Green Initiatives

June 29, 2021

Plastic Silverware: Save and collect the wrapped plastic silverware from your own take-out and delivery meals to be used for our to-go lunches!

Cocobundle: When looking for ways to stock our Community Hygiene Truck, we chose Cocobundle because of their partnership with Public Goods, an eco-friendly brand. All the items in the hygiene bundle, menstrual bundle, and shaving kit use eco-friendly innovations whenever possible, from sugar cane bottles to tree free paper and toxin-free ingredients. It allows us to offer our guests better made, longer lasting products with high-end, ethically sourced ingredients that inherently make less waste and pollution. Donate a bundle today!

Tote Bags: Bring in any spare tote bags you might have lying around the house so that we can use them instead of plastic bags in the Clothing Closet!
Are you a company that may have a donation of bulk reusable bags? Email donate@broadstreetministry.org

Paper Bags: There is an 8 cent cost difference per bag to use paper over plastic. Consider donating to help us off-set the cost.

Donation Hub: As the majority of our Clothing Closet and Community Hygiene programs’ inventories consist of donations, we’ve worked really hard to create a network of peer organizations to redistribute surplus donations or items we might not be able to use in our own programs. We recognize how convenient our central location is and strive to make ourselves a resource not only for our guests, but other social service organizations doing similar work in the city.