouldn’t it be the duty of each person to distinguish creation from apparent and ultimate creator?  Or is that asking too much?

Please help me find the strength to leave my dead-end job.

Please be with my family.  Give them strength for their individual struggles that they are enduring.

Thant you lord for all of your wonderful blessings.

Care for

***** and


Lighten their


strength and


me where




Peace, Love & Liberation for those opressed by ISIL or any other government, prayers for those who are not able to speak the truth.

Dear G-D,

This pain I have help me deal with it.  Take care of my family & friends help me through this.  Thank you, ME

Dear God,

    I pray for *.  Keep her safe and directed toward health.  Help me be a calm helper.  Amen

Please help my family to have peace.  Help me to forgive my aunt who abused us, stole, used, and sold our prescription medications.  Please help me find the strength to claim what she tried to take from me – my childhood, my self-determination and so on.

Please pray for all of us who are trying hard to be better people.  Could use a little help.

OH Father,

    If it is your will, please let me have this job.

Lord, I give thanks for the peace in my heart.  May it always grow.  May I always grow closer to you.  Praise God.

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

We pray for all the members of our community who are no longer with us physically at BSM, but who are with us in the Mystery of the Lords Table every time we gather. We pray for all of those who are partnering with Gods in-breaking of the kingdom all over the world.

We pray for Katherine, serving in Mymensign Bangladesh as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program as a Peace Volunteer.

We pray for Devin, serving as a Young Adult Volunteer with the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a year in Zambia.

We pray for Tamarah serving with the Good Shepherd Volunteers in Thailand, working with the Hands of Hope project, an income generating program for those living with HIV/AIDS.


Dear God, Bless my words for my Grandpa’s Eulogy. Please take over my life.

Please pray for ***** and others around the world that are loving and speaking God’s words.
I need prayer in order to be less selfish and tight fisted with my money and resources. Worry about money can be a heavy weight in my life.
I’m at a crossroads, unsure what directs my decisions & new pursuits, where to find company, what to do with I have time to “fill,” what my priorities should be/could be. Pray that I will allow Jesus to enter that decision, that discernment.
Prayers for lifting up Ms. *****. Prayer for a friend I saw recently for the first time in 5 years. Prayers for friendship.
Dear god ~ Please for the unkind words I spoke to a friend earlier this week. Please give me the grace, courage & humility to apologize & move forward – Amen – *****
Prayer – reminded that I am not alone; I struggle with feelings of isolation and would appreciate prayers for community and belonging & that God would encourage me to pursue relationship’s and openness/honesty w/ others.

A church to call home, be it here or somewhere else. Peace. Courage

Thank you for opportunities. Thank you for new beginnings. Please give us peace in tumultuous times.

God, guide me as I look for new direction – Reveal to me how I can serve, but in a different way, with less anxiety. Show me where you would have me go. until then, help! 🙂 Prayers for Ms. ***** and *****.
I thank you, Lord, for the gift of shelter. I thank you for my new home and ask that it may be a place of peace, safety, joy, health, and prosperity for me and all who come ot it.

Thanks be to God. May I let go of resentment – and be filled with gratitude.

Keep me honest with myself and others the rest usually falls into place.

For *****’s renewed Joy, focus on the job search & hope…she needs it.
***** & her 2 children age 23 & 11 who lost husband & dad ***** last week. Funeral yesterday. ***** & family who lost 2 family members in same week. Thanksgiving for his new job!

September is going to be a hot mess. Help me, Jesus.

I’m really, really pissed off and I don’t know what to do.

Dear G-D,
Getting through this next week is going to be hard for me, I’ll need your help, watch out for my family & friends. Thank you, ME

Prayers for those oppressed by the Islamic state.

Guilt for not serving my staff more in the name of Christ. Need grace in moving in next steps in my life: leaving Job, starting business.

OH Father,
Please take away this fear I have about finding a job. I know that You have prepared a place for me.

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

We pray for Katherine Crosby, who is a part of our BSM family. Katherine is preparing to head to Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program.  She will be assisting Shanti Mitra, as a Peace Volunteer. Shanti Mitra works to integrate peace building and conflict transformation activities into the daily lives of people in Mymensingh, largely by facilitating workshops and classes for students, organizing events in the community that are focused on peace and justice, and developing literature about peace building.  We pray that she knows God’s presence as she prepares to leave on August 28th, and thank God for her ministry.

To be able to walk sincerely with God through the name of Christ Jesus and the assistance of the Holy Spirit.


I pray that God will show me new visions and ways forward in the lives of my children and in my own life.  Thank you.


Dear God-

Please help me maintain a Spirit of gratitude & mindfulness – please clear my thoughts of what doesn’t matter anyway – Amen – *****


For ***** (*****),***** (**********)***** (continued employment), ***** (Peace of Mind), *****& ***** (always).


Pastor my name is **********.  After 14 years the place looking in South Philly a room.


Please pray for my sister and my brother-in-law as I will be coming out to them on Memorial day weekend.


God bless our path.  Lead the way.  God bless family & friends.  Help me to forgive those who hurt us, as we’d like to be forgiven.  Help those in difficult situations, relationships make the right decisions to make things work out or walk away.  Give us knowledge.  And thank you God, for everything, the good the bad it’s all part of our destined journey.




Keep *****

Keep *****

Keep *****



And all


(I’ll help)


OH Father,

Your will for my life is enough!


Dear G-D,

Thank you for being with me, all the time, I pray for my family, & my friends, but most of all thank you for being there for me.  Thank you, ME


Lord, I thank you for your gift of life & your ever-present Grace.  Lord, I ask that peace & a grounding in justice may reign in all our hearts & minds and be constantly present in our words & deeds.  Thanks be to God.


My Brother


Prayers for those facing persecution in the Middle East


I pray for all

The black boys

And black men

Of this nation

And beyond.  May

We protect them and

Love them.


I’m feeling encouraged finally!

Bring healing to the world, God.

Bring Ms. ***** back to us, Great Physician.


Peace in the world.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I pray for Ms ****, and ****, who is recovering from injury. I pray not to go numb in the face of this scary world. I pray for my marriage + my family.

Prayer of Restoration of my spirit, health, finance’s, career, willingness to help & love my enimies. To Keep an attitude of gratitude. To grow spiritually & closer to God To have a loving, wonderfully, relationship (***)

Help me.
Help us.
Help them.

Hear the cries of your People, Lord. Don’t turn your ear. We cannot wait any longer. Heal us, Lord. Reconcile us. Forgive us and help us forgive each other. Let us use our hands for peace, not violence.

gonna need
a little
help this time
I’m tentatively releasing
the grip in one
or two of my
Please be

Prayers for us to return to who we are.
Prayers for **** in the hospital.

God grant me yet another new start.

I feel better having said all that. I’m grateful for this community.

Whew! Financial issues abound at the moment. Sick of being alone. Anxious, tried to pray… not doing it for me God. Need Help!

Dear G-D,
I won’t ask this time. You know what it is about anyway, please help me through this mess. I ask for my family, let them all be well.
Thank you,

Lord please be with me as I prepare for my first devised show. Help me to separate myself from the stories + character when off-stage. Please don’t let that darkness back into my life! I’m struggling.

I pray for BSM and Christ’s gospel in Philadelphia. I pray for equitable education opportunity for all children in Phila, PA, + US. I pray for “otherwise”.

Oh Father
Thank You for all of the opportunities to praise you in thought and most importantly Deed.

Please pray for
• Full time job w/ benefits for *****
• a little relief from my financial problems
• Clarity for me as I make some decisions about relationships in my life
• *****, *****, *****
• The **** an agency who has leadership in crisis of ethics

-future business plans
-grounding on faith tradition how I was brought up
-boldness of love + courage in the midst of chaos

Sunday, August 10, 2014

My prayer is of thanks for God’s love shared by those at BSM for my daughter.
My prayer is for safety as she prepares to venture to Zambia to share God’s love. Keep her safe, bring her home and then back to BSM.

May Ms. **** recover well and live many more years in good health. And that whatever be her path, she know peace and comfort.

My uncle ***** ***** who is ill in hospital.

Dear God,
Please watch over me as I transition into the next season of my life. Help me be content with enough, show me in real ways what enough looks, sounds, & feels like. Thank you for you. Show me how to love like you. Amen.

This pray for me and help me to find a job

Prayers as I return home, serving God boldly and authentically in who I am!

Today: thanks for change and new starts, and prayers for continued strength and recovery. Thank you for the support my family and friends, and for greater love for myself, and for passion for the things I love. I pray to be closer to God and to what I know I can be.

Let us pray for peace in Gaza, truthful recounciliation between Israel and Palestinians. For meaningful truce.

I pray for guidance, strength, and comfort for my friend ***** who is pregnant and will be unable to return to school next year. Also, prayers of gratitude for all that Broad Street is and all the ways it has touched my life.

Pray for peace between Palestine and Israel, for justice where there is oppression, and for creative compromise during these peace talks in Cairo. Pray for an end to the violence there.

Prayer request for ****** ***** beginning treatment for Lung Cancer. Prayers of thanks for the wonderful work of BSM.

Thank you, generous God, for the stability + security you have granted me. I don’t thank you enough for all that you have given me. Help me nurture a grateful, generous spirit no matter the circumstances, for you are good.

Please call me loved & strong.

I ask for prayer for my friend *** who has kidney problems and will probably have to get a replacement in the near future

Dear Lord,
I am oh so thankful for the life I have, but sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough and I know that I can do more. I am scared that I won’t be able to be with the love of my life because of school and moving, I know I will do all in my power to stay with her, though there may be challenges, but I wanted to tell you that I will never give up.
Thank you Lord

God, if
you need help
making it not
terrible for
people, just
I’ll do my
best to
listen and
follow through

Dear God,
Thank you so much for the wonderful trip I just returned from. Please be w/ my mother, my prodigal mother. Thank you for renewing my relationship w/ her. Please be w/ my son too, + in my family Thank you

When I forget you God, I sin help me Remember your presence at all times

I pray ***** has a wonderful trip. And she comes back to Philadelphia safe & sound

I thank the Lord for my blessings and the gifts I am constantly being given, whether I know it or not. Please, Lord, help guide my heart, mind, and feet to know your will for me and abide by it. Praise be to God.

I pray with overwhelming thankfulness for my family, my home, and my community of support here at BSM who is pushing me gently and aggressively to do what God has called me to do. May I carry and keep their love and strength with me as I leave this great city so that I may share it with the world.

Dear G-D, Again I pray for my family please let them be well. I pray that you are again with me, to get to know myself will take a long time to do. With your help I’ll try.
Thank you,

OH Father,
Please watch over our family members who are going through medical issues.

• Joy for *****
• Healing for Ms. **** & ****
• Happy trails to the Youth Init staff
• ****, come back!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

We continue to pray for Katherine Crosby, who is a part of our BSM family. Katherine is preparing to head to Mymensign Bangladesh as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program. She will be assisting Shanti Mitra, as a Peace Volunteer. Shanti Mitra works to integrate peace building and conflict transformation activities into the daily lives of people in Mymensingh, largely by facilitating workshops and classes for students, organizing events in the community that are focused on peace and justice, and developing literature about peace building. We pray that she knows God’s presence as she prepares to leave on August 20, and thank God for her ministry.


****-Learning more of what I could do in this or at my community?


****- Please pray for ****a young man with serious mental health and addiction. And the many like him.


****- Dear God,

Call to me and help me hear you. Help me findand be bolstered by courage.


Prayers for ****’s boat. I’m so anxious and frustrated right now. I don’t know who but it’s making me crazy.


My un-believing ****


Dear God,

Open my heart to my ****. We have had to be apart for several weeks and I fear that it has grown too easy to be distant and harder to be close. Draw us closer to one another and to you. Amen


I need prayer and reassurance that who I am and what I can give is enough.


Dear G-D,

Help out ****, his hatred is now 12 years old. You are with me through everything my family I’m worried about. Never get’s in touch with me.

Thank you,



Loving God, please grant peace to my dear friend who recently had an abortion and is now going through a hard break-up. Heal her heart, heal her body, heal her soul. Comfort her as only You can, Oh Lord. Amen



A prayer for: ****: Affirmation, joy, strength, love

****: Rest, peace, stamina, energy, love

****: Guidance, joy, hope, love

****: Strength, inspiration, wisdom, love

****: Hope, discernment, joy, love

****: Clarity, contentment, love

****: Compassion, peace, vision, love


A chance to apologize for my wrongs as I am too weak to seek out the ones I have wronged, I ask that they would seek me out, so that I can mend friendships broken and make things well when they are not. I also ask forgiveness for my sins of pride, greed, lust, sloth, envy, gluttony, and wrath.


Please be with my family during this year.

I am thankful for the blessing of unconditional love and care I have received from the many friends and family around me, both here at BSM and at home, and I pray for the courage to show this same compassion to all those around me.


Prayer for illegal or legal immigrants entering our country.


In gratitude for beauty of so many sorts.


I want to believe that I am enough and that I may trust God.


Creator God,

Thank you for ice cream and wonderful people we get to share it with.

Also though help me in my doubt and confusion. I just can’t seem to understand.


Jesus, your parents were once told “no room in the inn”. This past week I have heard “no room in the shelter” when working with clients. This gives me so much pain in behalf of others. It comforts me that You know our pain, but am still bewildered that you promise us enough, abundance. Help us provide abundance for our neighbors when it seems impossible.


Pray for ****. Found **** in her room.


Prayers that I can find healthier ways to deal with my anger and past traumatic events in my life.


Thank you

Oh, no


Thank you

For delivering me here.

Did I forget the grace

of it? Thanks for the



Thank you

For **** and ****and

****, these completely

Inimitable irreplaceable

Teachers that only

you could have picked.

I have got some real

Deep gratitude for them.


Oh Father

Thank you for Your love You have showered upon me.

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

We continue to pray for Katherine Crosby, who is a part of our BSM family. Katherine is preparing to head to Mymensign Bangladesh as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program. She will be assisting Shanti Mitra, as a Peace Volunteer. Shanti Mitra works to integrate peace building and conflict transformation activities into the daily lives of people in Mymensingh, largely by facilitating workshops and classes for students, organizing events in the community that are focused on peace and justice, and developing literature about peace building. We pray that she knows God’s presence as she prepares to leave on August 20, and thank God for her ministry.


