A Time to Pull Weeds

February 29, 2016

Rev. Andy Greenhow brings us a word from 1 Kings 3:16-28 entitled, “A Time to Pull Weeds.” This is the third sermon in our Lenten series exploring agrarian rhythms and the life of faith; exploring the life cycle of food and our life cycle. This story from the first book of Kings, was after Solomon prayed for wisdom, and this is his first opportunity to display the wisdom God gave him. Solomon is banking on the fact that the child to the real mother is not just a child, but to the mother this child needs to be protected, and kept safe and sound. To the one who isn’t the mother, this is just a child, and being right is more important. We need to ask what are the weeds in our life? What are the things in our garden? Is the thing I am looking at a good thing, or is it choking out the good? It’s the choice Solomon has to make: Who’s the one who wants the good? Is he looking at a loving mother or the one who would sell out the child? Maybe the thing choking out the good in our life is out of control spending habits, or overeating, or substance abuse. The good news is that we are not going about this discernment alone.