HAP Legal Clinic Returns to BSM

May 2, 2014

The Homeless Advocacy Project and their partner, the law firm of Drinker, Biddle & Reith, returned to BSM in late April to provide pro bono legal services for our guests at Breaking Bread. Our guests often count the days until this clinic happens because these attorneys have been able to create what often seems like miracles to folks who have been unable to navigate by themselves through complicated legal matters.

When these lawyers take on a case, they make a commitment to their new clients to stay engaged with them until the matter is resolved. In some cases this means making few phone calls, or writing an e-mail to the one person who can free up a legal log jam. In other situations the process is more complex and protracted. Regardless these attorneys stay involved, and in contact with our guests until the entire process is complete.

For a number of our guests the results have been truly life changing. As cases get resolved, and within the bounds of lawyer-client confidentiality, the attorneys will share some of these success stories. We are truly grateful that these highly trained and dedicated professionals so generously share their time and expertise with our guests.