Please pray for:

*****, that she will get good news about a job this week

For *****, that he will be healed in his heart and would be opened up to being loved @ this point in his life


Dear God,

I’ve been noticing that life seems to be a mysterious blend of things falling apart and coming back together again. Things break, things heal-we stumble- we recover-

Thanks for allowing me to see this,

Amen- *****


***** *****


Thank you for mom getting a house!

Thank you for Rooster Soup, for *****

Thank you for *****


Help with new beginnings


Dear God

Pray for me an my friend to help to you know you and help me to show the way to you and look for a job


Lots of new things:

-just moved into a new place

-appled for a new job as my 3 current jobs will be ending soon

Pray that BSM continues to have a spirit-filled summer


I ask to keep those with mental disorders in your prayers. I pray that thy get all the help they need and they keep a positive mindset as much as possible


Pray for me

Can free

3 years


God, please make yourself known and heal those who are psychologically sluggish. You know they need you.



Thank you

It’s very good

to be here.

Shore me up to

be right for

me and

good for



God, please forgive me for I am not a good step mom. Help me to figure out a way to do better. Also God, I am constantly overwhelmed by all I have to do, please help me face and deal with my life. Finally God, be with my son, please tomorrow in his challenges.



Merciful Comforter,

The ***** family as they mourn the loss of a father and husband. Lord, give them peace as they grieve and comfort in this difficult loss. Help heal the hearts that have broken at *****’s death. Thank you for your goodness.


Lord, I give thanks for all things. Please help us all know and live out your peace, which you have given us through your grace.


Managing discontentment

Belonging @ BSM

Celebrating appropriately


OH Father,

Thank You for providing a way to fund our service with soup.

The many who will benefit also

Thank you.


For her happiness,

and for freedom from fear

And mine.

And yours.


Please be with my brother who needs your strength and guidance to go through this difficult time

Please give my stepmom hope for the future.


I pray that you would be glorified at my college. I pray for reconciliation on the church and on the world. Thank you for suprising me- keep turning these things that I have bad feelings about into good.



I pray for all of *****’s family and friends as they mourn and heal from her unnecessary death by someone who has made so many bad decisions. I also pray that he opens up to your healing and grace. I also pray for *****, *****, and ***** as they struggle with the loss!


Prayers for my brother. Working problems, money problems, wife problems. And I think he has no relationship with God
Dear God,

I first want to thank you for the gift of another year of life. I thank you for showing me what a whole, Godly marriage looks like through my parents, thank you for their 24 years of loving one another. Continue opening my eyes to the suffering of the world yet continue inspiring hope in me and in all. Amen


Pray for us to love each other

Prayer for us to accept Love


Pray for my heart not to be hardened. It can be so hard- particularly at work- to believe that people can change for good.


Please pray for peace for those in constant war and conflict. And may the war torn parts of the globe get a respite from pain. Amen.




I need to learn how to stop advocating for everyone who doesn’t have my interests at heart at the expense of my own self-worth.

(Selfish, right?)







Sunday, July 13th, 2014

We continue to pray for Katherine Crosby, who is a part of our BSM family. Katherine is preparing to head to Mymensign Bangladesh as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program. She will be assisting Shanti Mitra, as a Peace Volunteer. Shanti Mitra works to integrate peace building and conflict transformation activities into the daily lives of people in Mymensingh, largely by facilitating workshops and classes for students, organizing events in the community that are focused on peace and justice, and developing literature about peace building. We pray that she knows God’s presence as she prepares to leave on August 20, and thank God for her ministry.

Dear G-d, scream at me in my life. Help me find love and forgiveness

For *****. He’s on his big adventure in India. He’s following his calling and it’s scary and life-giving. Give him joy in the struggle.
For ***** *****. Thanks for the successful surgery. Bless her w/ peace, be with her going forward. Thank you for her.
For my folks and their divorce. Thy will be done. Give me peace, and them too. Let us feel what you would have us experience.
Thanksgiving for ***** and his job.
Thank you for the joys of work.
God, you’re up to something. Give me faith that it’ll come, and the strength to respond.

Please pray for:
*****, that she may know she is not alone in the journey… That God would send folks to bless her and meet her needs.
For *****
For me that I may become all God calls me to be

for my wisdom teeth removal and other oral surgery this week (on Mon)

I pray for ***** that you keep her healthy and help her to have the strength and bodily nurture to do all the things she has to do this week. Thank you.

Good to see old faces.
Thanks for this place.
Time to get it all done.
Help me not be resentful.
Help me not to be overwhelmed.

God I pray for my unborn children that will most likely be students of Philly’s public school system. I pray for every school in Philadelphia, all staff, faculty, students, and communities they are located in. Help city council see education as a top priority.

Dear G-d, you are always there for me getting me through the time of day isn’t easy, if it wasn’t for my friends I’d be a different person, please watch my family, I think of them all the time.
Thank you, ME

Loving God, fashioner of light and darkness, and creator of all things seen and unseen. Help us to have a heart to reveal and understand what remains hidden. Help us to use your spirit as a lens to grapple with what we don’t understand- even though it’s hard. Amen.

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

We pray for Katherine Crosby, who is a part of our BSM family. Katherine is preparing to head to Mymensign Bangladesh  as a part of Mennonite Central Committee’s SALT program.  She will be assisting Shanti Mitra, as a Peace Volunteer. Shanti Mitra works to integrate peace building and conflict transformation activities into the daily lives of people in Mymensingh, largely by facilitating workshops and classes for students, organizing events in the community that are focused on peace and justice, and developing literature about peace building.  We pray that she knows God’s presence as she prepares to leave on August 20, and thank God for her ministry.


Dear god,

Please bring your mercy, strength, and forgiveness to my sister ***** as she continues a custody trial this week. Please show me how I can giver her the love and support that she needs-


Asking for The Lord to help find joy in each day in spite of circumstances.

Please pray for:



The ***** family, ***** family

Dear God

Summer is a time of leaving and coming and going. Keep those we leave behind in our hearts and in your embrace, Loving God. Let them know and feel your presence in the times of struggle and joy. Keep them safe and nourished until we are reunited.


Pray for me as I deal with the load of work that faces me Monday as I return for vacation…that I will remember God’s vision throughout this week for me and those I serve.

Pray for people I’ve hurt and give me another chance to show my love for them.

Dear Lord,

Please be with all those affected by the fire in SE Philly. Hold the children close and their families closer. Be with those who experienced the tragedy of death. You have conquered the grave!!

Please pray that God may silence every voice inside me but God’s own. Please pray that the rifts in my family will be healed. Thanks be to God for all things.

Please be with my brother who needs your strength and guidance

OH Father,

I know that your will for my life is what I’m searching for. Please give me strength to follow.

Keep me from unproductive anger. Thank you for the opportunity to rest and thank you for the chance to get back in the game.

Gracious and Merciful God,

Help me to better live and love in your name. Thank you for your new mercies. Thank you for your Grace.


Give me a spirit of compassion and empathy. Speak into my words and think into my thoughts!

Dear God- Please give *****  and his kids peace, safety, and ultimate love

Dear G-D,

Thank you for getting me thru this month. Watch my family and friends.

Thank you,


Be with those who lost loved ones in the fires in SW Philly. Comfort those in need, make your presence and care known in the void. Fill in the spaces with your love. Bind the community together.

For this wonderful community in all of this transition that it is and will go through. Also hear our prayer for peace. There doesn’t seem to be enough.
Please God, I pray for some kind of resolution to the conflict in my family- before we travel together.

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

I want to lift up *****, who is battling brain cancer. I pray for peace and joy for his entire family. I pray that God, the healer will be known.

Dear God~

Please bless all around me with some sort of peace- and help me to pass that peace along. Especially friends and family struggling with mental illness-

Amen- *****

Pray for my Uncle who is in critical care, he’s very sick.

Pray for my Aunt who has breast cancer and who needs help.

Please pray for the *****family and ** as they mourn the loss of *****.

My friend *****, for his healing of heart and clarity

For *****’s success in her 2nd interview

For me as I continue to find my way.

I’m super excited to start this summer at the Attic!

I need some strength to pray for my communities at BSM and bible study I don’t consistently pray for these communities each week and I want to.

My parents divorce, anxiety

My depression and fear

Direction and employment

I hope God helps everyone like it has helped me.

Prayers for my grandfather’s continued recovery

Prayers for me in my doubt and uncertainty in different aspects of my life

Prayers for my friend who is financially unstable and worried about the future prayers that those in poverty find comfort and healing

Compassionate God,

Help me to be active and present where I am here and now. When to time comes, give me courage for me to leave this place and follower where you call me. Amen.

Thank you for this beautiful day. Please be with my son tomorrow regardless of the outcome of his tournament. Please be with ***** in her darkness. Thank you for my sister.

Dear God,

Please be with *****. I know we don’t deserve your love but desperate needs it, needs You. Please help to rewrite his story and show him that his current situation is not the end. Inspire hope where the world only breath darkness and death.

Thank you, Lord, for the warmth and sunshine and summer. Please bring healing to those with deep wounds that struggle to get better.

Please be with my friend and her family who is lost and overwhelmed right now.

Please be with my friend’s grandmothers who both ended up in the hospital last week

Please be with my brother and sister who need your guidance right now

Pray for me to understand the importance of this place and to make more to be here and be with those most important.

Gracious healer,

Please help us to forge relationships that have been broken within, among, and between our nation’s churches. Help us, as a community, as a family, to better love those we encounter outside church walls as well.

Thank God for new beginnings, for His provision and for time to rest! And for vitamin D

Please help me/us return to harmony with nature and the spiritual side

How/why dare you allow this beautiful planet to be corrupted? Surely the answer is hidden here. Please help find it. We’re the solution.



God guide

me in

the holy month

to know you


and do life


with hope!


I pray I continue to hear and encounter what is right and may I be changed for good.

Prayers for my family. My cousins ***** and ***** were killed in a car accident on Friday. Prayer for their family, husbands, children, father and friends.

Please pray for **********, ill, but fighting to live.

Thank you!

Prayers for my father’s struggle with alcohol and smoking also fighting urinary bladder cancer

Prayers for my future as a grad student

Prayers for my mother and parent’s relationship

Pray for my father’s cancer to go away

Dear God- Help me find grace in my sorrow and uncertainty

Please pray for my dad who is dealing with depression


Help my sister. I love her. I lover her. She is broken, fix her. Her disbelief is not a sin, but the way she unloves you, it makes me cry. And I have a question- is homosexuality a sin.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


Please help my father’s unbelief. Continue giving my sister strength. Please be present with the ***** family. Love those who the world has called unlovable. Make us a body of Christ. Thank you for you. Amen

Pray for the elderly, the old, and the alone.

There was a woman who was a victim of terrible crime this weekend in Center City. I ask for our church’s prayers

Pray for people who may not be able to praise and worship God our Father Almighty, and that they have faith.

Pray for my big move that I have humility and strength through the journey

Bill with his sabbatical. The Y.I. kids

Introduce us to the poor, the suffering, and the needy who we do not readily seek to know.

Thank you.


And don’t


I know youre


giving me

work you


I can do

I’ll be faithful


You do You


I give thanks that, though I am childless, God has blessed me with the prvilege of caring for our church’s youth group- I love these kids!

Please be with *****, she needs your support and guidance more than ever

I pray

Instead of trying to convince the world that we are good enough we would convince ourselves that we are good enough and live into it

Prayers for transitions and changes in life.

That your dwelling in me would give me strength and hope so that I do not turn away from suffering

I want to lift up *****- a friend who is living with brain cancer. I pray that God, the healer, will be known and that peace and joy will fall on his entire family. Amen

Loving God,

Help me to forgive them. Help me discern how to do that. Help me to be open and also protected in my vulnerability. Is this relationship over? How do I be their neighbors? Guide me, Lord God and keep me safe. For your glory.


Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Lord. I lift up my sister ***** who is working hard to make Jesus known through washing dishes at Young Life Camp. Give her strength, peace, joy, and laughter. I pray for my brother *****. You know his lovely heart, be with him. I praise you for my Dad, reveal yourself to him. Love my mom. Amen

I do believe that God has called me to work in Thailand this comin year, but as the time approaches, I’m getting scared. Pray for my unbelief.

Praise for the successful close of the HS student internship I coordinated. Praise for a new place I’ll be moving to. Praise for having meaningful work this summer.  And I need some help with my family. We can’t communicate, we feel alone, so I ask the Spirit to be with us.

I want to thank God bringing all of us here safely. I want this mission trip to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives and this church. That we will have fun, be safe, and glorify the Lord. That our lives will be impacted as well.

For *****, that his upcoming vacation might bring real rest and rejuvenation and ever more openness and beauty.

Dear God-

Help me know and grow confidence in my gifts and my path.

Help *****and I to find our place in your plan for us. Please

break into his heart and let him know you


Thank you. Thank you for BSM and for bringing *****and I closer to you and each other through Christ and BSM. Please continue to bless and guide us all to provide us with strength, clarity, and inspiration to hold fast to you and love fully. In the face of the walls and brokenness we witness, help us to find hope, freedom, you, and peace in your love and truth. May we continue to walk together.

Thank you.

Even though I


I’m welcome

Dear God,

I pray for a spirit of openness and love for those I call family-

Help break down barriers.

I’m thankful for the unfailing  love and support and guidance given to me by my family, especially my parents. Please guide me, Lord, to always have and be guided by the love and compassion you have placed in my heart. Praise be to God.

For the health and safety of all God’s people.

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

The program I coordinate wraps up on Wednesday, so prayers that the students leave filled with a Spirit of empowerment, learning, and a knowledge that they are awesome.

My brother ***** has had a tough year and I just pray that he may know comfort and support and that he may know himself.

***** needs a job and to get on with her life.  Please pray that God will giver her favor, guidance, & direction to that end.

A prayer that will join others in a common prayer for the love of God as the driving force of humanity.  We hear each other in our own language because we were made in God’s image – living out his purpose.  Let us pray in the study of his word so that there is no confusion to this fact.

