Last Night At BSM

June 19, 2017

This week, Michele Ward spoke to us to remember that God stays faithful in the face of our doubt.

Listen here.

Pray for the homeless, pray for **** and her family, pray for **** and her family, pray for ****, pray for the mentally ill

Pray for the homeless, pray for the mentally ill, pray for the unemployed

There is too much going on. I pray for my children’s well being and safety. I pray that I can keep hope. I am so tired.

Prayers for gratitude, joy and peace.

Lord, I need your help believing in the promises you have made for me and for ****. Show me. But especially show ****. Help us laugh in the face of darkness, rather than despair.

Please pray for my finances.

I pray that I would heal so that I may have the strength and energy to do the work I love and be my normal self.

God I ask that you would make yourself known to me as my most precious, jealous, and wonderful, creator, protector, best friend, listener, lover, inspirer and sustainer. God reveal your will to me – show me where to go – literally. Love you!

Almighty God, I pray for the summer months at BSM. It’s going to be a lot. Many pieces. Movement. Change. I pray that you’re moving and that our hearts are soft enough to be attuned to how you are moving and what you would have us do. I love you and I’m thankful for your presence and faithfulness. Amen.

Love, peace, healing for **** and the **** family.

I pray for: my own mental health as I work on my improving and organizing my life, my family’s health especially my dad recovering from illness and my sister dealing with changes in her life, for my friend **** to find a way out of a bad situation and to be able to help her, and for all the beloved pets I know especially **** and ****, **** and ****.

Dear God, Thank you for the wonderful birthday and for my original birthday – I pray for my husband’s health – he doesn’t always take care of himself. I thank you for my wonderful son – please help me to always be a good mother. Thank you for our quirky dad this Father’s Day. Amen.

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus for life, family, friends. It was great joining our families together yesterday. Thankfully it went well. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus.

Prayers for ****

Please pray for my dad, mother, brother, sister, and half-brother for their safety and health. Pray for my health and safety and for my goals to achieve.

Dear Father, Thank you for taking care of my dad when no one else did. Please heal his deepest hurts and shame. Please knit he and **** together in a new and profound way as father and son. All my love, your daughter.

Dear God, I hate Father’s Day. Please give me a spacious heart – comfort me as I still yearn for a good daddy. Thanks for being there. I love you. Amen. PS – Thank you for a healing relationship for my husband and his dad. What a gift that is for us.

Our friend and sister ****. has asked that we pray for the **** family, as they mourn the loss of ****. Funeral services are this Tuesday.