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The Christian life is an offering of one’s self to God. In Christ, we are claimed and set free, and are led to respond by offering our selves, our abilities and talents, and our resources.

The BSM faith community professes faith through service, taking up the mission of God in this city, and renewing our commitment of our lives to Jesus Christ and his mission in the world. The Holy Spirit has graced each individual with particular gifts for strengthening the body of Christ for mission, so it is a blessing to recognize these gifts and to offer them to serve Christ in the church and in the world.

One such way that individuals of BSM’s faith community can offer themselves is through congregational leadership in two different committees: the Brain Trust and Caring for Others (CFO). Another such way that members of supporting faith communities and congregations in the Philadelphia area can offer of themselves is by serving as an Ambassador for BSM. You can read more about Brain Trust, Caring for Others, and the Ambassadors below. For further information, feel free to email us!

Brain Trust

The Brain Trust offers wisdom and oversight in pastoral personnel, faith community finances, and faith community belonging. Brain Trust, a committee of 6 BSM congregants, is tasked with creating the Philadelphia that God imagines, beginning with Broad Street Ministry, along with their co-conspirators on the pastoral staff of BSM. They will dream and do, imagine infinite possibilities, and say yes to crazy things. They will look at the city of Philadelphia and see it not as the world sees it, but as God sees it. They will see not a discouraging present but a promising future that God is preparing. They live lives marked by a conspicuous orientation to gospel values, such as: diligent prayer, faithful scripture reading, generous giving of resources, including time and money, and participation in acts of peace and justice throughout God’s and our beloved city.

To that end, the Brain Trust gathers monthly, at which meeting they offer up mutual support and conduct business of the congregation. Specifically, the Brain Trust is consulted in matters pertaining to faith-based programming and faith-based personnel (Pastoral Fellows, Seminarians, Music Leaders); quarterly review of the faith community’s budget  with the pastoral staff and encouragement of the congregation to meet both service and financial goals; and, the convening of Declarations of Belonging cohorts (opportunities for congregants to at-will declare their belonging to faith community). One of more members of the Brain Trust sits on BSM’s Board of Directors.

Caring for Others (CFO)

Caring for Others (CFO) is a committee of 7-9 dedicated individuals who take on various leadership roles within the congregation. These individuals offer themselves to the faith community of BSM by receiving God’s people, offering them care, encouragement, affirmation of spiritual gifts, and opportunities to engage more deeply within community at BSM. CFO members orchestrate spirituality programs, actively pray for members of the community, and organize resources for folks who are new or nearly new to BSM. Their prime areas of responsibility include welcoming and belonging, fellowship, visitation, and support of organizational wide events of BSM. On the first Sunday of every month, CFO hosts a fellowship  reception immediately following 4pm worship to create space for the faith community to foster community and belonging with one another. Additionally, CFO supports conveners of additional congregational fellowship groups including Regional Fellowship Groups and the LGBTQ Fellowship.


BSM is blessed to be in a mutually supportive relationship with churches within the Philadelphia region. Ideally, BSM would have at least one identified Ambassador who is a member of each of those churches. The role of this person is to act as a communicator and liaison between BSM and their church. An Ambassador’s role includes: ensuring that BSM maintains a visible presence at their church; raising congregational awareness of opportunities for their participation in BSM’s mission and BSM’s ongoing needs; raising BSM’s awareness of how they can actively support the life and mission of their congregation; a transparent gatekeeper and communicator between church and BSM. An Ambassador Senses and responds to God’s call to invest time, talent, energy, and resources to mission and ministry, particularly to that of BSM. They commit hours of volunteer service at BSM’s Hospitality Collaborative, offer prayers and support for the faith community of BSM, and gather together quarterly to live into the connective church universal.

We are currently supported by faithful Ambassadors from: Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, Newtown Presbyterian Church, Overbrook Presbyterian Church, and Wayne Presbyterian Church.

To learn more about Church Partnerships, visit here.

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