Giving Back During COVID-19

April 30, 2020

With #GivingTuesdayNow right around the corner we thought we should highlight the creative ways that various members of the community have been supporting us during this unprecedented time. From instagram art auctions to virtual comedy shows to running groups, we have been blown away by every single effort!

We reached out to Vincent Bush aka VCAB to write a guest blog post about his decision to donate a percentage of the proceeds from his art to Broad Street Ministry.

Hi everyone my name is Vincent Bush “VCAB,” I create art that’s all about love. I believe the heart is the universal sign for love and no matter what culture, religion, color, or walk of life you belong to, you can recognize that symbol and what it stands for. As a result, I am motivated to create heart designs, so that I can continue to remind people about this key ingredient in life.

VCAB’s familiarity with Broad Street Ministry stems from his participation in our faith community. He mentioned his gratitude for BSM’s role in the center city community and that one thing he’s always admired (besides the fact that our worship services–now virtual!–have an eclectic musical range from Coldplay to Biggie Smalls) is how they welcome and support people experiencing homelessness.

As we all know, it’s recommended to stay home during this time but Broad Street Ministry continues to support people who might not have a consistent home or food.

In this time so many organizations need more support, so they can continue to fulfill their callings. As an artist I wanted to share my gifts while supporting Broad Street. That’s when I decided make some art that could be used as a fundraiser for Broad Street. For these pieces, I reused spray paint cans and turned them into something new.

60% of the proceeds from VCAB’s spray paint can series is going towards Broad Street Ministry. Each can includes a display case and can be purchased by emailing Vincent. You can also find more of his work on his website: www.VCABdesigns.com.

Thank you to VCAB for sharing some of the inspiration and thought behind your work!