Café On-Call

Position Summary: The Café On-Call team provides a vital support for overnight guests at Broad Street Ministry’s 315 Café and the staff who work overnight during café hours. Café On-Call team works with the rest of the team to coordinate coverage for the evening, trouble shoot interpersonal and building related challenges and be the initial responder for crisis management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide over the phone support to shift supervisors during crisis or challenges that come up during the shift
  • Communicate with supervisor about challenges that require:
    • Building maintenance interventions
    • Acute coverage in person during crisis that includes extreme violent or medical emergencies
    • Police or ICE presence
    • City presence
    • L&I presence
  • Provide onsite support after hours for any crisis that requires:
    • Some building maintenance interventions
    • Acute coverage in person during crisis that include extreme violent and or medical emergencies
  • Work in a rotating team to manage the on-call phone overnight, supporting with all of the above tasks


  • Available for in person and over the phone support
  • Familiar with safety planning
  • Knowledge of decision making tree and communication list
  • Knowledge of BSM’s policies and approaches to de escalation, harm reductions, and code of conduct
  • Ability to work in a team to make decisions
  • Ability to model approach

Compensation: Calculated using your current hourly rate plus half time for a 15 hr week once a month. This position is independent from any day time responsibilities. It does not make any person eligible for flex or comp time during the week they have filled the position just based on their participation within this position.

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