Last Night at BSM

July 24, 2017

Last night in worship, Sammie Evans, preached to us from Romans 8:12-25. She spoke about the “Now and the Not Yet” telling us the importance of sitting with one another through our sufferings in the now and how that has a place for us in proclaiming that which has not yet come.

Listen here.

Prayers from the gathered community:

Please pray for ****, for her joy, a job with benefits, a closer walk with God. May she know the depth of God’s love. For me, financial blessings and deliverance from fear of failure. For my sister, strength and direction as she returns to school.

Please pray for my anxiety and for my friend **** as he and his family settle in to Philly.

Dear gracious and loving God, I have been feeling a little uneasy lately but I know that means that you are working in my life. I just ask that you are working in my life. I just ask that you give me the strength to get through the rest of the summer. Let my positive energy continue to impact others. Amen.

I pray for my friend, ****. Her farm has flooded from the storms in West Virginia and I hope that her recovery won’t be to a cortly.
Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. May you hold **** in your arms and guide him through his chemotherapy for his colon, liver and lung cancer. Give him strength and hope. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus.

Dear Lord, grant me the strength to be a light of you not-yet. Thank you for the discomfort of the heart to remind us of the beautiful world we live in. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me today and every day, Amen.

Thank you God, for the people and the Spirit that makes this place.

Almighty God, please no more migraines. I love you, Amen.

Prayers for my mom who has been really lonely and depressed lately. Help her daughters not feel all of that burden. Give her family new ways of connecting to her. Hush the fears she may have surrounding change or love. Prayers for **** as she makes big decisions for her business. Ease her anxiety of moving to a new place.

Please pray for my father, mother, brothers, and sister for their safety and health. Also pray for all my family, friends and myself, that we all have good health and safety.

Please be with **** this week during her C-section.

Please give me patience and strength as I continue to job search. Please be with others looking for employment, especially **** and ****.

Please be with **** as she starts her new adventure.

For the Lord to walk with me as I make my own transitions from job to student life again.

Lord, forgive me for being grumpy, irritable and impatient with my spouse. Soften my heart. As I look towards that which is not yet, sometimes I feel bleak. Give me hope that we can be transformative.

God, release the gremlins from the sound system! Also thanks for showing up. I love you, Amen.