Expanded Meals, Expanded Hospitality

February 9, 2015

On January 19th while many Americans observed Martin Luther King Day with a National Day of Service, Broad Street Ministry marked the occasion by embarking on the next phase of our Hospitality Collaborative expansion plan with a new Breaking Bread meal offering – this time a breakfast. A team of volunteers from the Anti-Defamation League, along with a contingent of our faithful regular volunteers, served 171 guests in the manner that BSM is known for, that is, a main course of dignity with large helpings of respect and compassion on the side.

The kitchen staff, led by Chef Steve Seibel, Sous Chef T.C. Shillingford and their assistant, Iyisha Brown, served up a delicious meal of turkey sausage hash with cheese and onions, potatoes and French toast. That might have seemed like a special breakfast to serve at an inaugural meal like this, but actually this is the type of hearty and nutritious breakfast that our guests can expect at every future breakfast as well.

Speaking of the future, this breakfast is now our fifth Breaking Bread meal. Over the next few months we will be adding two more meals – a lunch in the spring and then another breakfast in early summer. By that time we will be offering seven meals a week.

So along with extending our Mail Service hours and adding more opportunities for our guests to visit the Clothing Closet, we certainly have much to be grateful for as we begin to celebrate BSM’s 10th anniversary year.