Dear God ~

Please take care of ***** & enjoy his company, as I always did.  We all have our own paths – thank you so much for mine – Amen – *****

My best friend’s father is suffering from brain cancer. He has been told he doesn’t have long. Please pray for comfort and healing.

Another dear friend’s mother just finished a round of chemo. Pray that the cancer is gone for good!

Answers to my prayers.

-Open my eyes to see your Spirit moving

-For continued Thanksgiving

-For continued strength and peace to deal with anxiety and fear

-For our community to continue to work towards reconciliation

-For *.*.

Pray for


that I

can live

a sober

life. So

Far so good

I pray with thankfulness to be here with the BSM family but most importantly for those not physically in our midst. May they always feel the love and support of this community until they are with us again.

Thanks this week for unexpected opportunities and the amazing support of friends and family. I pray for health and improvement and growing strength, for me and the people around me.

I send prayers up for all members and visitors of the BSM community


I lift up those to you who my acts may have harmed. Please extend your love to them and keep them safe. Give us the clarity, courage and guidance to love and do your will.

Thank you

Oh Father,

Please walk with all of your children here at BSM as we seek to grow the Body


Thank you for letting me find roommates. Please let us find a good place to live so we can move in July 1


*****and *****





The man with the very infected foot




For Gracie as we move into the summer. Also for the students who are going to be calling this place home.

Prayer for me to accept my friend and my self

Help me to accept love

Help me to love others

Help me to love myself

God, Please be working in the hearts of the youth who will soon be visiting Broad Street. In the same regard, be working in the heart of the city. Help us all to love like YOU first loved US.


Thank you. Thank you for your Body. For your Spirit. For your Love.

Knowing that your light is ever flowing and is not scarce. Although the darkness seeps into life sometimes it will never overcome what you provide for us. As I may forget this at moments in my life, I want to thank you for always being at work in my life and the world around me.- Amen

***** who is having open heart surgery on Thursday June 10 2014 @ HUD – ASD Repair

Thank you, *****


Guide all the


to the place

where they can

really be

who they really


as gently as it’s

possible to



My finances are a mess again. Please help me. Also thank for the life of ***** who died a few weeks ago at age 90 something.


Thank you Lord for your love- for all that you encompass.

For my friends and family (all of them) also for ***** and I as we embark on a new journey in our lives- For all new beginnings. For ***** and ***** that their love which stems  from yours will grow stronger each day as they embark on their journey together.


For everyone who is sent into this world- may your light shine through us so that everyone can see your love.

Also for healing for *****’s friend *****’s aneurisms

My Father

You know what is on my heart that I cannot put into words

Dear God,

Be with my husband as he travels. Help us stay connected and loving through this absence.



Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Went to graduation at ***** today and this brought me much joy but also a wave of nostalgia and acute awareness of time passery.  May my friends in the class of 2014 be well and experience joy in this year post-graduation.  Feeling a lit down during the week, so just prayers for some uplifting.

Dear God~

Thank you for teaching me that things don’t need to be perfect to be Beautiful ~ Amen, *****

Please pray for:

(1)  Ms. ***** ***** – a cancer survivor who is struggling with health challenges.

(2)  Her Daughter ***** who is experiencing a great deal of stress in her life.

(3)  My friend ***** that God would heal his hurt & restore his life.

(4)  *****, that she may experience God’s faith in her life.

A Joyful peace

***** ***** *****

(1)  New Job

(2) Life

(3) Relationship

An answer to prayer:

Relative peace w/ my housemates and some restoration of relationships.   I feel hope and a sense of thankfulness to God for this.

Prayers for me in my current place of uncertainty and transition.  Prayers for my state of confusion and for my Grandma & Grandpa.  For my mother in her health & stressful workplace.  For Peace.

I’ve experienced a lot of loss in the last few years and although things are better now I find myself in periods of despair and exhaustion.  I hope to remember to pray to remember joy this week coming.

My Aunt’s nephew ***** – had a brain tumor removed 5-27-14 & will receive radiation/chemo and go into a research protocol.  My friend ***** continues chemo for lung cancer every 3 weeks.  Thank you lord Jesus for your kindness.  *****

Dear God –

Please help.  Soften my heart & grow a more generous spirit.

Thanksgiving for the newest member of the ***** family, *****.  Thanksgiving also for the new life ***** & ***** began together this week.  Hold and guard them all, dear Lord.

God, please let me find a safe home to live before July 1.  I need it.  I’m so stressed & overwhelmed.

Lord, help me on this journey of thanks – to learn to live gratefully and joyfully despite the sadness, fear, and evil I see around me.  Nourish my soul – agawer of gratefulness.  Thank you for this beautiful weekend!

Please help me to value the journey more than the destination.

Prayer for a good, anxious woman who deserves love, her name is ***** ***** of ***** Florida.

OH Father,

Thank you for all of the blessings you shower on me.  Thank you for my family at BSM.

Prayers for

  • For a time of happiness & the discovery of joy.
  • For my boys as they find their way in the world; may joy find & stay with them.

Please be with my friend who is going through a terrible divorce.


I ask you

for yet

another chance


Thank you for happiness – help us to share it with each other.

But thank you even more for joy.  May we cultivate it together throughout the week.  May we have the clarity, strength, & courage to find joy instead of fear.

Thank you for this peace & freedom & the true love of Christ.

For my brother *****.

Pray for my friend ***** who is suffering under the weight of family difficulties.  – For peace, insight, self compassion.



I don’t want

to keep getting


Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Dear God-

Thank you so much for all of the help, love & support that everyone has shown me after my sudden accident on Tuesday.  Help me feel gratitude and acceptance as I go through this – Amen – ****

I was home for the day and I had a catch with my brother like we did in grade school.  It was fun and the first time I’ve thrown a baseball in over a year.  So though there’s always some tension at home it was great connecting in that way.

My thoughts are on my sister **** who has MS and my Niece ***** who has headaches.

Dear God –

Please break into my heart.  Help my soul lead with peace and generosity.  Live at & in my center.

Prayers for my family,

for All who are lonely & afraid,

and for all those who are just trying to help, but keep making it worse.

God, empower us to be a part of your will for ****.

Bless ****, give her peace and set your Angels to defend it,

and thank you for ****’s heart.

God, Bless ****.

Thank you for this place.

Unleash ****.

Thank you for dreaming.

Bless ****.

Let’s do this.

Lord, Thank you for leading me to a great new place to live!  Please continue to Guide me.


House stuff


OH Father,

Please forgive me.  In anger I spoke a hateful word about one of your children.  Take this word from my mind.

Dear God,

Thank you for sunshine, for perspective, for rest & play.  Please be w/ **** who recently suffered a stroke, & who is struggling w/ Memory recall & controlling his emotions.  Give him peace during this unsure time, & wisdom for all those working to care for him & helping him toward recovery.  Be w/ ****, who is looking after him, & help her to let go of anxieties & gears surrounding this time.  Please be w/ me, A* & * as we all work towards what is best.  Bring clarity.  Amen.

I’ve been preoccupied this week because I chose to hurt my brother.  It seemed commensurate with what he’d said to me.  I know my choice is because this brother has hurt me often without acknowledgement.  I justify it because inspiring fear in him seems wise.  But, the dividends have been not just my brothers pain but also my own.  I pray for guidance.  Bitterness is not a good teacher?

Thank you


lessons like



here, I can’t

imagine a

kinder way


teach them


Sunday May 18th, 2014

To keep my walk with Christ sincere and wholehearted, thanks. **** ****


Prayers for healing of broken minds, bodies, and spirits that darken the doors of BSM.



Happy Birthday


Peace in me.


Prayer for Dr. **** **** Heart health.


I ask prayer for me in my seventy-fifth year difficulties. **** ****


Pray for those who need help on acting upon their Godly like thoughts.


Continued prayer for my year in Thailand; Specifically for fundraising, the people I’m leaving behind, Thailand’s political situation, and the people I’ll be working with.

Being Present for remaining months in Servant Year.


Please pray for **** who just found out she has breast cancer. Also **** **** very sick. Please continue to pray for **** **** – Blind Poet w/ ALS. & for me. Thank you.


Pray for the world, pray for a new orientation & a constancy revolving and renewed world.


I pray that I can see God evident in my life and that I Can trust in God. Thank you.


Damn! Lots of people are connected to this place. Let’s keep on keeping on. Praise & thanks for the welcome I have received here. May others receive this too!


Dear God~

Thanks for 9 years of BSM & the place I’ve found in it ~ Amen, ****



That we might remember always that the clouds are but passing and that the sun is always constant.


God, please help my fear about this lawsuit. Help me to leave it in your hands and not to hate those who have done this.


PLS pray for my daughter whose fiancé decided last week he didn’t want to get married. Her heart is broken. Pray for the love of Jesus to fill the empty spaces.


Prayers for freedom from my compulsion. Prayers for those w/ addiction.


Help me to see the possibilities & potential in those who are disabled in suffering and struggle.


OH Father,

Please watch over your children at BSM as we move into your vision for us.


Please pray for my son **** who will graduate from high school in a couple weeks.


Loving God,

I so regularly question the purpose and talents and self-worth you’ve put in me. Teach me how to see possibility & value & grace every day.


Please help my Aunt **** overcome her addictions and social barriers. Help me to realize that her baggage is not mine.


Dear God,

My prayer, for faithfulness, is scary. It is scary because I know that what I desire and what faithfulness requires of me are often different things.

Faithfulness is trusting and listening to you, not to my contemporaries or minority or majority culture. I’ve seen righteousness pervert into self-righteousness, but I have never seen faithfulness pervert. Make faithfulness my reflex. This is what I need, my Lord, my salvation. Amen


Lord God, you know my heart better than I do, so in your mercy hear our prayers:


The rescue workers in So. C.A., all who have lost loves, homes, peace


****, ****, ****

**** & ****

A clear path

My heart in flesh – nurture, grow, protect


I pray for the continued conviction, inspiration & action of BSM. Thank God for all it has brought to our lives. Amen


Please pray for ****, Age 91, who is dying.



Thank you for Broad St! Please keep it safe & continue to provide us with strength, clarity, & guidance to render harm unto no one & to love fully. Amen!


Prayers and thoughts out for direction, creativity & love. Always. Clarity and awareness of one’s thoughts & actions. Thanks for time, relativity & purpose.


Lord please let me find a new place to live, please let the place I found work out!


Pray for the excellent soul of **** **** ****. Her remains were interred today with my fathers.


Sunday, May 11th, 2014

“Oblivian has been haunting me. The idea of being forgotten is what I’m afraid of.” This was the old me. The new me is afraid no longer. Thanks to you.


A prayer for joy! Music


Dear god~

Reflecting on my week, I got a lot of things right. There were moments of compassion, love, patience and difficult honesty. All of this is through you and your grace. Thank you. Amen – *****




Mom, in all your strength, pain, weakness, joy, and struggles, you have given so much of your life to me and my brothers. For that, thank you


Pray for those who need help to find themselves. And Pray for those who are moving onto the next chapter of life.


Woohoo! Praise for the decision to go to Thailand & the peace that has come with it!
Continued prayers for relationships w. coworkers in the job I’m committed to now.
Prayer for those I’ll be leaving behind to go to Thailand
Prayer for Peace in Thailand too.

Please bless *****& *****’s news, the title vote, Aunt *****, *****& I’s relationship, the growth of my heart. Help me to choose joy over being “right.”


To all Moms!! Here to be reset!


OH Father, please be with *****as he goes on vacation. Get him rest and regroup for the work you will have him do.


Pray for the Nigerian students kidnapped by terrorist


I messed up a lot this week, drinking, sex, drunk driving. I vow to do better with God’s help.


For Mother’s who are struggling with grief today.


Dear G-D,

Help me to find out what’s going on with my son, no contact, no nothing. I pray for forgiveness for my sins, some of (can’t mention) the choir is singing it must be the hand of the lord. Thank you, ME


May BSM & your children be accepting of & love & care for all those that you have made clean & may we receive ourselves as cleaned by you. May BSM have a great last week of being 8. Please keep us safe & grant us the strength & guidance to stand up for all that is good & love fully.


That I might pay attention, and cause less pain to those around me. That I might instead simply often them love.


Dear God,

My prayer this week is for faithfulness. Not for righteousness, not for a job, not for anything other than my faithfulness. Last week I tripped and fell and got discouraged. I expect to trip and fall this week but keep me on the path of faithfulness.



I know it’s not

always going to

be pretty.

I know.

Just hold my hand

I’ll get there

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Please continue to pray for ***** ******* – blind poet w/ ALS + ***** ******* – seriously ill
Thank you. *


Dear G-d,
Again I ask you to guide me through this coming week be with me in making the right decisions, I don’t know what’s going to be, watch my family + friends, + keep them well. Thank you,
Dear God~
Many thanks for all the positive influences you have placed in my life. May I relax into the mystery of what is ahead in the days to come ~


Thomas went to India and did many miracles
Revelation 10:7 Mystery of God finished Gentiles in the faith
June 8, 1967
Time of Gentiles fulfilled
Ezekiel Chapter 1,2,3,
Wheels within wheels


Please be with my friend *** who has been laid off and is feeling discouraged and helpless


So overextended, frustrated, and not in any control of what’s happening. Help me get back on track.


Pray for the good and exciting thing happening for this congregation.


-> To take responsibility in my ‘section’ of the greater narrative –
to love
to share
to Protcet and uphold Justice
-> ********* ******’s Journey


I know You’re gonna
do what You’re gonna
do but please care for
*****’s kids by blessing
***** like you blessed
them with him.
And where people are
bearing others like
that, bear them.
And I’ll try to bear
them to.
Thanks for the strength
to bear


OH Father. Please be with BSM as we celibrate our birthday All we do is for You.


For growth, and new life


For ********* –
For what comes next.
Transform with her/for her Lord God.

