BSM Serves on Mayor’s Task Force!

May 9, 2017

At Broad Street Ministry, we believe that when we embrace the needs of the most vulnerable, we not only can help them to stabilize their lives, but we can also transform ourselves, our community and our city. A significant part of such transformation efforts include ensuring that our neighbors experiencing trauma and scarcity have a voice in the community, including being heard by policymakers guiding major decisions facing the decision.

That is why we were so honored when asked by the City to serve on a task force the Mayor has convened looking at panhandling, chronic street homelessness, outdoor meal service and street codes of conduct. BSM has been joining with more than a dozen leaders from the business, hospitality and civic communities to partner with leaders in the Mayor’s administration to strategize and take action to ensure that public spaces in Philadelphia can be utilized safely and enjoyed by all.

More specifically, BSM has been asked to participate in two subcommittees tasked with (1) creating clear standards for behavior in shared public spaces together with the tools and engagement to support them as a code of conduct; and (2) improving access to indoor meals and ensuring dignity and safety to meals when served outdoors.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on the progress of such efforts.