BSM Artists raise $4,000 for Therapeutic Arts

July 9, 2017

If you were able to check out the art show Looking Out & Seeing In you can see yet again that the BSM arts community is very talented, and growing fast! Featuring individual works from 8 Art Table artists and group sculptures created by more than 40 guests, our Rittenhouse debut was an exciting step for us. Guests were enthusiastic about selecting their own artwork to include, and enjoyed collaborating on the unique group sculptures. One guest said during the private artist reception that Art Table staff and volunteers pull the creativity from us, even if he doesn’t always feel talented in visual art. Not only did guests express their love of the process; many shared that they felt proud to contribute their talents for fundraising. Through sale of tickets, artwork prints, and other donations we raised over $4,000 to support Therapeutic Arts at BSM. Ruthie plans to continue building Therapeutic Arts by strategically expanding current offerings, developing more diverse opportunities for guests, and offering more ways for community members to engage in arts at BSM.

Conversations on Sanctuary

This summer a dome sculpture traveled through many Philadelphia communities- you may have seen it downstairs in the Multipurpose Room. Created by a network of artists and change makers in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this dome is part of a monumental city-wide project called PHL Assembled. Each partner site hosted the dome for about a week, and each site created artwork, storytelling, music, and other expressive work to connect with a theme in their community. BSM’s theme is sanctuary. During the art table a few weeks ago, guests painted birdhouses and folded origami birds to hang in the dome. For many, sanctuary is tied to a place, and often times the word “home”. We chose to engage with this idea through the symbol of birds; thinking specifically of all the birds that live in our sanctuary upstairs and how they made our community their home. Ultimately, we believe that sanctuary is more about how we treat each other and create space to just be. When we practice radical hospitality, we create sanctuary. BSM’s dome artwork and the creativity of others involved is on display inside a much larger dome in Lubert Plaza on 10th St and Locust St. After this iteration of the project is over, the artwork will be transported to its final home at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on display in the Perelman Building.


If you have thoughts, ideas, or suggestions about Therapeutic Arts, please email Ruthie Iglesias (ruthie@broadstreetministry.org).