Faith & Doubt


IMG_7797Every Sunday, BSM’s resident faith community gathers to encounter God through story, diverse music, scripture, prayer, challenging preaching and communion that welcomes everyone to Christ’s table.  Click here to find out about our worship services.



Music is an essential part of worship at BSM.  Worship music is chosen from among African-American spirituals, civil rights anthems, ancient Celtic hymns, traditional hymns, modern gospel, Appalachian ballads, folk and country songwriters, rock and roll, R&B, soul, blues, hip-hop, and reggae.  The music we make is making us.  We sing the songs through which we believe God speaks to us, shapes us, and creates with us the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.  This kingdom is characterized by justice, empathy, peace, equality, compassion, healing, love, and liberation. We sing “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” (Ephesians 5:19) to God, to humanity, and to each other because these songs resonate with us to the deepest core of who we are as individuals, who we are as a community, and who God is as Lover of Souls and Liberator of the Oppressed. Click here to learn more about how we understand music’s place in worship.  Or maybe you’re Interested in making a joyful noise with our choir?  Click to learn more.

Faith & Doubt

Lent AshesDo you have questions about the Bible?  Have doubts about this whole Christianity thing?  Want to learn more about how faith and justice intersect and animate all that we do here?  Do you want to get to know new folks in our community?  Then come journey with our faith community as we wrestle with faith and doubt through our various bible study and christian education programs.



Psalms of the Street


Every Sunday evening we ask people to invest in our community by contributing their money, daring to be known by filling out a Welcome Card, and trusting the community with their prayers. The prayer cards function as BSM’s “Psalms of the Street”, expressions that span a broad range of experiences: deep, raw sorrow; exuberant celebrations; burdens that need carrying; and personal and communal victories. The prayer cards are read out loud at our Wednesday evening programming (every Wednesday at 6:15pm) and they are typed up with names removed and published every week.


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