A Letter from Convening Minister, Bill Golderer

October 7, 2013

Dear valued friend and partner in ministry:

It is with both a sense of expectation for what the future may hold and more than a hint of sadness that I write to you about a coming transition in the life of Broad Street Ministry.

Just over six years ago, Rev. Erika Funk arrived in Philadelphia to begin her ministry here at BSM.  At the time of her arrival, BSM was a small, committed and daring community of faith that believed it had something to offer its community and a vision to fulfill. Over these years Erika’s dedication, faithfulness, and commitment have made a singular contribution to Broad Street Ministry’s development and impact.  Nowhere is this more evident than her seizing upon an idea for a new kind of youth ministry mission initiative.  What began as some sketched out ideas on the back of a napkin grew into what many consider the gold standard in congregational youth ministry mission experiences. Erika had the vision for what this could be and the skills to make that vision a reality.

This past year has been a season of discernment and distillation of Broad Street Ministry’s mission, vision, and values. The Board of Directors, executive staff, Erika and I have also given a hard look at all of our current programming to learn where we hope to go into the future with God’s help. After a period of sustained mutual discernment, it is with sadness but also with a sense of expectation for her future that we have decided together that Erika’s season of ministry at Broad Street Ministry will draw to a close effective January 31, 2014.

Erika along with myself and Andy Greenhow, our new Manager of Stewardship, Congregational Partnership, and Belonging, will be joined by a team of local and national youth ministry expert practitioners to develop and circulate the position description for the person who will guide the Youth Initiative into the future.  Erika has guided the Youth Initiative through this important foundational phase, and we are all committed to seeing the YI continue to grow and impact the youth and their congregational leaders for years to come.

There are not words to sufficiently express our gratitude for Erika’s contribution to Broad Street Ministry’s witness to Christ’s compassion, justice and love.  I hope you will take every opportunity to join me in expressing gratitude and good wishes for what I know will be an exciting new chapter in her extraordinary ministry.

With appreciation for your support and partnership,

Bill Golderer

Convening Minister