Last Night at BSM

May 2, 2017

Last night at BSM, Devin Johns led the gathered community through an exploration of the power of touch and the human need for physical manifestations of the mysteries of the spiritual world. The text for the service with John 20:19-31, Doubting Thomas’s encounter with the post-resurrection Christ, the wounded and risen one.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Please pray Jonah 2:9 and Job 22:27-28 over me. Pray that I’ll never be impatient nor have doubt and unbelief towards God and all his word. Pray that I trust God and his word like Jesus did regardless of what I go through or been through in life. Please pray for the LOD community as well. Pray that each individual receive all God’s promises.

Please pray for **** as she travels to Palestine in a couple days. Thankful for beginnings and endings, for grace in a new season and prayers as I discern next steps.

Pray for a breakthrough of encounter of healing and wholeness and energy for all who are sick, broken, and despairing.

For wholeness God and for wisdom

For ****

I love YOU—thank YOU—I am only me because of YOU. This moment, this week, this life is yours. Amen.

I pray for ****—that he would make wise decision, find true fulfillment, and feel the love and support of his friends and family. For you, Lord, to touch his heart. I pray that this family would also re-ready to greet him with love, as a prodigal son.

Indeed we are alive. Thanks be to God.

I’m thankful for BSM! May we prosper, grow and be your servants, Lord!

That God will direct my way and provide peace, and his blessed assurance that he is my Lord.

Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, 4 being here 4 us. Prayers for my friends in Paris: **** and **** and ****. May they have had the opportunity to vote today.

Dear God, Thank you for everything; I mean it, everything. Please be with my husband and family in their work this week. And thank you for Metropolitan Ballet. Be with them as they grow. Amen.