Help Us Set the Table

November 14, 2019
At Broad Street Ministry, a meal is more than a meal – it is a re-introduction to human connection and the wraparound services our guests need to thrive.  Breaking Bread has been a linchpin of BSM’s outreach of compassion and justice since 2008.  Guests are welcomed into the Sanctuary-Dining Room where they receive the service one would receive at a fine restaurant, and with the hospitality you would feel at your family’s holiday meal.  BSM could not be in the business of radical hospitality without the hundreds of volunteers that give their time to Breaking Bread each and every week.
BSM is expecting to serve 71,000 meals in 2019 – more meals than any year prior! This means we need more volunteer power and carrying power than ever before.  Support our meal service and volunteers by helping us purchase a restaurant-grade Dish Dolly.  With a goal of $1,000, we will be able to ensure safe and cleanly transport of our dishes both before and after they make it to our guests with a delicious BSM meal.