Social Engagement: Day Immersions

We are excited to be launching into our second year of Day Immersions!

Day Immersions offer us flexibility and the opportunity to work together to make your experience with BSM exactly what your group needs – whether that’s a meaningful service opportunity, a critical examination of justice in Scripture, a worship experience, or even all of the above!

Day Immersions will work around BSM’s Breaking Bread schedule, meaning we can schedule your immersion any day we serve a meal – Monday through Saturday – from September through April. Following either serving or being served during a Breaking Bread meal with our guests, we can build your day to include any of the following: a theological reflection, a secular educational component, a prayer walk/mural tour of Center City, and a worship service. One of the most exciting things about the Day Immersions is that we can now offer them to church youth groups, regular volunteer groups, adult church committees, or even just a group of friends!

To learn more, check out our information packet for secular groups here and our information packet for faith-based groups here. You can find a registration form at the end of each information packet.

If you are interested in scheduling and registering for a Day Immersion, please contact Michele at

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