Last Night at BSM

June 26, 2017

Last night at BSM, we celebrated the month of Pride! David Norse preached to us from Acts 11:1-18 to express that the doors to God’s love are open wide and to challenged us to speak out against injustice even when we are apprehensive.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Dear Lord,

Please allow this week to go well. Let me learn from my mistakes from last week and grow from them. I ask that you continue to give me the strength needed to get through the rest of the weeks. Amen.

Please pray for my children, **** and ****, who were part of a Wiccan ceremony yesterday with their mother. I hope that they are safe and their minds are clear and that they know what is true.

This week I learned that my diabetes is severe enough that I will need to start taking insulin. I need help breaking my old dietary habits and being able to care for myself better.

Please pray for me: my emotional, physical and financial health. I am feeling overwhelmed by lots of things right now.

My daughter **** traveling mercies as she drives south for July 4th and open doors as she seeks a job with benefits.

Sad to inform this community that I lost my close cousin Sunday morning in a freak vehicle accident. Pray. Thank you

A prayer for my mother who was in the ER over the weekend. Please pray for healing.

(1)That people in the neighborhood and in garden community can communicate well at MEEP

(2)That myself and all citizens of Philly can open our hearts to accept the queer community in all its complexities. And also that people can confront the racism in themselves and our city, that some try to say doesn’t exist therefore allow to continue and keep us broken as a city.

(3)Friend **** with aggressive cancer

I have OCD disorder and I’m praying for someone to help me with a bike to help me get around the city better with my OCD is very stressful can someone please help me with an OCD bike

Please pray for my food ministry and herb project for BSM

Please pray for my family as we grieve the loss of my grandma. Pray for **** and her family while they travel to Greece.

I pray that I and other BSM congregants would continue to learn how to faithfully invite people to church.

Please pray for **** son **** and his entire family. His father passed away rather suddenly. God surround him with love and comfort.

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus – please have Pastor **** preach more he is so good and on point. Pray for our nation as we struggle every day.

Almighty God – I give thanks for the special gifts of all the people you have brought to this place – may we all work and contribute towards your kingdom. Amen

Dear God,

please lift up all my friends this week: the new ones who I have the joy of getting to know each day, as well as the old ones who I have not been able to see and miss dearly.

Dear God,

Thank you for the wide open arms you have for all of us. Fill my cup. I love you. Amen.

Please be with **** and **** in ****’s last trimester.

Please give me strength and patience during this time. Please provide me and those looking for jobs guidance.

I pray for my family (my dad, mom, brothers and sister) for their safety and health. Please keep them in your prayers. Also keep my friends and me in your prayers. For our safety and health.

I pray for the people who are living out in the streets without a home.

A prayer for this wonderful community of faith and the great work you are doing. God speed to you all.

Thanks to God for the LGBTQ community and their gifts to the world. Prayers for more inclusion across all communities! Prayers for **** and **** healing and recovery.

Please pray for **** family, who are losing their home and father committed suicide, all in the same week.

Dear God,

Every day around 3pm I get sad. It lasts for a few hours. Why? Please be with me.

Please be with **** and the **** family. **** died on Thursday. Amen.

I pray for peace and love among everybody. For understanding and patience.

Dear Lord,

I just want to praise! Please pray for my grandmother during this time. Also, pray for my mother and the Youth Initiative staff. Thank you O Lord. Amen

Thanks to God for the community I have and growth and self knowledge I have gained so far – and I pray for the journey ahead for all of us. Amen.