Social Engagement: Mission Practicum

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What is the Mission Practicum and who can apply for the Mission Practicum?

We want your All Star – the congregant, lay leader, or youth who is energized, committed to faith and action, and who is seeking a new way to lead and challenge your congregation or community. Our ideal Mission Practicum cohort is diverse – comprised of youth and adults alike – so that many perspectives and experiences can add value and beauty to our time together.

The Mission Practicum is designed for individuals seeking to transform passion and faith into active impact – people looking to learn how to motivate self and others to join a community committed to engaging our neighbors in systemic, sustainable, and informed transformation. We invite the Mission Practicum cohort risk being in relationship with the BSM community over the course of an academic year, to learn from us, to challenge us, and to grow with us.

The Mission Practicum cohort will gain:

  • firsthand experience through direct service
  • skills & tools for designing and implementing models of mission & transformation
  • a support system of a community committed to transformation
  • guidance from practitioners of non-profit management, missional theology, & contextual ministry
  • academic & theological understandings of mission & justice


When will the Mission Practicum Cohort gather, and what will gatherings involve?

The Cohort will gather once a month (most likely on Saturdays) from September 2017 to May 2018. Gatherings will include volunteering at BSM’s Breaking Bread meal followed by guided discussions from BSM’s leadership and community. In the final half of the Mission Practicum (February – May 2018) the cohort will begin envisioning and implementing sustainable mission projects within the BSM community or back in their own congregations. Gatherings will span roughly 5 hours each day and will include academic readings, discussions, and case studies on the following topics:

September: Why Mission, Why Serve? How our faith & theology call us to serve our neighbors

October: Ministry in Context, Responding to the world around you & developing faithful presence

November: Being in the City, Using our full senses, observation skills, & conversation to truly be in our community

December: Convening & Community, How to convene, charge, & meaningfully involve your community in mission

January: Social Awareness, Understanding the complexities & intersectionality of social justice issues, including housing & food insecurity, racial justice, & mental health

February: Project Development, Learning how to write proposals & grants, exploring models for securing funding for present goals & future sustainability

March: Leadership & Sustainability, Exploring models of leadership & building up community support & energy towards your goals

April: Open Space, Cohort participants can choose what they’d like to add to our syllabus here

May: Why Mission, Why Serve? Reprise, Looking back on all we’ve done to understand more fully our call to serve & enact justice in our communities


How can someone apply for the Mission Practicum?

Click here for the link to the online application.

Applications are due May 15, 2017

The application process will inform BSM on the cohort’s current involvement in your community, current understandings of faithful mission, and desires of how the Mission Practicum will guide and support them.

Contact Devin Johns at


 Each applicant must have a mentor from within your community to offer prayers, support and to hold them accountable. Mentors are not expected to attend cohort gatherings, but they will hopefully be in meaningful relationship with their mentees throughout the Mission Practicum. Additionally, participants are expected to be present at at least 7 of the 9 cohort gatherings.


BSM asks each Mission Practicum cohort member to contribute $600 to BSM for participation. This will cover expertise, speakers, and supplies necessary to make the Mission Practicum successful. At least $300 of the $600 must be raised – either through creative fundraising on the part of the applicant or through church support. This is to ensure that there is community of support behind each applicant, to make this endeavor financially accessible to all, to give applicants fundraising experience from the outset of the Mission Practicum, and to foster buy-in for your community to support your cohort member.


Who do I contact to apply or with questions?

Contact Devin Johns, the Coordinator of the Youth Initiative & Alternative Breaks by emailing or by calling (215)735-4847 x108.

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