Last Night at BSM

July 17, 2017

Last night our seminarian from Princeton Theological Seminary, Max Hill preached to us from Genesis 25:19-34. He told us how God uses us to bless our communities and the world, even when we are told that we are unable to do so.

Listen here.

Prayers from the gathered community:

Meep garden – pray for communication, compassion, and openness between the committee, the neighborhood, the city.

Racial struggles in Philadelphia, the city as a whole, and within sub-communities

My husband and I just moved here, please pray that I find a job despite my criminal record

Grateful for this season of life! Please pray for my brother **** as he drives to LA to move and start his new Americorps job. Pray for my friend **** as she heals from a separation

I would appreciate prayer for continued healing form anxiety, thank you!

Dad, ****, PET scan Tuesday and results Friday. Lung and Brain cancer follow up

Prayer for peace and restoration

Pray that my daughter, **** talks to me, I’ve been out of her life

Cousin **** 12 years old lost her father a few months ago and within the same month her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is having trouble coping.

Dear Lord, please bless our YI participants, my mom and **** for magnificent healing. Please bless ****, ****, **** and I while we travel. Please heal ****’s heart and body. Thank you for my love, ****. Your daughter.

Prayers for my mother’s back. Prayers for my art.

God, Thank you for sending ****. Thank you for never leaving me. Thank you for being faithful to your creation. Thank you for calling me to serve your church. Thank you for ****. I pray that you are moving in all of this and you get us out of the way!! I love you. Amen.

God, I pray for this church. I pray that you would continue to bring about your vision for this place – AND that we would be listening. I pray that you would bring us wholeness, vision, healing, and a faithful way into the future. You have sustained us from the beginning with your Spirit. Please continue to move. Amen.

I’m praying for my mom that she can find the courage to leave her toxic job and find one that pays her respect.

Dear Lord, Thank you, thank you that we all matter. Thank you that I have a church family who knows, loves and lives this truth. Help me live that truth as well, always and in all ways. Please be with  ****’s friend who received a hard diagnosis. Please be with ****’s grandma who is struggling to heal and thrive. Healing and comfort for them both.

I pray for sexually abused children Iraqi Kurdistan

I pray for paradise Lutheran church

I’d like you to pray for a member of my church who has ALS. I have seen him rapidly go from a cane, to a walker, and finally to motorized scooter. Please pray for him.

Lord, help me find rest so that I may have the energy to help others.

Help our kids learn inclusivity and for our leaders to model it proudly.

Dear God, I pray for safe travels and good health to **** and ****  as they travel to Greece this week. ****  is 34 weeks pregnant and I pray for her and the baby on this trip. I also extend prayers to all women expecting a child – courage, health, and love. Amen

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus hold my sister in your arms as she prepares for her “cross country” flight with concern and fear. May she relax that she can enjoy her trip. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus.

Thank you for letting my Aunt **** wake up. Please watch over her in her long recovery. Grant me the strength to help others with the gifts you have given me. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me, today and every day.

Please pray for my father, mother, brothers and sister. For their safety and health. Also pray for all my family and friends and myself that we stay safe and healthy

Dear God, Thanks for forests and the sound of rainfall in the trees. Thank you for the wild and mysterious ways you work. Keep showing me the way. I love you. Amen

God, I am hurting and lost today. But thank you for the beauty of this earth. Amen