Last Night At BSM

July 3, 2017

Last night, Sammie Evans preached to us from Genesis 22:1-14 to show us the power of vulnerability that God has taught us.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

I pray for God to bless the land at MEEP and provide plenty of water to wash it clean and nourish the plants!

I am thankful that this week, which was difficult, was survivable and that my kids were strong. I am thankful for my lawyer who defended me and my kids this week.

Please pray for the young 14-year old boy whose skull was fractured by an off duty police officer about a month ago. Pray that justice reigns and that he may recover from his injury.

Dear God I ask faithfully that you will sustain **** & **** & love them. Let this cancer be a way for them to be closer to each other and to fully fall in love with you. Gratefully, your daughter.

Pray for **** and her family. Pray for **** and her family. Pray for **** and her family. Pray for **** and her family.

For Dad, so that God heals his Alzheimer’s or show us the purpose of his will. For Mom so that she has the strength to carry on no matter what. God is good.

Please pray for my family, from the states and in Mexico, my friends and for myself, so that we all have good health and safety.

I would like for you guys to pray for me – I’ve had a brain trauma for 8 months and I am only a junior in high school.

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. Special prayers for **** in the ICU at Temple. We don’t know why or cause but may she come alive with your love. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. For the wonderful, great praise band today – they were great. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus.

Prayers for the MEEP Garden, and God’s will in the space.


I pray that you would continue revealing yourself. Thank you so much for showing up over and over and over again this week. Thank you for ****.  Thank you for grace. Thank you for teaching me how to be vulnerable. I love you. Amen

Lord, may I persevere in loving your creation and following your calling in faith.