Last Night at BSM

July 13, 2015

HerodLast Night Rev. Andy preached from Mark 6:14-29 on the beheading of John the Baptist. He continued to preach to dominant white Christianity. Herod and John the Baptist had an understanding between each other. They had sort of an alliance, where John would give Herod prophecy, and Herod from his position of power would take it seriously. Prophetic power and worldly power are better together… except when worldly power sells out prophetic power because the worldly power is worried about how it would look at the country club. The task of the church is to make a home for an alliance between worldly power and prophetic power. But it means that the worldly power can’t sell out the prophetic power when it feels pressure to save face. If you would like to hear it, click here.

Tony led us in worship, with the Motley Order Choir singing Love Lifted Me,Glory Glory Hallelujah, Holy Holy Holy, Neko Case’s John Saw That NumberGod of Grace and God of Glory, Precious Lord, Take My Hand, and I Need You To Survive.

During worship our congregation offered the following prayers, our communities Psalms of the Street.


Pray that my time off of social media is fruitful.

I pray that I may feel my ill-ease lift this week. Thank you.


Dear god-

Please be with me during my time away from Philadelphia. Amen.


A prayer for those physically disable—those not able to get out of bed to come to church…Those crippled with any kind of substance abuse or confusion. Seniors who find themselves facing hardship—financial or otherwise—alone and need charity.


I pray that my partner will stop engaging in self-destructive behavior. I pray that she will realize she deserves better, that she is running and that she is hurting herself and the people that care about her. I pray she tells her mother about the traumatic event she experienced and stops bottling it up and hiding it. I pray that my brother learns to love himself and his family, that he opens up to us and finds his peace. I pray that my therapy truly helps. For all these things I need a miracle. Please let God provide me with them. I can’t do it myself, I’m not strong enough. Give me an opportunity.


God, please return all curses, spells, enchantments and black magic and necromancy spells that’s on my minds, spirits, bodies, souls back to all senders 700 times fold now and forever more in Jesus name I ask please pray thanx! God bless u all here at Bible study. Miss ya’s.


God, please exit me from the matrix now and forever more in Jesus name I ask and pray. Thanx for praying for me! God bless you! Love, ******.


God, please remove and return all spells, curses, enchantments and black magic and necromancy spells that’s on my childrens minds, bodies, souls, and spirits of *****, *****, *****and *****, ***** and *****back to all senders 7000 times fold now and forever more in Jesus name I ask and pray…Thank you. God Bless you!


Giving thanks for my continued healing of my head injury.

Prayers for God to continue His works through BSM


Please pray for:

  1. *****, she could use a break. To have God startle her with his grace and favor.
  2. Me, that I May learn to dream and seek God for greater insights into me
  3. *****, that God will help him discern who he is and be truthful with himself and others about his truths.

Continued and true positive communications with **, ** and * and **.


I would like prayer for my friend ***** that she would be given direction for next steps in life as she is feeling stuck and overworked.

I would also like prayer for myself and my house that we would be a space of hospitality, love and peace.


Thank you for opening this week to our youth—God bless.


I’ve been accepted to Biblical Theological Seminary. I had a interview for a therapist position


Prayers for *****, myself and others who are struggling. Peace for *****. Good fortune for *****. To being open and give and receive love.


God of transformation, of opening eyes and hearts,

I pray that this week’s youth initiative will be open to hearing your call to be a neighbor to all people. Amen.



Please be with ***** this whole month while she is reminded of another community she was part of in *****. Comfort her, and assure her that while she is missed there, your plans for her are here—that she is needed at BSM to do your work w/ Y.I. Amen.


I’ve been so

busy faltering

that I forgot

to notice y our

hand gently

at my back

and so THANK

YOU, and keep

me hip to the

guidance and

our of my head.



Don’t be so anxious all the time. Keep me focused.


Dear God,

Thanks for everything you have done for me. Please help me be free from fear and be grateful. Help me be less resentful and anxious and more helpful. Guide me to understanding what should be kept and what should be thrown away.


I pray for the YI kids we met last week who are struggling with tough situations back at home, that they may feel love and find healing.


I pray that I will find a job and community that will bring me happiness and fulfillment.


Lord, I ask for healing in my family, that we rely more on you and recognize the strengths you have given us and your power. Amen.


Dear God—

Thank you for continuing to strengthen my hearts and my legs. Thank you for bringing ***** and ***** into my life. Please bring passion and love into the lives of *****, *****, *****and I. Thank you for working on me. Love you, *****.



Help me to be your disciple. Help me to lead your people. Help me in my new position. Use me to do your work in this place. In this city. Amen.


I pray for safety and strength for my daughter who is biking across the country w/ Bike and Build.


Praise God for paying off my credit card this week! And thanks for continued financial blessings!


I am waiting on God. I know he hasn’t forgotten about me. He wouldn’t bring me this far and neglect to follow through.


I’m waiting on a job. I’m waiting to pay rent. I’m waiting on the Lord to renew my spirit and show me the way.

Praise him, For He is Good.


I thank God so much for the wonderful friends that I have and I pray for those who are moving away.

I pray for change in my life and in the world and for the strength for fight for it.


Loving God,

Embrace ***** and ***** and the communities that surround them with love. May they feel your constant presence in this time of transition. Amen.


Lord—get me through the next three weeks! Almost there!

Prayers for *****. For change that is fulfilling.



Holy Holy Holy! Be with the *****family. Be with Jim Kenney. Be with *****. Be with *****, *****, *****, and *****. Be with me, love me and help me to love. Be with *****. Amen.


Prayers for my parents health and peace

Prayers for my mothers back

Prayers for my relationships

We welcomed four churches, here for a week with the Youth Initiative: Crossroads UMC from Ashburn, VA; First Presbyterian Church from Annapolis, MD; Rocky River Presbyterian Church from Concord, NC; and Kirkwood Presbyterian Church from Springfield, VA.

Every Sunday after worship, we also have community engagement groups. These groups are a great way to get to know people, maybe learn something about yourselves, one another, and/or God, and get to know a few more peoples’ names. Last night, Rev. David Norse led the LGBTQ Fellowship in a discussion on friendship. The LGBTQ fellowship is open to all, and of particular interest to those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Queer/Questioning. Robert Arrington led a group called Tell Your Story, a discussion time to share the story of who you are and how you came to call this place home.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.