Jeans for July

July 9, 2020

We need your help collecting jeans for July!

During Covid-19 our clothing closet has not been able to operate in the usual fashion due to inability to socially distance during appointments. We were fortunate to have hired a clothing coordinator right before the pandemic, who was able to create a protocol to ensure folks that were in dire need of clothing could still count on us as a resource. Nathalie, the clothing closet coordinator, has been hard at work the past few weeks to temporarily set-up our clothing closet in our much larger Sanctuary space so that we can start to offer a semblance of normalcy to our guests, make appointments, and give them the ability to choose their own clothing again!

With the re-opening of the clothing closet, we need your help! Did you know jeans are one of the most requested clothing items from our clothing closet? And that we go through men’s sizes 32-40 the fastest?

If you have men’s jeans to donate, please email donate@broadstreetministry.org to make an appointment to drop them off between noon and 2:00 p.m. on weekdays at 315 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19107. If you’d like to purchase jeans please have them sent to the same address; link to purchase!