Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit Supports the 315 Café

December 13, 2016

granola-3At BSM, we believe that the very act of radical hospitality is, in itself, healing. By inviting anyone and everyone as they are into our space, we have the opportunity to connect with everyone as a unique individual. Since 2007, BSM has hosted an overnight winter café that provides a safe haven for 75-100 of our neighbors each night during the coldest winter months. To make the 315 Café possible, BSM partners with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services, but also relies on other partners to provide food and light social services.

This year, thanks to a connection from Genevieve Malandra, Founder and Chief Publicity Officer of Bas Bleu PR, BSM has partnered with Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, LLC. Genevieve’s commitment to charitable causes, along with her industry passion for food and wellness, led her to connect BSM with Matt Baron of Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, LLC. Thanks to the kindness of Genevieve and Baron, BSM can supply guests this winter with packages of trail mix for the first month to be served each day as a snack. Follow Bas Bleu PR on Twitter at @basbleupr and Facebook at Facebook.com/basbleupr.

Steven Seibel, Chef at BSM says, “Matt Baron, is a man after my own heart. Snacking is a pastime that I and many others greatly enjoy. Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, LLC offers an amazing array of healthy snacking options that contain natural ingredients, amazing amounts of protein and the healthy types of fats. The 500 plus pounds of mixed nuts and fruit donated by Matt and his company over the winter months will help sustain, for the first time, our in-between meal snacks for our winter café. Matt Baron is a true champion to Philadelphia and its vulnerable population.”

Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, LLC was established in 2009 and has expanded into a fast-growing grassroots business that distributes gourmet nuts and dried fruit at farmer’s markets all over the northeast region of the U.S. The brand can also be found at prodigious events such as the 9th avenue International Food Festival in NYC. Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, LLC prides itself on being able to provide healthy snacks and beautiful, edible gift packages to all of its customers. They are committed to helping people to stay healthy with a variety of all natural snacks. In addition to their new online home you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google + where you will find product updates, healthy lifestyle tips, fun contests, and giveaways. Follow Gourmet Nuts and Dried Fruit, LLC at @gourmet_nuts and Facebook at facebook.com/gourmetnutsanddriedfruit.

The donation from Baron is not only generous, but impactful, and because of that, BSM is extremely thankful. We cannot say thank you enough for this amazing opportunity to extend radical hospitality to our guests in a new way through this partnership. Follow BSM on Twitter and Instagram at @Broadstreetmin and Facebook at facebook.com/BroadStreetMinistry.