A Sneak Peek at BSM

January 16, 2018

By: Kris White

Our live auction at Be Our Guest usually includes wonderful packages that can be bid on such as fine dining experiences, exclusive trips and private tours of some of the best museums in the city. At BSM, we know our volunteers are not only essential, but make our mission come to life. To make sure we could continue to provide radical hospitality in a fun and exciting way, we decided to include an impactful auction package at Be Our Guest.

Our Sneak Peek package was a chance to bid on the last meal of the year, which took place on December 30th. The winner(s) would design a Breaking Bread meal with our Director of Culinary, step into our kitchen and shadow our culinary team, select the music of their choice that would set the mood and inspire everyone in the building, make the announcements over our sound system and have lunch with our Executive Director and the City Managing Director.

Sol Katz, Stanford Thompson and Pauline Candaux won our Sneak Peek package at last year’s Be Our Guest. Sol, Stanford and Pauline worked together to fill the building with their friends and family members who helped to serve the last meal of the year. Together with our Director of Culinary, they designed the menu which included turkey, shantille mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and parsnips with sliced almonds and apple pie for dessert. As a special treat they provided a jazz trio to perform live music during lunch.

Thank you Sol, Stanford, Pauline and friends for making our final meal of the year such a wonderful experience for our guests!