Easter Sunday, April 20th, 2014

I feel so privileged to be a part of this family…both getting to know God’s deep love for me and the rest of creation AND of Broad Street.  I’ve cried myself through this service remembering how Good the Good News is.  And of course, continued discernment for this next year.
Dear god~
    Thank you for this beautiful day & all that it brings.  I appreciate the chance to believe, live, and love – best that I can – Amen – *****
Praise for today, a day of hope, life & promise that there is always more than what we may know now, that life is promised to us, to me.  Prayer for *****& BSM.
Success in a new job.  Undergoing medication health-vitality improvements
 Please pray for me, my health, my wealth, and my especially that I can walk  in the will of our Lord Jesus.
Please pray for my ***** as she approaches 1 yr anniversary of college graduation and seeks
1) God’s direction for her life
2) An apt. in NYC w/ reasonable rent
3) a full time job in her field of communications/music
God, my dad had 2 seizures on Saturday, & we don’t know why.  My Mom is keeping an eye on him, getting him meds, etc.  God, be with my Mom & my Dad, & be w/ me, as I try to figure out how to be a faithful son from afar.
Pray for those who pray and don’t pray – *****


Love without return and a friend in pain who needs help.
Started therapy this week.  Pray for me – Anonymous
I ask for prayers of strength, patience, and courage for *****, *****, & *****.
Prayers for the children, all of them.  Particularly for those who are sick, abused, neglected, alone, hungry.  The rest of your children have to do better by them.  Bless them.  Forgive us.
    Thank you — for new.  New life, new beginnings, new hope, new chapters, new mercies.
    Please bring discernment for people striving to make “big” decisions, particularly: *****, *****, *****, *****, & myself.
    Please bring comfort, joy, assurance to your children.  This world is beautiful * full of wonder, but is also hurting, broken, & dark for too many.
    Be the light.  Help us to be light, too.
Working on answering Jesus’ questions.
Prayers for 2 friends w/ Cancer.
Prayer for the journey.
OH Father,
    He lives because of you.  Please be with *****and her youth group as they go and spread your peace.
Out the
cave to go
In again
I know but
thank you
the sunshine
my shoulders
Lord, please help me to keep an open heart & mind so that I am able to receive all your blessings.
Pray for us always.  Thank you.
    Help me to love well those who love me.  Help me to love those who can no longer love me.  Help me to appreciate the love that’s gone & let it go.
For my sons as they find their way in the world.
Prayers for our community & congregation.  Prayers to help me follow Jesus.
    Thank you for Christ & his love.  Help us to strengthen our belief & be mindful of how you have let love enhance & overpower intellect, logic, & the material.  May we be testaments to this.  Amen
I pray for strength and God’s help to change my life.  I thank God for the people who support and care about me and I pray to be able to do the same for them.
Pray for me as I seek to find an apartment/job for May 1st
Oh God,
    Give me your divine capacity for forgiveness.  Move me toward the reality of Resurrection, that i would not follow my wounds to the grave, buy would leave them behind for your healing.  Give me fullness.
That I might let go, be open, & be renewed & free from fear.
So that our eyes are open to your resurrection each day.
I am so moved by *****’s Baptism.  I pray for god’s presence in my family.

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Dear god –

Thank you for the disruption & hope you have brought to my life – I feel sick and weary – but I’m full of hope, love, and good ideas 🙂 Amen, *****


Dear God – Please, please Bless US.  Let us find a new place – together.  Please heal my body & grow my spirit.


That all be affirmed and respected and valued in their work and families.  Prayer for those facing discrimination in the workplace, especially my friend *****.


Thank God (:) for a strong sense of peace despite the fact that I really don’t know what next year holds AND prayer that I will be able to make a decision about what it holds in the next week (because I need to let people know by Friday.)


Pray for those who need the light.  And those who already have the light to share it and keep it light.   – *****


Lord, Thanks & Praise to you for keeping us safe and for your love.  During this Holy Week please help us to understand how/to begin loving you first & foremost as we go about loving each other & ourselves (if possible).


Prayers for Broad Street’s Mission and the work of all that pass through it’s doors.  Thanks be to God!


Boldness Power Wisdom


I pray for understanding & peace between my husband & I, and for our son.


Pray that I would have rest this week as I continue to move on to a new job.


Prayers for discernment of how I serve & spend my time.


Lord God,

I am divided against brothers & sisters in this place.  I long for healing & wholeness & reconciliation even, if possible.  Come Lord, make all things new.


OH Father,

Thank you for your many gifts you bestow upon your children.


I have prayers of thanks for my friends, for their support and love, and I pray that I can accept the grace that God shows me through them.




the reminder


what faith yields

and fear

just don’t


Thanks for your prayers please let us pray for our leaders in Philly.



  • Community
  • Faith
  • Life Direction
  • Prayer
  • Love
  • Surrender
  • Reconciliation

 I have self mutilation problems, & I need God’s help.  My sister is at college & I miss her.


God, I pray for a fair and quick resolution to a very ugly lawsuit that has me worried.

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Please pray for friendship, new and old, the joy and strength we experience from it.


Please pray for *****, as she looks for a place to live in NYC and a job.  ***** is also very hurt over poor treatment she was subjected to by her dad.  She seeks and needs healing and needs to move beyond expectations.


Please continue to pray for ***** (blind poet told he has ALS) ***** poet w/ health problems.  Thank you very much.


Dear G-d,

Tuesday is my 71st Birthday, thank you for getting me this far, watch out for my family and friends, let me be more at ease with everybody & everything.  Thank you, Me


Dear God –

Thank you for my healing family!


Keep a clear head…focus on what needs to be focused on.  To whom else could I possibly turn?


I pray for strength and perseverance to get through a tricky week, and motivation to make the changes I need to make, and for the peace of God in my heart.


I thank you, Lord, for Spring warmth & sunshine!  Lord, help me to have a pure heart and to remember you at all times.  Please help me to pray for even those I don’t want to pray for – especially those I don’t want to pray for.  Thank you, Lord, for your grace.  Amen.


For those who cannot forgive me.  For those I cannot forgive.  For friendship in this place.  For being known.


For my Father, and for me.


Oh, God, I don’t know but I know you’re on it so I’m just gonna pedal.  OK?


I want to pray for a better relationship with my foster daughter.


Give Her love.  Give Me love.


OH Father,

Please be with my sister as she learns to trust in you.


I am struggling to accept the new name God has for me.  Please pray that I find courage to become what God wants & created me to be.




God, please show me clearly where I am to go both physically & in my career.  Do I stay in Philly, or do I go?


Prayers for Love in stead of resentment in my family.  Prayers to follow Jesus in my employment.


For safe travels

For peace in my relationship

For my mother in law experiencing 26 years since the loss of her husband


Allow me to see where I may participate in your work and give me the strength to stay by your side even when I feel like despairing.  Cultivate a garden of flourishing in my soul.

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Keep myself inclined to the utmost to God’s ways.


Dear God~

Lent is a very thoughtful & sometimes brooding time for me – Please help inspire my thoughts & actions today & in the days ahead ~ Amen – ****


I need energy and love beyond myself to work with my middle school students and proclaim Jesus’ love & forgiveness by my actions.


Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in a broken relationship with a friend.  Especially that it would happen in a way that is healthy for both of us.  Pray also for continued discernment about the future.


Please be with me and my family as we travel next week.


Dear G-D,

Thank you for getting me through last week, please help me get through this week.  Keep an eye out for my family & friends.  Thank you, ME


Dear God,

Healing prayers to ****.  Hold me in your heart & lighten my load.  My heart open to the way for me to experience & express the joy of your love for all.  Amen


Give me Love


Dear God,

Please be w/ me in the everyday mundane activities of my life.


Prayers for balancing my duties at work & to know my job as a follower of Jesus.


Please pray for **** & his mother as she lives her final days & he (****) contends with the loss of his mom.  Please pray that God may cover this pain & loss & that the sure & certain hope of the Resurrection will infuse them both with power.


So so anxious

Energy, excitement



Lord God –

I pray for the gentleman behind me – whatever his worries are lift them & help him receive your peace – I also pray for

– ****

– ****

– ****

– ****

– & for ****– New endeavors in his career-Wherever you shall take us – that will be your will

– All those whose hearts maybe in distress – you know us Lord better than we know ourselves as you reveal yourself to us – let us receive you.  Amen.


Please pray for my friend who is getting married soon and give her and her future husband peace/direction/wisdom.


OH Father,

Please be with me this week as I embark on making commitments that will bind me to the path you have laid before me.


Lacking words, but you know my heart.  I can’t understand the pain in this world & why we must experience it.  Heal this sorrowful city.


God help me to learn how to be in healthy relationship w/ people & to not feel so alone.


Lost boyfriend.

God, I am

scared because I know

that getting better

and being ok is going

to be hard

but, oh man, am

I joyful that I’ve done

this spiral staircase

before and I know there’s

a getting out.

Thank you for your Grace

I’m going to grab

it all by the fistful

as I try to



Sunday, March 24th, 2014

  • What **** said about “fear of being found out; that who I think/say I am or who others say I am is not who I am” really hit and resonated with me.  So I pray for strength, for assurance, for authenticity, for knowledge of my real self.
  • Pray for my friend…just keep lifting her up as she begins treatment this week.
  • Pray for **** who hasn’t been present in a couple of weeks, may she know God’s love
  • For ****, who quita  temp job b/c the manager was uncivilized
  • For me that I may be effective in a presentation on 3/24 that I make


Dear God~

Please be with my friends and family that are struggling with illness and pain – especially ****, ****, and Aunt ****.

Amen – ****


Pray for my friend’s family.  He passed this week.  He was in his early 30’s & leaves behind his young daughter.  His name is ****

American idol Season #7


Lord please help our love & your love to come to fruition.  Protect its carnage from being thwarted from fear, pride, self-interest, & envy.  We ask that you keep us safe & enable us to carry your love to others.


Pray for me to be more sincere and loving toward my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus internally so it can reflect externally towards the people I come in contact with.  Thank you, Amen.


Please pray for relationship direction and wisdom to make good decisions about long term romance and others.


Prayers for relationship & communication in my family.


Pray for discernment for the future, for courage amidst fear and uncertainty, for a willingness to not let past hurt keep me from vulnerability.


I pray for the ability to speak with more words of love and peace


OH Father,

You love us so very much.  Thank you for everything.


For stillness & steadiness,

balance & grace.


For my sons who continue to find their way in the world.


This has been a really rough month in just about every way.  I pray that I can get through this season with some sanity left.


Let me be safe

Let me be


Let me be happy

Let these people

be safe

Let these people be


Let these people

be happy


Dear God,

I continue to ask for prayer for ****.  Bring her strength and healing.  Help her be patient as she recovers and waits for fuller healing and independence.  I thank you for the spirit of Love & Laughter that we share – Amen


Please be with my uncle who is holding onto something for 14 years and is refusing to talk with our family.  Please be with him and his family so they could move forward and find peace.


Don’t wonna

let go

and maybe

I even can’t!?

I need god’s voice and

Love and power.



Please hear our prayers in your mercy:

  • Answers from the new neurologist for ****.
  • A job for ****
  • Wisdom as I make decisions re: education, for myself & for ****
  • That **** & **** will get to go home soon.
  • For **** as she learns to live w/o her partner
  • For the terror, war & hate running amuck around the globe, particularly Egypt, Ukraine, Russia & Israel.  Peace, Please Lord.



Please pray for ****, who died recently and is on a new journey.  (I have prayers answered everyday)


God please help me to deal with adversity and help me find a way to conquer, to be a victor.  Please let me find the money I need to get out of debt so I don’t have to work so much and can put more effort into relationships, with you and those in my life.


Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Please pray for: Me. ***** (full time employment).  Help me to find out what it is I want God to do for me.


Dear God~

As you know – I had a very sad and lucid dream last night which I need to try and understand ~ Thank you for the friends you have given me to work through the puzzle.  Amen – *****


Pray for those who want to get well.  Really well! *****


This week, some of my friends have faced scary diagnoses and situations.  I pray for healing that goes deep for my friend *****.  I pray for all women facing street harassment.  I myself have been feeling not so well, not so great…I pray that I may listen to others well and that God may humble me and change me.  Thank you.


-Continued discernment for next year – I had an interview for a job in Malaysia on Wednesday, still waiting on results.

-New thoughts regarding “do you want to be well?”…digging deeper, I guess.


I just came out to my parents yesterday, and although it went better than expected (thanks for your prayers!) there is still a long way to go.


Dear God – Please break into my life in a new and bold way.  Please wrap your arms around ***** & his family.   


Thank you for this community.  Wish me luck.


OH Father, Thank you for the new direction that you opened up for me.




Prayers for Military who are returning home.  Prayers for healing the divide between religions.  Prayers for healing the divide between political stances.


for forgiveness.


Dear G-D,






My fear & anxiety make me unwell.  Lord, allow me to rely on you – not myself to be well and to be healed.


Please continue


(gently please)

remind me of the

work I

can do to get

down deeper and

do more

to live






For *****

For my family

For *****

For me

God, I want to be well.


Lord, thank you for keeping us safe.  Thank you for accepting & healing even the ugliest parts of us.  Please give us the vision, courage, strength & heart to show grace, hospitality & love fully.  May we see beyond our selves & be upheld by your love that underlies & worldly delights.  Also Lord thank you for my grandfather & your work through him.  Thank you Lord.



All those w/ Cancer.


My family.




***** ‘s Brother.

***** ‘s Dad.

***** ‘s Family.


Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Continued prayer & discernment for seminary




Dear God – Please help me with all of the questions.  Help me see where I can be of service & where I can find help to walk through life gracefully.  Also – please, please, please be with my friend ***** in Florida – she’s in “end stage” heroin addiction – please help strengthen my faith in her recovery – as I’ve given up hope – Amen – *****


My Son.


I just found out a good friend of mine has cancer.  She’s young, and needs life, strength, and peace.  I pray God be closer to her pouring these – life, strength, peace, and comfort – on her, lifting her up in his arms that heal.


I’m so grateful because I experienced God’s amazing grace again last night, and this morning.  I haven’t prioritized loving my brother *****, as I should.  I thank God for his forgiveness and power to show Christ’s love.  Please pray for me & ***** (a guest, *****)  My prayer:  Seeing other people as people in whom God actually dwells!




***** (& Family) – for healing physically ~ 20 years old – has colon cancer ~ rediagnosed ~ was told he only has very short time to live ~ was sent home.


Lord, I thank you for your gift of sunshine that heralds the arrival of spring!  I’m grateful for the gift that is my family.  Please bring your peace to my sister *’s heart – help her know you & your peace.  Praise be to God.  Amen


Thank you Lord.  🙂


Prayers for our Church Community.


