1000 Miles and Running

August 13, 2020

From May 3-10, 2020 Issa Run Crew and friends pledged to cumulatively run 1000 safe and solo miles to help raise money for Broad Street Ministry and their efforts to continue providing services during these trying times. Since many of the city’s races were canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the crew recognized a need to keep spirits high, keep runners running, and keep support flowing. By pledging to raise money, the crew has provided inspiration for the city in a way that also connects to the mission of Broad Street Ministry.

Runner and crew founder Richard Issa Bockari shares:

“A common theme I noticed among many different people was seeing that others were struggling because of COVID-19, but feeling helpless about it. Being in Philadelphia, and seeing first hand the amazing work that Broad Street Ministry does year round, it was a no brainer to choose them as an organization that people could put their miles and money to good use.” 

Issa Run Crew is thrilled to share that the crew reached their running and fundraising goal! Running 1220.30 miles and raising $1691.00, has been encouraging to see how willing people have been to run and donate to such a great cause.

Issa Run Crew is a run group based in Philadelphia that invites runners of ALL levels to throw away every fear of running and join a fun, positive, energetic and inspiring group. The group’s motto is: Everything is more enjoyable together, so we will run together, play together, set goals together and achieve greatness together!  To learn more about Issa Run Crew click here

It is a joy to recognize support such as that garnered by Issa Run Crew that makes it possible for BSM to keep practicing radical hospitality. It is equally admirable that this fundraiser makes it possible for BSM to continue to meet the needs of the city’s most vulnerable population. Broad Street Ministry is grateful for your enthusiasm. Thank you Issa Run Crew for all of your support!