Last Night at BSM

September 25, 2017

Last night we gathered to explore Matthew 20:1-16 which is the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. Rev. Michele Ward led us into understanding the grace of God as being for everyone–generosity that welcomes us whether we feel worthy or unworthy–generosity healing hearts for wholeness and restored relationships–generosity that proclaims there is enough for all.

Listen to the Meditation from Rev. Michele Ward

The community offered these prayers to God:

Lots of requests this week.  *America–God knows we need it.  *Black Americans & People of Color–That God may give us the courage to stand, to fight, to resist racism and marginalization.  *White Americans–That those with integrity, dignity, conscience, and values may stand up, speak, act, and organize in support of those marginalized in this country.  *For me as I face new struggles at work.  For my grandma’s healing.  For ****’s new life in ****.

I pray for relief from sadness.

Prayers for me as I start my first week of grad school classes!  I need help saying, “No” and slowing down.

Pray for the homeless.  Pray for ****.  Pray for ****.  Pray for ****.

Dear God, I am celebrating the birth of ****–born on 8/18.  She is doing great and we are thankful for health, for time to get to know her, and for the magical transformation of all of us into parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts.  Hallelujah!

Dear God, thank you for being a God of enough.  Please be with us as we wait for news Monday (re: my FIL’s prostate cancer).  Help me find some rest and peace this week.  I love you.  Amen.