Dear G-d,

Help me to get through tomorrow.  Without you I can’t do it, watch my family & friends.  Keep them safe, thank you , ME


Please pray for *.*.*. – for his mother & for his family


Prayers for 2 friends who are doing chemotherapy cancer treatment


Today is pray for Burma Day.  Pray for Burma.




I need help

with people.  Keep

me compassionate

generous and kind

and gently

help me let them




Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

 Pray for those to let God In.


  • Continued discernment for the time following Servant Year
  • Continued difficult relationships @ work
  • LENT – I want to really lean into God this season, letting go of that control Bill talked about.


Please continue to pray for ***** – blind poet who has ALS also for ***** – health issues & for myself and past way I treated someone & 4 her *****.


Dear God~

Thank you for the past week visiting my family up North.  As imperfect and challenging as life is – I feel blessed and full of gratitude, energy, and purpose – Amen – *****



Dear God,

Please help me wait while remaining gracious & active.



We pray that you give us the attention & clarity to see where you are working & calling us to.  We pray for guidance & courage to hold fast to you & love fully.  I also lift up my grandfather, grandmother & their children & loved ones to you.



OH Father,

Please watch over my sister.  She desperately needs your help in this medical situation.


Lord, I thank you for your gift of patience.  I thank you for the love of my family & friends.  Please bless me with a wonderful new living situation.  Please give your peace & strength to my friend *****.  Thanks be 2 God.  Amen.


Prayers for peace in my family.


Please be with my friend Lisa whose heart is hurting right now.


Please be with my friend Ashley who suddenly lost her grandfather.


Dreams and visions coming to pass and prayers answered.


God, thank-you for the life & love you showed through the life of my Uncle *****.  Be with our family as we mourn.


I ask the Broad Street Ministry to pray for peace in Venezuela, Ukraine, and Syria.


My heart aches, waiting for justice.

Heal your city

Heal your people

Heal your world

Heal me


God, please help me to feel that I belong, that I am a part of this community, that I am loved.  Help me open my heart to others, to be open to family.


Dear G-d,

Thanks for being with me all the time, take care of my family, friends, & be with me always.  Thank you, ME


Lord – Thank you.  Thank you for all your love & grace & Mercy & Guidance & especially for times of waiting – that is when I have seen you most at work – Lord I ask that as in our periods of waiting as your children you will provide us more with your patience & curiosity & love so we can see what you have for us because we have seen & heard about your story & wonderful movie & there is so much joy in that even when we don’t feel it or know it.  You are at work & that is sometimes more than we ever need to know.  I ask though Lord that in time we wait for those uncertain things you continue to remind us that you are with us always at work – I pray especially for *****’s family as they wait for a most terrible uncertainty that even in death you overcome it with life & you always stand by us with your love.  Thank you lord, Amen.


I will be coming out to my family soon, and I am working on the courage and words to speak to them as they are not “accepting.”  Also please pray for my sister who is being watched in the hospital for complications/pain from her pregnancy.


I need to make changes in my life and I pray for the strength to make them and to believe in myself instead of succumbing to the voices that say I can’t.


Pray for discernment about the future and where I will go.


Please help me reconcile with my sister.


God help us, my husband & I, to be open to your light in our marriage.  We forget you, and end up in conflict–too much following the american way rather than seeking your way.

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Please pray for *****, *****, ***** and everyone in Venezuela for their safety, justice and peace.  For ***** that she find a peaceful place with as much gentleness as possible.  For ***** that she find a way into herself.  For ***** that he settle in to self care and internal lasting peace.  For ***** and *****, that their health flourish.  And for me that I bring it about when I can and leave it to God when I can’t.

I ask for prayer for the business that I just started- I pray that God give me wisdom.  That I would be able to bless others through the business and be able to train & employee others.

Pray for people to really love one another.

Pray for discernment for the future.  And love for the present, especially amidst sorrow.

Praters for guidance in my relationship w/ *****.  Prayers for our congregation & the future of our church.

I pray for help with anxiety and depression.

With Gratefulness for Broad Street Ministry.  For clarity in discernment.

I have lost 4 people in the past 4 months.  I thought I would be strong as my faith but last week I broke.

Recently I was talking with my friend, *****.  She is abroad, tired, challenged, frustrated, and so good I want to lift her up to God, that she may know divine peace.

Dear Lord,  I pray for healing and strength for ***** as she recovers from surgery, regains her strength, manage pain and learn how to walk with a new leg.  Be with her in love.  Amen.

Dear God, help me grow to be fully me & learn how to serve you by being me.  Thank you for *****’s grandma – We are grateful for her love and prayers & pray for her too.

Visions, dreams, fulfillment, answered prayer

This one’s for her.

OH Father, If it is your will, please be with me and open another door.

Dear G-d,  Again I thank you for everything you do for me.  Watch out for my family, & for me, you are my everything.  Thank you, ME.

May those that are far away be in our hearts, and may we be in theirs.

Hunker down.  Knock it out.  Stay with me, Holy Spirit.

Pray that I can keep the Apartment Im renting.  My Landlord seems to become a very nasty person.  I do not hate her but I hate her personality very much.  Ask God to speak to her.

God, help me please not to feel excluded.  Help me to feel that I belong.


Sunday, February 16th, 2014

*** has disapeard last Friday according to her family this is wot like her she has some clean time and we are worred that if she has relapsed she might have OD and whoever was with her did not help and we are thinking the worst. God be with her and I. I miss her and need her back. It’s in Gods hands.

Pray for me and others to love God with our whole hearts and our whole soul.
Thank you

Lord, thank you for keeping us safe + helping us to grow closer to one another + you. I pray that you help us to understand how to do + be good as individual sons + daughters while avoiding individual pride. Help us understand our relationship to you as individuals.

Answered prayer guidance in this ministry

Get through tonight and it’ll all get better!

Please be with my cousin and her family who suddenly lost her 6 year old daughter

For our broken relationship. Teach us how to tell truth, how to forgive, how to start anew

So thankful for all my blessings + looking for any opportunity for you to help me spread your light, God!

Please take care of my sister – aim her inward and give her courage there and keep me fit to care for others

Dear God,
Please shed light on my path so that I may know how to begin to heal the broken relationships in my family + life.

Help me to slow down & be intentional about allowing Christ in to change me.

Pray that I will accept broken relationships with grace and have the humility to reconcile then where possible.

I hope my friends who are sad or suffering can find happiness + peace

So blessed to be here today with my Daughter ******** Our relationship was severed for several years + we were Under Attack. We have reunited this year Praise God! I pray also for my daughter ******* ******* living in Chicago. She is troubled depressed and unemployed Protect her in Jesus Name Amen!

Oh Father, Please be my Guide as the one good eye I was born with begins to cloud.
Your Servant

I pray in thanksgiving for my daughter, my reward. I pray that she may know of God’s great plans for her life.

God stand by me, lead me, help me move away from fear. Help me to be reconciled, to know the way forward in love

Prayers for discernment in my relationship w/ *****.

Pray that God enables me to be sincere in walking with Jesus

Prayer for the ******* Family who has been estranged but is coming together In Jesus Name ******* ******* ******** ****** ******* ******* ***** ******* ***** ******** ***** ******* ******* & ***** ******* IJNA

**** – You are Far Sighted! ******

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Patience for my Dad

Peace & a knowledge that she is loved & has loved well for my Mom

May God fill me w/ their Gift & teach me to receive it


Dear god~

Many thanks for the kind words & support that I have been blessed with – thank you for all the frustrations & dead ends that I am experiencing – there are solutions, resolutions, and new beginnings ~ in this I trust.  Amen – *****


“God I won’t be able to finish all the things I start.”

I want to find myself.


Interview for Princeton Theological Seminary this Thursday.  Please keep me in prayer, case this shit is crazy.


Dear God- Thank you for my mom, please bless our time together.




For mission –


To see you Lord at work in our lives.  To receive your hope & peace & be bearers of those in this world, for those around us & for ourselves as well.  For my father, *****& *****.


I thank you, Lord, for your blessings and gifts.  I ask you to please bring your light and grace into my life & the lives of all my loved ones, esp. *****& her children.  Please bring them the peace that comes from trust in you & closeness w. you.  Thank you, Lord.  Amen.




What now?

Wish I didn’t totally suck this week.


Grace and Peace for our hearts and the world.


That I might forgive


Pray for my boys


Dear God,

Thank you for my wonderful glorious daughter and through her, an invitation back to you.  Amen.


Dear G-D,

I love you, & your presence with me all the time.  Thank you, ME


Well I don’t know.

I guess I’m shaked loose on some unpalatable things here.

I’m a little tired of being salt, sometimes, if we’re being honest here, God.

Felling a little flavorless.

So stay with me here.




Prayers of healing for *****, & strength & patience for her adoptive parents-to-be (*****&*****).  Healing for *****body, which feels broken & ailing.  I am struggling…adjusting to “sharing” my child, to saying “yes” to my purpose, w/ feeling whole & not lonely.  Please help.  Amen.


Pray for those in need of a home, food, and a family, and love.  


Dear Lord,

I pray for strength.  Healing for *****after her surgery as she learns to live without her leg.  Amen.


Prayer for relationships

To be free and empowered to forgive

To love and strong in extending grace


OH father, please watch over Stacey and heal her of this pain of loss.  Give her strength and understanding.


Please join me in praying for a family in need…*****, **********and *****.

I pray for my dad, a self-proclaimed unbeliever, who was just discharged from the hospital for a broken nose & profuse nose bleed.  He is 84 & he fell.  We are estranged but I love him.  I pray also for my son, who just got his driver’s license.

Direction at this church.


Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Dear God, Please help me find healthy boundaries. Please keep me safe. Give me wisdom + strength to keep boundaries. Help me step away from fears that harm me + limit me. Ground me in love.

**** ***** **** & ****** Reconciliation Get behind me, Satan.

That we might forgive each other, and ourselves.

Dear G-D,
I have you Sunday afternoon, of we, of you, of I are all the same, thank you for being there for me.
Thank you, Me

Please pray for me and ***** *. ***** as we embark on a new loving relationship with blessings from God.

Pray that I would learn more fully what it means to trust God with the future, and that the opportunities I am seeking in the Middle East will work out if I can serve there.

Pray for those who don’t the Love in there life. <3

OH Father
Be with ***** as she beings another child Your fold.

Lord, continue to guide me and clearly show me the path I am to take. If I’m supposed to move, make it clear and obvious. Just, please. Show me the way.

This prayer is for my sister.
Quiet every voice in her head but Your own and startle her (gently as will work) with Your truth
Thanks Amen

****** *****

Please… Pray for all of our abilities to use our abundant creativity to solve hard problems

Discernment as I think about what I will do when my internship is over in August.
Applications to work in Malaysia and/or go to grad school are underway

Please pray physical healing + God’s grace + wisdom for my friend ***** who had an injury this week.

Please continue to pray that God will sustain ***** as she continues to look for a job. There is one out there for her.

That my mom be willed with peace, confidence and knowledge that she is beautiful and has done well.
That my dad be well in his 3rd year of recovery and be healthy (just turned 50!).

Dear God –
Guide my heart. Please guide me through the forgiveness. Thank you for the blessing of my family

May we balance reflection + action so that they mutually enhance one another to achieve love + goodness. May we use our moments of fear to learn more about our weakness and grow closer to you.

Dear God –
Feeling tired and defeated by lots going around me. Please walk with me and give me Peace + Direction –
Amen –

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

  • Continued Pray for relationships at work
  • Strength to be thankful when work feels more like drudgery than joy.


Please pray for my ***** as she continues to job search that God will reveal himself to her in the duress.

Pray for ***** as ***** moves on and ***** strength & confidence as she transitions to life here @ BSM.


May ***** & ***** both feel God’s arms wrap around them  – May they be supported fully in faith.


Prayer of Thanksgiving for Broad Street Ministry today for ***** generous gifts to this community.




Dear God –

Please look after my family & Friends – Especially ***** who’s brother ***** passed away too soon.  Please bring us all comfort and understanding – Amen – *****


I pray that I would receive a job offer this week.  I have interviewed & have 3 pending offers.  I pray to be guided to where God wants me to go.  I pray for a decision to be made this week.


How great is our God!  We are not depleted as long as God has a relationship with us.


Please send whatever love & light is possible to *****, *****, & *****.  They need strength & support but mostly faith.


Prayers wanted for the following:

  • My relationship with ***** continues to grow strong & healthy.
  • That my daughters and I continue on our life’s purpose journeys.
  • That I stay disciplined & dedicated to my spiritual practice.
  • That I can find myself completely healed so that I may serve others with a message of HOPE & HEALING.


Prayers for ***** to go forth boldly and confidently, knowing God will provide.

Prayers for myself that I will not be deleted when I feel the weight of the world at work.


I pray that the IMPOSSIBLE  would happen


Please be with my Uncle ***** tomorrow as he prepares for another back surgery.  Be with him to give him strength and courage through this time and through his recovery.


I pray for ***** as she finds a new life after BSM.

Thanks for everything that you’re made this community into.


Asking for prayers for ***** & ***** who are facing a difficult cancer diagnoses.


Bless the guy from ***** who gives me free food when I work the Flyers & Soxers games.  Also, please watch out for ***** during her surgery.


For ***** –

A year may seem like a long time but it turns out to only be so short.  Thank you for allowing our relationship to grow & connect – Lead & protect her on her new beginning.  Amen


Prayers for ***** on her journey.  Prayer for discernment around my hand pain & guitar playing.


Prayer for communication w/ my parents & family.


Pray for the people of Sudan and South Sudan, for the peace of Christ to invade a political and social culture of Violence.

Pray also for discernment for me in thoughts, emotions, and future plans.


Help me to stay teachable.

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

My Father ***** Passed away on January 1st unexpectedly.  Please pray for him and my family.

I ask God to mend all broken relationship between Family.  Let your power of love re-connect love ones.  We ask in Jesus name and we praise you fore

May I learn to receive God’s gift, that this resolve that good conquer evil be opened for me.  Lift up lives of those I am getting to know at the cafe, that they may be fed and provided for. 

I pray for healing – of myself, my family and my community. 

Dear god ~

I’m tired but very hopeful.  Please continue to comfort & challenge me – Amen – *****

Prayer for reconciliation in my household and that I may be a support for my two house mates struggling w/ health issues.

