Theater Workshops at BSM

July 8, 2016

13048046_1182158215135706_336433072122486602_oThe staff at Broad Street Ministry is overwhelmed with joy and excitement as the Theater Workshop group heads into its fourth month of improvisation classes. This program led by Jennifer Blaine from the Kimmel Center and Jotie Mondair, BSM’s Therapeutic Arts Coordinator is a brand new initiative offered to BSM’s guests through the Kimmel Center’s generous partnership.

This partnership has created a fun, engaging, and powerful outlet for BSM’s guests to express themselves through acting techniques and improvisation. During these workshops, Jennifer proposes scenarios and dialogue for the participants to work through. By putting themselves into another’s shoes, our guests have become more present and aware of their behaviors, mannerisms, and gained confidence in speaking aloud to a room full of people.

13063182_1182158225135705_8367107778390135191_oOur very specific and unique population of guests at Broad Street Ministry is one that is filled with stories and experiences that don’t get presented through big-screen productions but might be more impactful than any romantic comedy or drama. Their stories are powerful and moving yet remain silent and are often overshadowed by assumptions made of their vulnerabilities.

Through the Theater Workshop group, we have been able to create meaningful relationships with guests and hear their stories first-hand at the pace they’re comfortable, always “meeting them where they are”. Their Improv experienceis also in preparation for a performance to be held at the Kimmel Center later this season to showcase the incredible stories they have to share as well as the skills they have developed through Jennifer’s teaching and techniques.

As we head into our fourth month in this form of creative arts- we are tremendously excited about the relationship we have built between the Kimmel Center and Broad Street Ministry as well as the relationship our guests have been able to make with each other.

We hope through this relationship we can create a sense of belonging for our guests inside and outside of our building and develop a supportive and engaging community that reflects the importance of creative arts for all individuals.