A Word from Carversville Farm Foundation

January 13, 2017

Carversville LogoCarversville Farm Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, produces fresh sustainable food specifically for donation to populations who lack access to a balanced diet; offers farm apprenticeships, workshops and facilitates information exchange; and nurtures organic farms through cooperative purchasing and other programs. Utilizing advanced sustainable farming methods, the farm works to provide these services while simultaneously regenerating the agro-ecosystem.

CFF manages 274 acres in Solebury township where we grow vegetables, mushrooms, and raise livestock on pasture. Every week we deliver our own fresh produce and pasture-raised eggs to Broad Street Ministry for donation. We sponsored a meal this November, donating everything on the plate including our own pasture-raised turkeys. We also volunteered to serve this meal to dinner guests.

Carversville Kitchen PicWe are grateful to work with an organization that creates delicious, healthy meals for those who are most in need. We take great care to harvest at peak freshness and working with BSM reassures us that our hard work does not go to waste.  Chef Steve and his crew utilize everything we donate immediately, assuring their guests maximum nutritional value.

In 2016, we donated the following to Broad Street Ministry:

3,236.11 pounds produce
344 dozen pasture-raised eggs
260 lbs pasture-raised stewing hens
24 (593.66 pounds) pasture-raised turkeys

In 2017 we hope to provide even more nutritious food from our farm including nutrient-dense produce, forest-grown mushrooms, pasture-raised eggs, meat and dairy. We strive to provide a complete diet including healthy fats and proteins lacking in the diets of most Americans.