Trying to love in a hostile work environment.  My co-workers and all of the personal struggles that are weighing them down & contributing to the environment. 

Dear G-d,

Forgive me my sins, I know you’re always there for me, again let my family be alright.  Thank you, ME

Oh Father,

            Thank you for all the ways you show your love to your children.


I ask you bring healing to ***** and all who fight lyme’s disease.  I pray relief is coming.  Prayers for baby ***** – Thank you Jesus!

Prayers of peace for those who are traveling on unknown journeys.  Amen

For ***** & ***** – as they embark on new journeys in their lives that they keep their eyes on your reality life because you are life Lord.  I pray that as you work through them they shed your love on others that are around them while being filled with your love.  Protect them.  Guide them.  Guide them.  Lead them.  Knowing that you are always with them.  Amen. 


Help me to come more into alignment w/ my talent & beauty.  Help me to come closer to you & other trustworthy people.  Love

Please pray for my boys as they find their way in the world…and for me as I let them go. 

It’s no threat but if you help me be grateful like this it will sustain me and I’ll sustain you with gratitude.  Much love for this your creation.

For openness to change, and joy in whatever may come.  My soul is full & I have all that I need.  I would like to send my love & light to whomever needs it in the hopes that one day their souls will also be full & brimming & that they have all that they need. 

God-help me to have strong boundaries & also to bring well-intentioned others closer. 

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Today I went to visit a childhood friend who lost his mother on Dec. 23rd to Leukemia – watch out for him and his family PLZ.


Pray that God continue to guide and lead me.  I thank him for his blessings and look forward to 2014.  How great is our God.


Prayer for a friend wrestling with God, that she may continue to see God’s fullness.  Prayer for my family, may they (and myself) learn the power of forgiveness.  *****, thanks for your gifts and ministry.



I just relocated to Philly this week, and I’m feeling overwhelmed at times, and lonely, praying for a community, friends, and peace.


Dear god –

Please give me the will and strength to reach out past my comfort and distractions.  I want to help others who cannot help themselves – Amen – *****


Please pray for me as I spend this year learning to accept myself, and let myself off the hook…stop being so hard on me.

Please pray that ***** would be fortified in God’s love as she continues to seek gainful employment.


As I prepare for my missionary work in Guatemala, I need prayers that God will provide everything I need and help me with all the preparations needed to go.


Dear God-

Let my gifts be known to me.  Help me to feel your light, and walk your path.  Know that I love you & I’m trying.  Please help @ work.



willing to bet

that I’m gonna

need some strength

for climbing.

Grant some


let me

grant some

to other




For me to be gentle to myself & receive God’s compassion in the way I treat myself.


Thank you


Please pray for all the sick and suffering in the world.  May they have respite and peace.


Guide us lord, as we hold our breath & seek your guidance…


Dear G-d,

Thank you for being here for me, please keep watching over my family, & my friends.

Thank you, ME


Thank God for the gifts of David =:)  Prayers of grace, mercy, & wisdom as he continues his ministry.


Thank you Lord God, for some healing and some restoration and maybe even some forgiveness of others.


Oh Father,

Watch over David as he walks the Path you set for him


Help me, Lord, be forgiving, gracious, wise…this is HARD.



Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Dear God –   

Please guide me in your loudest voice.  Please bless my relationships.


Please pray that 2014

  1. will bring a job (jobs) with salary & benefits
  2. Will bring increased salary so that I am not obsessed w/ My debt & bank account balance & be a blessing to others
  3. Will bring courage to bring those things to fruition in my life which God placed on my heart.

This Christmas I was reassured my family is there for each other, and it is good.


Oh Father, please watch over ***** as she answers your call.  Please let her settle there, she has devoted her life to you.


Praise for the arrival of ***** *****& Praise for reconciliation & healing.  Prayers for ***** & *****.  Prayers for *****, ***** & *****.  Patience to work & wait for what I want & need.


Dear God,

Thank you for making your presence known through all who worship and sing and lead worship at BSM.  Amen.  Today, special gratitude for the gifts of ***** *****.


Dear G-d,

Please forgive me my sins, I can’t forgive myself, watch over my family, I miss them very much.  Thank you, ME


I’m full of bitterness.  I miss God.  Please help me feel you near.


Thanks & praise for time with my new friend.  Prayers for my new friendship, knowing how to proceed.


Loving Father help us to live as if we were thunderstruck every single day of our lives.  Remember we are a vessel of the light – shining brightly in this world, made possible by the source of all your light.  As we remember this after this glorifyful Christmas season, as your son came into this world & continues to live,  may we see & follow him each day.


Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Please pray for my brother ***** who is going through some hard times.  He needs Jesus and is beginning to seek him!


My Aunt and Uncle who got in a car accident.  Pray that my boyfriend gets the guidance he is looking for.


1)  Please pray for *****,

She has been having a tough time emotionally.

  1. She has an interview on Dec 27th.  Perhaps, this will be the open door she has been seeking.
  2. There are dishonest & disingenuous folks in leadership @ my new job.  I need prayer to rise above.


 Please continue to pray for ***** a blind poet who recently learned he has ALS.


Please pray for me.  Health Financial and Legal.  Thank you twice


Dear God ~

Thank you for carrying me through this season of contemplation and hope ~ I feel lucid and capable of good things.  May they be in your name – Amen – *****


I feel gratitude to be in a place where people are so open about their journey and their pain.  I pray here that ***** feel the presence of God and the joy of possibility on her journey to motherhood.  Bless her as she has blessed us!


God give us wisdom like serpents & the holy spirit’s gentleness while troubling the waters to bring healing.


Dear G-d,

Thanks for being there for me, I know your watching over me, & my family.

Thank you, ME


Restore me, O God, to my original & elemental goodness.


Dear Lord, Please continue to guide my feet.  Please bring me your light so that I may be a light to others.  Thank you for the joys & sorrows you bring to me me each day more yours.  Please protect me & my loved ones from harm and give us your strength.  Please bring your peace to this city, country, & world.  Please restore us.  Amen.


For ***** who may feel alone this holiday.


Dearest God,

Thank you for all the opening & movement, for coming closer.  Thank you for the opportunities of uncrossing & unfixing.  Lift this darkness from me – it is not mine – I dissolve it.  And you support me in that.  Thank you.  Let it be so.   Amen.



For ***** & *****, that a healing work will be done.  For *****, that a relief & change will come so he no longer feels so raw.  For ***** & ***** who are sick.  For ***** & *****, who are struggling to conceive.  For ***** & ***** who will be bringing new life to this world soon.  For a way to feel relevant, to know I am on a good path to bloom.  For doubt & fear & “stuckness” to move aside to make room for certainty, courage & growth.  To always be awake & bone deeply grateful for the love & family which accompany me everywhere I may go.  For my daily reminder of love, joy, grace mercy…*****.  Lord hear our prayer.


Direction, Commitment, hope


My Mom as she prepares to move.  My beautiful wife & kids (even #3) the children of Amigos de Jesus.  My sister ***** & Brother ***** – For unhappy people – may they be happy & live with ease – for the person reading this card.


Pray for people to be compassionate towards each other so that we can create better and more empathetic systems and ways of being in relationships with each other.



Please help me find a job that is right for me.


Oh Father,

Thank You, for making Redemption possible.  Bring on your joy.


Prayers to be able & know how to give & receive love.


Please let us pray for the homeless.


Revive me this week and give me rest.


Sunday, December 15th, 2013

This pray for me to find a job and pray for my friend gave help


I am so thankful that I am seeing God’s presence in my life and I am so thankful for my church community.


Prayer for our sister who walked in to church tonight to ask for our help.  Prayer for all those who find it difficult to be around family or who don’t have family to be around.  May God touch me through others and may God touch others through me.


My prayer need is for reconciliation among my roommates and better ways to deal with conflict for myself & them.


Answered prayers promises.  Grad school success.


To grow in Christ.

Dear God ~

Thank you for this day & how you have revealed yourself through Broad St. Ministry.  I feel blessed & surrounded with life.  It’s good.  Amen, *****


Prayers of Thanksgiving that my daughter is in the last 2 wks of her undergrad degree.


Please watch over the woman who is suffering.


Dear God,

After a long period of struggle, I am filled with joy that things have turned.  Help me live into joy and not dwell in struggle & have a choice.  Life’s not that bad!  Amen


Please help the ***** family find strength and support.


Learning to live into the “grey” – I’m finally coming to realize that doubt & mystery are good because that is what faith is about!  Especially pertaining to those I work with => God where He seems most distant.


Thank you for providing for us.  Please help us find/see ways for us to love & courageously spread your goodness to those around us, familiar & unfamiliar.


Prayers for grateful hospitality


God, is this the right way?  This is kind of scary.  It means being out in a new way.  Guide us.  It feels scary in the right way.


Prayers for our new employee *****, For David and his ministry, for hard decisions.  Help me trust God is in charge.


Dear God – Please break open the hearts of my family, bless them & guide them.  Please help me show up at home as my most patient, loving self.


For my mother who is struggling with her alcoholism.


For discernment & opportunities.


Prayers for peace in my family & love & acceptance.  Prayer for the family of our church.  Prayers for my relationship with my best friend.


Dear G-d,

Please keep my family safe & good, as for me, stay with me.  Everything’s alright as long as you’re there with me.  Thank you, Me.


Prayers for a friend recently diagnosed w/ cancer.


Pray for discernment in relationships and for wisdom in where I will go next or if I will stay here.



Bring hope and healing to *****, *****, *****., *****, and Lord God may we find a way through mental illness – help us not turn away.


Thank you lord for showing me healthy ways to deal with my anger, and for the happiness that I have experienced the last 2 days.  Thank you, I am ever thankful for the wonderful partner you have blessed me with.


Help me continue to open myself up to the present moment.

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Please pray for me.  I need all the blessings that I can get!  For real!

Please pray for my ex-husband, ***** father who continues his pattern of hurtfulness in ***** life.  While forgiven, the hurt continues…  For ***** & ***** as they grow in grace as they forgive.  For grace to grow in me.

…for all the hunters & the hunted. God – Please work your way into my relationship with my mom.

I pray for the faith to believe that through God all things are possible. Thank You.

That God visit the hearts of all those who ever called me a “faggot.”  That God visit the hearts of all those who have hurt my parents.  That God help me learn to receive his gift.

Please help my mom who is struggling through addiction.
Dear God,  I thought I could do it – the praying for my enemies’ thing.  But it felt unsettling and like I wasn’t doing a good job or really knowing what to do- what it means.  So my prayer is “Help me to learn…”  Amen.

Happy Advent!  I pray for my enemies:   ***** & *****, *****,  *****, People I am “mad” at.  Thank you for this opportunity to start advent with forgiveness.

Pray for peace w/ my past behavior.  Peace for my family.

I get anxious and I don’t operate well sometimes.  I hate it when I’m not my best.  Help me to care for myself well and to give myself grace.

Give us courage to give & love w/o judgment.  Thank you for keeping us safe & providing.  Please continue to protect & guide us.  May we receive & give.

Pray for my friend who is struggling with cataracts.  May God help her.

I pray for my husband & I to develop a deeper understanding of each other – especially our seemingly irreconcilable differences – I pray that we be able to talk openly with the kids.

My prayer is to overflow w/ goodness inside so that it affects every action on the outside.  May my thoughts, words, & actions be transformed.

BSM is so so so awesome.  Thank you God for this place- irreplaceable.

Prayers for *****’s husband who will have unexpected surgery tomorrow – Monday.  Lord I pray for those who weep and worry because the people they love cannot be healed by love alone.  Heal us all – the victimized and the hurtful.

God please help me find clarity.  Please help me find my anchor & lead my way.  I’m lost.


Tonight’s service is a

reminder that

this is home at the end of

the journey and this

is the precipice of

What’s next.

Keep me close for that

OH father,  Thank you for new beginnings, friends coming into our lives and moving on to better things.  Be with us.

A prayer of thanks for the well-being of children as they grow; for their thriving and questioning and joy.

Let us pray for our enemies, respect all people as fellow humankind.

Dear God:  Thank you.  Thank you for * in my life & for * in my life.  Thank you for my chosen family.

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

I thank God for guiding my footsteps, even when I think that’s the last thing that’s happening. May God reside always in me and in you. Praise be to God.

I pray without words for ALL GOD’S creation – especially my family & friends, living & dead.

I pray that the soul of ******* ****** is safe and secure. And that **** *. is safe and well. And that * finds happiness, And so does *****,

• For ****** + her sobriety, +all who struggle w/ Addiction
• For all those who are Pregnant, or w/ little ones. God, help us keep our promises to mothers + their children.
• For Sabbath
• Of thanksgiving. For mentors, for a home. For colleagues. For friends. For hope.
• For healing. Overcome my sense of Inadequacy. I am enough because you are enough.


• My ***** still needs a job… may God bless her with patience, fortitude + grace for the process

• Please pray for smoothness in the transition as I get used to a new job + a new boss.

• That I may live gratefully always…

Dear GOD,
Please bless those that are without – without love, support, warmth, & nourishment of all kinds. Especially ***** & ****.

May I encounter God ina way I can feel and know. May I continue to grow and be guided in ways that benefit all around me. May I remember someone else besides me!

God, the ****** family lost a beloved Matriarch today. Comfort & strengthen them & receive her unto Yourself. Prayers of discernment for * & * as they sort through big life & career changes. Gratitude for loved ones, all who are my family & the grace, wisdom & joy they impart. My cup is full, giving me even more to share! A new job offer has presented itself to me, & I need prayers as I look & think on what will be the “right” fit & decision for me. Prayers… concerned for my brother.

God, thank you so immensely for my gift & for all that you offered me. Please give me time to step into my gifts, Help me to fulfill what I have been called to do. I know what that is – thank you.

OH Father, Please watch over my friend mom. She needs strength and healing from an accident.

