Last Night at BSM

July 31, 2017

This week in worship, Brendan Van-Gorder, our Youth Initiative Seminarian from Princeton Theological Seminary, preached to us from Isaiah 30:18-21 about crying out to God.

Prayers of the gathered community:

**** friend with cancer. Is currently in his 12th round of chemo. Without ACA, he wouldn’t be able to afford his treatment this long. Afraid of what might happen if it gets taken away.

Planned parenthood – afraid for the health and safety of so many women without the services it provides.

Dear God, please give strength to the people, the community, and our society to accept everyone for who and what they are. Thank you

Please pray for my **** she is sad and anxious about her life. May God bless her with peace, joy, hope and abundance.

Dear Loving and Gracious God, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! If I had 10,000 tongues I could not thank you enough. The last few weeks have been very rough, but you made a way. It states in the Bible, “This too shall pass” And I thank you for allowing this season to pass. I love you Lord. Amen

Please be with those job seeking, especially **** and ****. Please be with my parents healing with a variety of things. Please give them strength. Please be with those that are experiencing homelessness. Please help our city expanse housing options.

Please pray for my grandfather, father and cousin, as my grandfather has passed away this week. Thank you.

Please pray for my father, mother, brothers and sister, for their good health and safety. Also pray for my family and myself for good health and safety.

Dear God – Thanks for always being here. Show me how when I don’t feel it. I love you. Amen.

Pray for those bombed in Syria and Palestine.

Dear God, I pray for myself and my friends struggling with community and relationships during the summer. Thank you for your faithfulness and love. I love you, Amen.

Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the beautiful A+ day the city to shore ride for the families that lost their parents to adversity money raised goes to the children for education. God the messages at BSM are going down too negative. We need to be positive.

Dear God if all goes well, I will be a grandmother in a few weeks. Help me open my life to this new life and to be able to balance my work and other commitments to be able to spend time traveling to visit. I am anxious.

Prayers for my mothers back.