Announcing the Social Engagement Initiative!

September 12, 2017

Written by: Devin Johns

For the past 10 years, the Youth Initiative has welcomed in youth groups from across the region and country for immersive service learning opportunities. Our mission has been to engage, immerse, educate, and spark curiosity in the next generation of civic leaders and disciples. In the past two of years, we’ve been dreaming and visioning and exploring how we can not only challenge and work with the next generation of leaders, but also current and rising leaders. In so doing, we have been seeking out adult groups, college groups, and intergenerational groups for our Alternative Breaks and Day Immersion programs. But, those two programs, living under the umbrella title of the Youth Initiative have made our invitation to non-youth (though youthful at heart!) a little tricky!

We are thrilled to make it official and announce the Social Engagement Initiative! The Social Engagement Initiative will house the Summer Youth Initiative, Day Immersions, and Alternative Breaks. Have no fear – these programs will not be changing in structure, but of course we’ll be continuing to grow and learn and develop these programs.

In addition to the public education programs, the Social Engagement Initiative will also be collaborating across the organization to support any additional arts and education events (including First Friday) that welcome in all – guests, congregants, neighbors, volunteers – to be in community with one another. Here’s the new-ish breakdown of the Social Engagement Initiative:

We’re so thrilled and excited for this new stage, and we are so grateful to Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church for supporting us in this effort!

For more information, with questions, and to get involved contact Devin at devin@broadstreetministry.org.