Last Night at BSM

June 8, 2015

Last Sunday Night, June 7th, 2015, Rev. Bill Golderer preached on John 15:12-17. Who are your friends? How do you know? To live now is to be entangled in a confusing web of relationships that are hard to navigate and fluid as never before. I “friended” her and “unfriended” him means what exactly? In the passage we encounter a revolutionary notion–that to be a follower of Jesus after the resurrection is to befriend Jesus–to be a friend of God. And how that plays out is that we need to befriend one another. How do we do that exactly…BG explores scripture, Aristotle and allegory as we consider friendship with God and others.

Sarah and Malchijah rocked the music last Sunday. Our lineup was full of groovy tunes about friendship and the songs of the faith. We sang “Handle Me With Care,” everyone’s favorite “Lean on Me,” and two all time classics of worship at Broad Street Ministry, “Every Day People” & “Reach Out, I’ll be There.” We also had two classic hymns, that Sarah and Mal added a little bit of the BSM magic to; “What a Friend We Have In Jesus” & “I’m Gonna Live So (God Can Use Me).”

For our offering our community offered these, our psalms of the street, to God:


Continued progress in communication and care with *****.


I give thanks for the friendships I have and pray to be able to get in the hole with my friends.

I give thanks for creativity and inspiration and I pray for focus to follow through and for the ability to make something that will help others.



You are able to overcome anything. Please be with me this summer as I tackle new a experience and responsibilities in a way that brings glory to your name. I pray this to you God who sustains us and your son, Jesus, who shepherds us.



I ask for prayer regarding job interviews and decisions I have coming up.

That I will trust in God’s provision


I am thankful that my work-life balance will soon be restored!

I pray for my friend’s father, *****, as he struggles with rejection of God and depression.

I pray for my housemates that we may all grow closer to God together.


Dear God,

I praise You for all the good things You have created. Show me who You created me to be. I pray for all those trans folks who experience discrimination. I pray for my upcoming travels. Lord, please shower your love down on the person reading this.


Please be with my brother and give him the strength he needs. Please be with *****.

Please be with ***** and ***** and give them the strength while they await a success for *****.

Please be with *****, *****, and ***** as they take care of their babies.


Dear god~

Thank you for the clarity and peace of mind I’ve been experiencing ~ as you know, I’m far from perfect – but I’m trying my best –

Amen – *****



I’m not sure what to pray.



For a kinder Philadelphia

For our son on his 21st B-Day. May he be safe and continue to grow

For men and women in pain.



Dear God – Thank you! Thank you for leading me into a week of gratitude – it was heavenly! Please bless and heal *****, *****, *****, ***** and all that are struggling with loneliness, depression, and aching for clarity. Please calm their hearts and give them courage. Thank you for everything – the blessings and the hard lessons – thank you for my life today. I love you, *****


Please pray for me as I seek to resolve student loan issues…

***** has them too… he needs divine intervention also!

Please pray that God will intervene and assist ***** as she looks for stable housing and a job with salary and benefits.



Let us pray for our church leaders in Christianity and also political leaders around the world. God bless you! Shalom, Shalom.


Dear Jesus,

My face is turned away from you. Everything I see, everything I feel brings me back to shame. My face will remain turned away from you unless the Father puts his finger under my chin and tenderly lifts up my head. When he tries to do that, I will resist. I will fight him. If my resistance causes his touch to become controlling or forceful or abusive, I will never turn my face back to you. I will abide in shame for the rest of my life. I am estranged from you. I am estranged from people in my community. I am especially estranged from myself. I’m so estranged from myself. I don’t even believe I exist. This is Hell. This is Separation. This is Tragic Estrangement. Are you loving enough to make time for me? Are you strong enough to descend into Hell and find me? I don’t believe you are. I cannot turn my face to you on my own. And I will fight everyone who tries to help me turn my face to you. What can be done about this?



I am overwhelmed. I have to relocate at the end of the summer. I’m worried that after I relocate, I’ll still be deeply depressed, and my ability to build friendships in my new city will suffer. I’m worried that the pastoral care ***** provides for me now will stop once I’m relocated. Im worried that I’ll always be craving love/community/friendship/protection for my entire life, and I’ll never get enough. i’ll never be satisfied. I’m worried that you don’t even exist and that there is no cure for my anxieties – there’s just meaninglessness. I’m really overwhelmed. Nothing makes it better.



Please pray for all homeless men and women that they find their way to services and the resolution to this problem.


Dear God,

I am lost. And sad. Please help me and my family.



Prayers for my parents health and peace.

Prayers for my direction with making art.


Prayer for full recovery from injury.

To continue to grow in my relationship with God.

Every Sunday after worship, we also have community engagement groups. These groups are a great way to get to know people, maybe learn something about yourselves, one another, and/or God, and get to know a few more peoples’ names. Last Sunday Sammie led a group that watched “Short Term 12” about a residential treatment facility for youth in transition. Caring For Others met those who are new or nearly new and offered information about BSM and the opportunity to begin friendships. David led a group called “What does the ‘T’ mean for me?” that answered questions about transgender topics and how they inform our lives.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.