Last Night at BSM

July 10, 2017

Last night, John Frances Maher preached to us from Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 about being misfits and mystics, finding our prophetic voice, and placing our heavy burdens on God.

Prayers from the gathered community:

Pray for the homeless. Pray for **** and her family. Pray for **** and her family. Pray for ****  and his drug addiction also his violent ways.

For the US – we need all the God we can get. For me – I need some student loan help. **** – needs a job with benefits! Please God!

Financial freedom, sale of our home

Please pray for my dad’s interview this week and that he may find a job he loves soon. Also for my cousin **** as she is immobile from a broken ankle.

**** (father in law) and family as he faces cancer

Please pray for me. My stomach, my upcoming surgery, my sanity. Please pray for my middle schoolers.

Please pray for my sister and her 2 children. She is struggling financially and is depressed. She took a courageous step in leaving an abusive relationship and work situation that was also harmful. I am glad that I’ve been able to help her financially, and pray for her continual support, health and encouragement.

Dear Lord, Please watch over those in my life, especially my Aunt ****. Grant me the strength to be a better servant to your will. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me today and every day. Amen

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus that **** was discharged from the hospital – may his heart and lungs be healed. Prayers for **** who lost her son of two years who was hit by a car. May her guilt leave her so she may mourn. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the Gospel of Matthew

Please pray for my father who has been experiencing depression and accompanying mental health issues. Please also pray for my grandfather who has CoPD and is in hospice. Thank you.

Almighty God – I’m feeling pulled back by the past and pulled into what’s next. Keep me brave, keep me strong, and hold me tight. Amen

I’m so grateful for the home I have and the love that resides there. May everyone be so blessed. Lord, bring your healing and peace to my Aunt and my sister.

Lord, my heart is low and prideful but I need you. Give me strength to pipe and sing, issue an invitation to your kingdom. To call into being what is yet to come. To grieve publicly. I’m afraid to be a misfit. I don’t want to care so much about what other people think of me. Amen

For **** may their burdens be eased and may they find safe ways to flourish.

Dear God if there is any way you could please help **** not be so angry at me I would be greatly in your debt. Amen.

Pray for my family, my father, mothers, brother and sister. Also for my friends and myself for our health and safety.

Please be with my friends that are pregnant and getting ready to deliver, especially ****

Please help me to come to you when I need rest

Please be with those traveling this summer. Please keep **** safe as she travels on her trip.

For ****and **** and me and **** to be healed and brave and free.