“Got an ache like a cat-theif’s got an alarm, it’s got a sound like a gunshot over and over. God a voice so lost, off back in my head, it takes the heart rate up, then down even lower…
Do ya feel like shine in the darkest of nights or does the pain stack up from the slam to the core? Days u find everytime that you cover your eyes to keep the tears held up, dripping down even more?
I promise you I’ll be here to let the light in..” –Tom DeLorge, The Flight of Apollo

Dear god-
Please give me strength + some sort of Peace as I (once again) try to put some sort of Sobriety together – Please help me reach out to those around me. Amen – ****


I need clear guidance and direction for where I’m to go. I’m confused and can’t hear what God is telling me. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing or where to be. I’ve been asking for help, but can’t decipher the messages.

For strength, for clarity, for freedom from fear.

Prayers for baby ****** born premature and so small. Prayers for Monika’s ears. Prayers for housing for * thank you Lord for **** and all the faithful.

Thank you God for keeping us safe. May we use this safety to be strong, gracious, + extend love to others. Please continue to protect + guide us.

I pray for my housemates whose hearts are challenged and yearning. May they know they are loved and supported by many and by God. May those they love know this and find peace. Amen

Prayers for families during church. Prayers for those who need a worship Community,

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Please pray for my daughter ***** as she seeks a job in NYC.  She is growing discouraged.  
Please pray for me as I meet & begin to work with my new boss/supervisor.  
He has unique challenges in the job.  I hope we will be a strong, united team.

To take away my fear of going to college, 
I loved people to help me and God hold my hand.  
Let me come up with the money to visit my best friend, in *****.  

I am thankful for hope, 
the hope that I may receive some medical answers and help, 
and hope for companionship and the waning of loneliness.  
I pray for alleviation of these circumstances and I am thankful to God.

I need prayers that my missionary support will be fully funded as soon as possible!

Dear God ~
    Help me reconcile what I feel inside with all of the secular 
    “Holiday” stuff around me - the hustle, stress, shopping - 
    I choose to not buy into it - but it’s everywhere- 
    Amen -     

Please pray for a good friend of mine who is well employed in city services, 
but unfortunately has problems at present.  A good christian, she wishes 
to attend a worship service in the future here.  Thank you!
P.S. She asked me to pray for her today and I have done so. 

Thanks be to God.  

Dear God,
    Strengthen ***** to her surgery.  Be with the surgeons.  Bring healing to her.  Amen

Dear God,
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  
    My heart is full of joy - for family togetherness-
    Help me live into joy.  When I slip back into anxiety or negativity, 
 let me be open to the amazing joy & love around me.  Amen

We pray for BSM fundraising project to raise money for God’s providence in Philly.  

Prayers for the growth of our community at BSM.  
Prayers for all my relationships.
Prayers for Peace & Discernment at work.  

Please help me to break free of the delusions of what will make me feel happy and whole.  
Help me to act on what is God’s will.

Lord, keep ***** and ***** in your arms as ***** faces the final throws of her lost battle w/ cancer.  
Give ***** courage and an open mind as he seeks a new job or career path.

Thank you, God, for my mother’s life.
Thank you, God, for my brother’s sobriety.
Thank you, God, for *****’s friendship.
Thank you, God, for my home.
Thank you, God, for your care for me, for all that you have provided.

Help my family to know you and believe in you

Move through me this week, Lord God.  In Big and Surprising ways.

Please give peace to those I have hurt, wronged, or alienated (intentionally or otherwise).  

I hope to not be so hard on myself.  And feel good showing love to myself & others.

OH father,
    Please be with me as I start school this week.  
You have opened this door for me and I will trust in you that a calling for me.  

Please pray for me in this time of great transition 
and uncertainty as I embark on a new adventure in a new city and 
leave Philadelphia, - a city I’ve known and loved for a decade.  Thank you.  


Pray for me as I start a new position at work - I’m both excited and nervous.  

Grace and Peace.  

Prayers for my family as we wrestle through a difficult time.

Prayers that I find a healthy way to deal with my anger.

Prayers that I can learn to trust - myself and others.

Thanksgiving for seeing a friend I haven’t seen in quite a while.

Prayers of healing for *****’s mom, for ***** and *****, ***** and all those dealing with recovery.  
And thank you Jesus for ***** and *****.  

Please give ***** strength, provide her a shelter made of love.
Thank you that all can be made new.
Help ***** make wise, fruitful decisions.
Heal ***** brokenness, let me help, please.  

Help me
go slow
and be there
eye to
with all


Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Prayers for ****.  He has been diagnosed with ALS.  He is a poet and he is a twin…both are poets and both are blind.

Tell **** to do her best for her son that she can.  She will not be perfect but she should strive for it.  She is just the last person to go through it…

For Lonely hearts everywhere to be filled.  For safe spiritual and physical travels.

For my friend **** – Health Problems.

For help for me taking steps for work.

For help for me getting my book of poems together.

For help w/ my personal life.

Dear God ~ Please give me patience & grace.  I’ve been very wrapped up in my own “stuff.”  Amen – ****

I pray for my grandparents – my grandmother was just diagnosed with alztheimers.  Prayers for her and especially for my grandfather ~ as he cares for her.  May he also care for himself & let us in, to stand with him and support him.

After hearing **** story & dream/vision for BSM, I want to extend my prayers for her, her family, and for the BSM community;  that BSM continue to show us and Philly another way of being and loving in the world.

I met a homeless man named **** recently and I would just pray that God continues to tug on his heart and use me to speak into his life.



I pray for a mission trip that will be happening to Ghana in Jan.  For everyone involved and that God would raise all the funds, guide, direct and use us for His glory.

Dearest God – Help me to feel safe.  Protect me.  Keep me.  Help me to believe in myself & to open my heart to love.  Embrace me.  Help me feel your protection & love.

God,Help me be who you & your people need me to be.  Fight my apathy.  Remind me of your call on my life, & your presence wherever I am.  Disarm my defensiveness.  God I’m going to try & trust you.  I’m not good at that.  Give me strength.

Do I try to move to another city with my boyfriend?

You showed up this week and I am grateful.  My heart is a bit in shambles.  Quiet me and focus me on you and your truth.

Thank you, Broad Street, for being a village for my son & me.

Prayers of healing and wholeness for those who grieve.  Prayers of hope for those who send out resumes into the void.Prayers of joy for mamas and their babies.

This week I pray for my friends in difficult situations, for peace and strength and healing in their lives.  Amen.

Dear G-D,  I’ll need you to be with me, this week.  Thank you for always being there for me.  Keep watch over my family.  I don’t know what’s going on over there.  Thank you,  Me

To create a space & make priority to know, learn, pray & love the city (all areas) & international communities & events.

Thankful for pruning away of unhealthy bits of my life, & growth on the positive areas.  Please give discernment towards my career, relationships…Thankful for joy, for change, for hope.  Heart full of & prayers for family/friends as they await your voice, your direction.  Whether in a whisper or a roar.  Make your voice & hopes for them be clear.  Let us all walk bravely, knowing we are not alone.

Dear Father,  Please continue to watch over my sister and her health concerns.  Clear a path to your Healing Power.

My prayer is to be revitalized!  I pray to feel a sense of spirit again.

Prayers to follow Jesus during the week at work.

Prayers for my relationship with my best friend.  Prayers for all of my relationships.


Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Please pray for **** – blind poet who was told he has ALS.  For **** in hospice for cancer.

Dear God ~

Please help guide my prayers – Neededing help distinguishing what to get rid of and what to keep  I feel cluttered.  Amen – ****

Please pray for:

My friend **** who is in jail right now and at the lowest point in his life.  May God lift him.

For my daughter **** that she may know God’s love for her as she looks for a job.


Pray for me to have the serenity, wisdom, & courage to persevere in my Sobriety.  (I have had 2 relapses recently after I thought I was improving) I am seeking faith to carry on.

I lift up a dear friend of mine, ****, who has been a saint in my life.  Now she is struggling with her church’s doctrine and they no longer see her as a member as she is questioning its doctrine.  I pray for her to know God’s strength in her, to be confident of her relationship w/ God and to know God’s kingdom is more expansive & bigger than the Church.

 Extra prayer for ****.  Experiencing Knee pain & weary.

I am so thankful for my church community and the living saints that hold me, encourage me, and pray for me.

Thank you,


Pray for a miracle & cure!  Please pray for **** drug & heroin addiction & the loss & sadness of his fiancé.  Please fill his heart with joy, hope, & peace & love & guidance.  Amen.

God I am sorry for that.

Pray for Broad Street Ministry for greater accomplishment in service to the city of Philly.

Dear G-D,

Please let things work out at the house, please take care of my family, & let me get through my own problems.

Thank you,


Prayers to lift me & any one else suffering from depression.

Prayers for the peace & wellness of my parents & sister & her family.

I am looking





Let me be safe

Let me be happy

Let me be peaceful


God, Thank you immensely for the people who loved me well. Thank you for coming into my life.  Thank you for my awakening.  Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given me.

Prayers for **** going through radiation

Courage to [express]

Help me to continue practicing relying on God, Staying in the present that I may be better aware of God’s will and free from self and self-deception.

I would like to offer up a prayer for my elementary school students as they mourn the loss of many of the fish in our classroom.

Oh Father,

Please watch over my sister.  She is having an operation and needs your strength to heal.


I lost my girlfriend of 7 years.

I want a job.

I want to see God’s grace in the eyes of those around me.


Lord God,

I need help.  I am self-destructing trying to mend my wounds on my own.  Send me your  peace.  Your quieting/still peace.  Use me to be saints for others.

Sunday October 20th, 2013

Dear God~

Thank you for the moments of love and clarity I’ve been experiencing – Please continue to motivate and inspire me! J

Amen – ****

I think my ****is having a bit of a crisis of faith; losing hope in her job search & in God.

Please pray her faith & strength & that she would know god’s love for her in spite of it all.  Thanks!

I’m glad you’re here- I’d like to be more involved – & ask for help.

My friend & co-worker ****has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.  Please pray for her & her family. – Thank you

I am thankful for God’s faithfulness in my life and the way that God’s people in this community buoy my spirit and let me know that I am loved.  Thank you, ****

God, I feel like I’ve been being short with people.  I feel annoyed with your people.  I know you know why God, but it doesn’t matter.  God, you offer courage & love, wisdom & discipleship.  Lord you know what I need.  Get me out of the way of what you would have my life be.

Please pray for me to stop allowing men with superficial views of relationships & women in my life.  Thanks for the prayers

Gratitude & blessings for ****15th Birthday.  Prayers for patience & peace… I am feeling low on both today.  Prayers for ****as she recovers from surgery, for ****& her upcoming wedding, for the week ahead & all it holds.

Move me to reach beyond myself this week ~

Pray that this anxiety and depression will be lifted, that life may be lived in joyful service given freely to others.

Dear G-D,You were with me when I needed you.  You always are.  I’ll need you again this coming week, please be there again.  Thank you, me

Please renew my spirit and give me strength.  I pray that ****receive assurance & relief.  I’m grateful for all the greatness that remains to be revealed.  Thank you God for keeping me.

****, ****, ****, ****mothers ****& ****mama, alley sisterhood

Sunday October 13th, 2013

Please pray for me, **** for I need all of the blessings I can get.  Thank you in advance.

God, be w/ ****’s family and all of us who loved him.  **** killed himself last week.  This sucks, this doesn’t make sense, and it never will.  God grieve with us, strengthen Pastor ****, and all of his church.

Lord I pray for home for ****and ****and ****.  May you provide rest, shelter, peace and assurance that you are close.  Amen.

Please pray for families I know who have experienced loss of loved ones:

  1. The ****family (loss of ****)
  2. The ****family (Loss of ****, Sr.)

Please also pray that my ****gets a job w/ benefits in NYC soon.  Pray that God may use others to bless her.

Dear God, Please help me see past my anxieties, obsessions, and other burdens that keep me from being a freer & more loving person –

Amen –


Lord please pray my mom and grandmom ****and me and my aunt ****.

–       For patience

–       That God pour peace into my family’s hearts.

For my friend ****to have God help her with her Facebook problem for me and ****on our upcoming wedding.

I lost my son ****a little over a year.  He was 39 years old.  He passed away on****.  Please pray for ****and I.

Dear Lord – Please guide my heart & help me with patience.  Thank you for our many blessings!

Please be with **** today as today is 6 months from when her husband passed away.

This week – thanks for today’s message and prayers to remember it and prayers for my father’s health and my family’s peace.  Amen.

I am grateful for the friends the lord has given me to be with me.  Please let the Lord be in their lives as well and give them strength and happiness in the ways they need it.

Clear vision for the road ahead.

That we might remember it daily…

Prayers for the kindom of God on Earth.

Let us pray for our leaders in Washington DC.  May God grant them wisdom to lead in honest way.

Oh Father,

Please let this path I am on bring some peace to my heart and relieve me of this fear.

For my student, may they be inspired this week and maybe even learn something.  Transform them through the renewing of their minds.


 Thank you for

gentle instruction,

please continue to

ease me up the stairs

and keep me on

the ‘case.

I’m going to try to

meet you there



Whew.  OK.  Let’s



Sunday October 6th, 2013

Dear God,
Thank You for the moments of peace & Clarity I’ve experienced – I’m easily distracted – and I appreciate your lifting this burden – if only for a moment

Just “Thanks!”  & “God bless!”

I just want to thank God for waking me up today and breathing through me.

May the light of Jesus SOMEHOW shine through my life despite my never-ending failures – for the good of the people around me.  Please pray for this!

***** is in the hospital & is struggling w/ his illness, the pain & fear of it, & the loss of control that comes w/ that.
Also, my Aunt ***** is dying.  The family is gathering.  God, be with her & take her home.  Embrace her in your love & light.  Comfort my people & her people, & be w/ her cousins, my Mom, and my Uncle *****, & all that love her.  May she die well.

Thank you for work and love and newness in my life.  Please be with those who are walking through sadness and heartbreak tonight.

Continuing prayers for the health & peace of my parents.  Peace for 7yo *****.

Help me know what my next right step is w/ my job.  And that no matter what my decision, you help me see the “spiritual blessings” you make available to me so I have strength to go forward.

Dear G-D,
Give me the power to make the right decisions about everything in my life, I’ll need you this week.
Thank you,

Give thanks to God for the mercy & compassion that are ever present.  I thank God for the always growing love in my life & heart.  Pray for me to continue to trust in the lord.

Joyful ~
For laughter and old friend.  Thank you Lord for family.

