Last Night at BSM

June 6, 2017

Last Night, for Pentecost, Samantha Evans preached from Acts 2:1-21. She showed us how God’s plan for unity among God’s people does not include uniformity and that we are all called to hope and new life.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Praise God for **** and **** marriage full of love and generosity, and their 5 year anniversary.

Pray for my friend **** who has a serious chronic health condition and may have to relocate to Philadelphia for a transplant.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please, if it be your will, give me the clarity, motivation and compassion to conquer the challenges you have put before me and help **** and I discover our true selves and desires. In Jesus’ name

That **** and I find comfort and the opportunity to grow and love each other in this new phase of our relationship. That I can learn to listen more and we can accept God’s will for our relationship.

My uncle is in need of prayer along with the rest of my family as well as myself. Thank you.

Prayers for students/alumni of Seattle Pacific University on June 5, 3 year anniversary of campus shooting

Help me have strength, wisdom, truth and love to navigate saying no to continuing at old job (leaving therapy clients)

Help me decide on where to live next and manage shifting relationships with truthfulness and love.

Prayer for discernment for decisions I need to make in the next few days and weeks ahead, I want to make sure they are in line with God’s will for my life – my family – the journey that I am on. Blessing to you – BSM

Thank you for your prayers as I pray for you.

Dear God-

I’m in awe of you today. Your provision and your love fill me with gratitude. Keep my mom safe as she travels tomorrow. Give me an answer about where you are calling me to serve as a pastor. Keep me steady. I love you. Amen.

Please pray for my upcoming trips, that I will use my time with the people I am visiting wisely and for safe travels. Thank you.

Please be with me and my friends as we are on the job search journey. Please give us patience and strength.

Please help my sister be the woman you have created her to be and search her potential

I ask for prayer as I begin my summer internship, especially as this shift will mean I’m working (more than) full-time again – I’m hoping for a smooth transition!


Thank you for glimpses of clarity in the midst of great unknown. I do love this place. Thank you for calling me here. I love you.


Prayers to reduce my anxiety.

Prayers to guide my actions.

Prayers for my art.

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. May you support the people at the “Grande” concert and Great Britain as they are struggling with their trials. Today and in the future. As we do here.

Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus.

Pray for **** and ****. May they be relieved of their pain.

God, please guide me through this stepfamily maze. I am terrified of my stepson, a bit scared of my step-daughter, terrified of losing my son – and feeling all alone – sometimes my husband doesn’t understand. Amen

Father God, I pray for the willingness to be the person you want me to be. Thank you.


There is so much to celebrate and mourn and fear this week. I know that you are present in all things – may I be reminded of your grace and spirit as the new week begins.