July Volunteer Spotlight: Jackie Andrews

July 12, 2021

Jackie and her husband Ken moved to Philadelphia in 2017. Philadelphia is the
first major city they lived in. Before joining the BSM community, Jackie
volunteered with different organizations with a focus on food insecurity. In
August 2019, Jackie began volunteering with our meal service and shortly after,
began volunteering in our Mail Service. Jackie received a Ph.D. from the
University of Michigan. She worked at community college in Michigan and at
the State University of New York leading offices of institutional research.
With living in Philadelphia, Jackie continues to be struck by the vast differences
of city living compared to small town and rural living. “In Philly, the fact of the
disparity between my life and that of many others is blunt. There is little room for complacency. It is humbling.”

Jackie is “long in a second marriage” and has three children. Her children
reside in rural Ohio and Portland, Oregon. “We left Michigan in 2000 to come
east and another difference that strikes me is that between people who stayed
in place and people who moved around. Pluses and minuses both ways.”
Jackie is a sincere and diligent volunteer. Jackie brings her whole self into this
space and goes above & beyond to serve our guests with radical hospitality.
We are grateful to have such a wonderful presence in our space and