Please God, help me to bring those I love closer.  Help me to have faith in you and in me.

For *****.

Oh Father,
Please take away this fear that lives in me

Please pray for my sons as they find their place in the world.  May they know love, meaning & purpose.

Lord, continue to guide me and clearly show me the path I am to follow.  Don’t leave my side; let me feel you with me, leading/lighting my way.

Renew my Spirit.

For bringing
Me back.
My prayer remains ‘God,
Let me not be
An asshole’

God, I am terrified of having a mammogram tomorrow.  Please be with me – what ever the results.  But I would love for the results to be good.  I also pray that you be with my son, and the soul of *****

Prayer for mental clarity and spiritual strength.

Prayers for my friend *****’s family and child.  ***** and his wife passed in a car accident last week.  Their child is still in critical condition in *****, NY.
A joy:  This week I wrote a letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  AND it was well received.  I shared my thoughts on the government shutdown.

Sunday, September 30th, 2013


Blessed by BSM’s worship service today.  ***** from Singapore ***** (here for a week)

God Bless and has blessed B.S.M.

Prayers for ***** family.  He his wife and a child they were babysitting passed away in a tragic car accident.  ***** son is in critical condition.

Prayers for me as I begin my journey as an intern with ***** this week.

Dear God ~
Thank you for helping me re-connect with close friends I haven’t seen in months.  It felt good.  Amen

I’m feeling bless & thankful for the ministers @ BSM:

  •  Pray for their strength, grace & wisdom…That they may continue in service know of God’s love & out appreciation.
  • My ***** is seeking employment & needs a financial blessing

Please pray for my family back home in *****, and for myself & finance here at school.  Thank you

This place has held so many of my tears, hopes, fears, & triumphs.  I came here quite broken & wounded, and I found God here.  I heard a Word, and became a fool for Christ, sacrificing money, time, sweat, tears, energy, and so much love to be a part of God’s Kingdom-work here at BSM.  I will be here even less often than I have been.  Tonight is the end to a real era.  Thank you, Lord, for BSM.  Thank you for meeting me here and changing my life.  And most of all, thank you lord for going with me on this adventure.  So grateful.

This was my first weekend w/o *****.  It was hard, but good.  Such a poignant reminder that he is a gift I was give, but he is not mine; I do not own him.  Thank You, for him—his joy, his free & abundant love & laughter, his irrepressible spirit!  Now, guide me, please, as I rediscover who I am, what my purpose is, aside from being an ever grateful Mama.  Thank you for all of the cheerleaders you have placed in my life & for their love, support, encouragement & candor.  Thank you.

Lord, Creator & Almighty, please help me to be mindful of your presence.

Help me give of myself.  Fill me so I may.  Guidance w/ my job.

Thank you, lord, for the gift of friendship and for its presence in my life.  Thank you for how you heal us in myriad ways.  Prase be to God.  Amen.  Please pray for my mother, for her strength & love of God.

God give your mercy to my father.  He’s been dead 1 yr & it’s the anniversary of his death.  And help me to have mercy for him.

Dear God
Quite all voices but your own.
Do not leave me comfortless
Help me grow in your image
Through these dark times in my life.
Keep me safe- keep – & – safe.

Dear G-d,

I ask for your blessing on ***** – I pray you will direct her towards the best use of her dissertation, for employment for her and an end to racisim and violence for us all.  Amen

Oh Father,
Please be with me as I start on this new path you’ve placed before me.

I want my cat to stop biting.

Thank you for your peace.  Help me to put my identity in you and no one else.  Give me good news to teach this week.  Do not let me forget those who are oppressed.
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

How can I follow Christ?  How should I live my life?

Prayers for my mother who has some mental health challenges.  Prayer for her to have peace & enjoy life.

I’m sorry.  Help me grow.  Help me to see what you are up to with everyone I interact with, to love them, to know them as the gift they truly are.  Help me welcome the stranger, and be the person you created and are creating me to be.



I need help






acting right


Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Prayer for doctors to be fully compassionate & clear headed as they figure out my diagnosis.  Prayer for *****, my good friend – protection over him as he is in active duty overseas in Afghanistan.

Continued not feeling well, thought I’d better go home early and recover.  Se Y’all next week – *****

Great trumpet player!  *****surgery 9-25-13 guide the surgeons hands & comfort & peace to *****.


That God may draw me near to him and to have the strength to wrestle with his mystery.  That my mom may come to see herself as the smart, competent person she is.  That my dad remains strong in his recovery.

I pray that I can learn to trust in God.  And keep in sight what is truly important in this world.  Thank You

Prays of thanksgiving for this church.  For *****’s leadership & kindness.  My daughters completing her college work.

Immense gratitude for ***** and her ministry here at BSM.  Prayers of gratitude & hope & Excitement for her new chapter.

Please pray for ***** a friends son who has cancer.  And ***** Bike Accident.  Please pray for ***** (me) for strength in facing results of medical tests.  Thank you!

Please pray for me & my boyfriend *****.  I am worried and afraid that after several years together we will be parting ways.  I do not know if this is the right thing to do – although we love each other I don’t know if we are the last person for each other.  Please pray for guidance, solace & resolution, and Peace.  ~ *****

Dear God  ~ In my past – I’ve gotten lost in many things – some worse than others – As I move forward, please help me get lost in Love & Helping Others – Amen – *****

Dear God,  Thank you for ***** & Sharing tonight w/ her.  Please wrap around her tightly & guide her in her tough decisions.  Call us to action & give us the strength & bravery to act.

How do I learn to see the good?  I believe that I need wisdom to bridle passions that run counter to one another.  I would like to:

–          Cultivate knowledge of the divine

–          Open myself to the things that I hate, in myself & others


Prayers for my amazing friend *****.  He is discerning & Struggling with what God would have him do with his life.  He is struggling with depression, with living at home with his parents, & with searching for meaningful work that makes him feel alive.  Also pray for his health.  God, show him some grace soon.

Thank you God for the good time with my husband today.  Please take care of Baby *****.

Sometimes I fucking hate him.  I’d rather have peace than anger.  Grant me Christ’s peace that I may serve God each day.

Depression is consuming the lives of those around me – & possibly I fear my own as well.  Make it go away.

Our Father

Thank you for opening the door for me.

Pray for *****, that he would be able to see that, through Christ, he has been given all that he needs for fullness.  Help him to see meaning, and give himself the grace given to him by God.  Pray for wisdom and courage amidst anxiety.

For ***** – Joy for their paths, for their journey.  I am thrilled for them – Thanks God!!

Praying for *****who feels alone and feels she has nobody right now.

Please give her the strength and remind her of the love that is always there and that she is never alone.

Need Prayers for my friend who went back to school – she needs the strength, courage, and determination to keep moving forward.

Please pray for *****’s family, friends and those of us on the fringe of her life.  She jumped to her death.  May others in her situation be saved from such torment.

Prayers of thanksgiving for *****and her faithful ministry with us…

Grateful for a partner who encourages to be my goofy, dorky self, and not give a shit what people think.  Also grateful for the person he is, and the love he embodies for me, his children, his family, and everyone he meets.  Amen


Dear G-D,





Prayers for all transitions: for *****, for myself, for *****…we moved out today.  I am excited.  I am scared.  I am trying to be still.  Remembering the birds, hoping, standing/sitting in faith.  Please protect & guide *****, me, our family.

For *****– be with him through his trials & Tribulations

Bring him peace & acceptance

And walk alongside him,

Come what may.  Show him love throughout


Prayers of hope



For *****

Healing & hope for *****.

And *****.

Healing for all.


God, help me bring the world closer, help me open my heart to love.  Help me to heal the wound of being less than.  Help me to bring new friendship & deep love into my life.

From: *****4 yrs old => Thanke f Awmk

In my anxiety, let me remember FREEDOM and to take a step back, slow down, and see the bigger, more beautiful picture.

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Satisfy us with your love in the morning,

And we will live this day in joy and praise (Ps. 90:14)

We praise you, God our creator

For your handiwork in shaping and sustaining your wondrous creation.

Especially we thank you for

The Miracle of Life and the wonder of living…

Particular blessings coming to us this week…

The resources of the earth…

 Gifts of creative vision and skillful craft…

The treasure stored in every human life…

We dare to pray for others, God our savior,

Claiming your love in Jesus Christ for the whole world,

Committing ourselves to care for those around us in his name.

Especially we pray for

Those who work for the benefit of others…

Those who cannot work today…

Those who teach and those who learn…

People who are poor…
We lift up to you, oh Christ, these prayers offered at Sunday Worship;

I pray for the healing of my cousin and his father in law who were hurt in an accident this past week.  I pray for our brothers and sisters who were impacted by the tragic events on 9/11.  The reunion of 9/11 opened wounds for many.  I pray for continued healing.

I pray for peace in Syria and compromise in our politics all around the world.

Relationship prosperity, answered prayers.

Praise for me not being evicted.  Praise, for the union of marriage I witnessed for two people that I love.  An Abundance of praise for God’s loving and caring Hands, and how they are always wrapped around me.  PRAYER – for the malnourished, dehydrated man who I found on the street, prayer that the ambulance got him to a place of healing, for the doctors to not only feed him, but give him resources to never be starving again.

Please pray for my daughter as she continues to work for employment opportunities in NYC.  Pray for me as I gain confidence a my new place of employment.  Pray for those lonely, unloved that they may know God’s love.

–          That I will trust God with my Job situation

–          In need of work

PLEASE, I need All the prayer and blessings I can get.














Prayers for my parents who are getting old.

Prayers for the Bible study I attend.

God, Thank-you that we are being your Church.  Thank you that we are Preaching the wholeness of your Truth, of Grace, Love, & Challenge, grounded in Scripture, following you, the living God.

Please God, help me come into alignment with my power.  Let me allow it & let it flow through me for my own good.

Dear God,  Give me strength to accept that which I cannot control and to open myself to your loving, healing heart.  Amen

I want a dog

  • For those in Transition
  • For my boys
  • For my uncle who is near death & his wife who cares for him

If miracle transformations are truly possible, I pray for one – for his sake.

Heal me.

Father Thank You!!

All of who I am

I need help and I can’t do it all.  God keep me in your care.

My family Amigos de Jesus

Sometimes I

Can’t tell if

I’ve lost faith

In God or in

The Church.

Make it clear


Sunday September 8th, 2013

I feel so broken and battered. I can not imagine not feeling like this and I don’t know how to fix
anything. Pease help me God.
God Bless B.S.M.
I live in a group home where everyone who lives there were formally homeless (transitional housing). (I
am disabled) I am always accused of being racist..(I am white). I already get jumped from behind “offsite.” It seems lie “any day now” I should be out of there, into my own place! Believe me when I say that
it can’t be soon enough! Please Pray for me! Thank you.
Dear God –
Thank You for the revelation I have just experienced – The solution to much of my anxiety &
conflict = BE HONEST. Amen **** 
I pray I can find patience with all aspects of my life. I pray that I stop doubting myself.
Peace & Healing
A Solution in Syria
A solution for Philly Schools
A transformation in the criminal justice and economic systems
An end to gendered violence, both emotional & physical
God help me to feel that I belong. Help me to heal this wound of serateness. Guide me in how to be
visable in a pure & beautiful & harmonious way.
Please heal the broken hears & souls. Please let **** & **** find a new strength in you. Please move
my mom into your light.
Please pray for **, recently diagnosed with aggressive cancer. And pray for ******** *********: May
she return to her parents soon.
Oh Father, If you relieve me of my fear you replace it with assurance of your love
May the government make the correct decision regarding Syria
A prayer of gratitude – thank you God for showing me new ways of being and new ideas. Continue to
show me!
I pray that *** makes better decisions. I pray that ****** Physically heals. I pray for clarity &
Please pray for ****, a teen with special needs who is trying to find his way through high school. Thank You

Sunday, September 1st

Dear God -/ Thank you for carrying me through this intense week – I lift up all the challenges & exciting
tasks ahead. May my thoughts & actions reflect your will for me – Amen – ****
A Closer Walk with God!!
Live for God
Whatever the future brings, may our hearts be open to it.
My joy is my son!
Please pray for %&$ as they learn to be married and make space for a child.
I pray that * and her son remain safe. I pray that God’s will be done and they find peace & comfort.
Patience & Discernment
Please be with the man I just saw on the bench who was very disheveled and clearly needed help. I’m
guilty and embarrassed I didn’t help my neighbor and didn’t know hot to help him. Please be with him
and lead him to a safe place.
Dear G-d, you know what my problems are this coming week. Please help me get through. Thank you,
I AM VERY GLAD I MADE IT TONIGHT. Strength for tomorrow please. (For me and everyone.)
This week I do have a prayer. It is a prayer for wisdom to remember the revelations I have and decisions I
make, and the strength to follow them. It is a prayer of thanks for the support and love I have. It’s a
prayer for a new trajectory to my life, one that has been several years coming – I still don’t know exactly
what it is, but I pray for the ability to follow it. Amen.
I pray for all my residents of ***** hall. I pray I would be a good RA and also a good student, friend,
family member, and daughter of Christ. God, watch over, hold and love the person reading this card and
also Broad Street Ministry. Amen ~
Please hold my mother in your prayers. She shared some information with me today that really worries
me. I would appreciate any and all prayers. Thank you
Please pray that my wife and I may be Bold & Compassionate & Hospitable with the people who life &
sell drugs/use drugs on our block. That we may be Bold & Loving in our places of work. That we may be
available, persistent & hospitable with folks who are apart of the BSM community. Thank you: ****
For a healthy pregnancy
Prayers for sister going through tough situation – also for peace in our relationship as sisters.
Practice What You Preach!September 1st Prayer Offering
Dear God,/ Bless my husband, whoever he is, wherever he may be. Let him be walking toward me in
your light and love. Let me find my path – let me not be limited by the possible – let me look for the
path not yet worn into being
Prayers for shedding shame for the building of our BSM community/ to accept relationships
OH Father,/ Bring back the joy I have had these past 6 years of coming to BSM. It is now a struggle just
to be here.
Pray for Syria / Pray for peace and understanding in relationships, for the ability to love.
Whose eyes must be in righteous? No one’s but God’s. And we already are. Thank you Lord for seeing
us in these eyes of what your Son did for us. Thank you.



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