Program Coordinator: Clothing Closet & Personal Care

Job Description

            The Program Coordinator for the Clothing Closet and Personal Care will be responsible for supporting the over 5,000 guests that regularly use those services each year, making sure that each guest is allowed the best personal shopping experience as can be provided. This position requires a person with strong interpersonal skills as well as strong organizational skills as they are responsible for both the front of house and back of house duties required to run a smooth service. They will be working with guests from all walks of life, the majority of whom are considered part of the vulnerable population of Philadelphia, many of whom have experienced trauma related to homelessness, mental illness, addiction and scarcity.

The ideal candidate will join a team that values:

  • Communication – We communicate with transparency and express our needs and wants to others the way we would like others to express them to us
  • Mutual Support – We extend support to coworkers across departments and expect that that support will be extended back in times of need
  • Curiosity – we strive to be life-long learners who question our assumptions, our theory of change, and ourselves as agents of that change. We are careful about making judgments and strive to learn each person’s individual story
  • Hospitality – we work to create an atmosphere where everyone feels a sense of belonging, and where no one is treated like a stranger.
  • Integrity – our actions are in alignment with our core beliefs; we do what we say we are going to do


Oversees the Clothing Closet and Personal Care services

  • Ensures a safe environment for guests and volunteers within the clothing closet
  • Works with vulnerable guests to ensure they are provided the best possible experience
  • Maintains a calm and relaxed atmosphere with guests, helping to manage guest anxieties and sense of scarcity through relationship building and de-escalation
  • Oversees services during open hours, ensuring they run smoothly with guest and volunteer needs being met

Manages Volunteers

  • Orients new volunteers to the Clothing Closet and Personal Care services each week
  • Supports volunteers by preparing for their arrival and assisting with set up for services
  • Assists volunteers with any issues that may arise during service, some of which may involve de-escalating guests or managing a guests anxieties
  • Is on hand to talk through any questions or issues volunteers have at the end of services

Manages Clothing & Personal Care donation process from start to finish

  • Manages the donation email, making sure to reply to inquiries within 48 hours
  • Helps to set up donation drives and drop off times
  • Receives clothing and personal care donations from outside individuals and organizations
  • Helps to cultivate clothing donations needed to support a thriving clothing closet

Manages Inventory

  • Maintains clothing sorting system in the loft area, ensuring that clothes are properly put in bins in a timely manner and the loft area stays tidy and organized
  • Helps maintain personal care storage closet, ensuring personal care items are sorted properly into bins and the closet stays tidy and organized
  • Maintains inventory spreadsheets, ensuring they are up to date with what has been given out to guests after each service

Responsibilities to Hospitality Collaborative Team

  • Meets weekly with the Hospitality Collaborative Manager to work on any issues that arise and brainstorm further improvements to the clothing closet as the service grows
  • Meets weekly with the Hospitality Collaborative team to ensure continuity in services among staff and work towards providing the best possible care for guests
  • Provide assistance to team members in other departments through collaboration and mutual support
  • Troubleshoot situations related to management of guests, including ways of de-escalating and ways of supporting guests through crises
  • Consistently work to improve upon the guest experience in both individual services and overall organization

Engage in regular training related to improving de-escalation skills as well as issues facing the vulnerable population

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