Last Night at BSM

August 7, 2017

Last night, Michele Ward preached to us from Genesis 32:22-31 about wresting with God and how God engages with us in our suffering.

Listen here.

Prayers from the gathered community:

I applied for a loan so I could pay my lawyer. She will not represent me, unless I pay her a couple thousand dollars this Friday, for the upcoming custody hearing. If I don’t get the loan, I do not know what I will do. I am worried. Thank you.

I ask for prayers for my friend **** and his family, as his father recently passed away.

I pray for **** and **** on their next chapter of life. Power couple!

I pray for de-escalation in N. Korea.

I’m praying for BSM and all of the beautiful people who enter this space. I pray that God gives me the motivation and dedication to keep returning here.

Please be with those job searching and give them strength and patience. Please be with those traveling this summer.

Almighty God, Thank you for giving me patience, comfort, and assurance during this time of great unknown. Please guide my steps this next week. Reveal your will to me just enough to get me through this week. Show us all how to be your faithful children in this time and place. I love you so very much. Amen.

Lord, I want to thank you for all the blessings you have given me this summer. I know sometimes I was complaining about my situation. I am sorry and I hope for a better future. Please pray for a strong week and for safe travels (BSM YI Staff). Pray for my mom, grandmom and uncle. Love you, Lord. Amen.

Pray for my brother and his health. Pray for my mom as she cares for him. Pray for ****’s grandfather in the ICU.

I pray that I will be a good and faithful servant of our God.

Prayers for me as I return home and look for a spiritual community that is as radically accepting and loving of all people

Prayers for my parent’s depression and for vulnerability as we all deal with those things together

For **** in their move. I pray her business can flourish.

Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus strength for **** as she is down to 84 lbs. **** awaiting their transplant – please see that his “new” blood transfusions help her. Help ****’s heart so he can assist ****. **** support him in the many choices he must make with his health care.

Please always pray for my father, mother, brothers and sister for good health and safety. Also pray for all my family, friends and myself for good health and safety. For all my goals and dreams to be achieved and to always have the power to keep working on all my goals and dreams.

I pray for peace and serenity of my mind. God, please let the demons that seem to haunt my thoughts and the negativity that it brings stop. I want to feel your presence and yours alone. Thank you for the gifts that you have given me, the ones that I see and the ones that I am still blind to. Amen.

Prayer for direction and peace, and hope as we walk ahead in God’s work.

Dear God, why am I so sad? Thank you for all your gifts of which I am aware though I am sad. Please be in my marriage. Be with all members of my family near and far – living and not. Be with **** and all her extended family. Help me know how to be family and friend. Please protect my son. Amen

Dear God, Thanks for coming to me wherever I am, even when I don’t feel you. Give me space to breath you in this walk. Give my partner energy and encouragement this week. Protect us as we move and pack this week. I love you. Amen.

Pray for my mental challenges and physical abuse.