Last Night at BSM

October 2, 2017

Last night we gathered to hear from Rev. Samantha Evans as she led us in meditating on Matthew 21:23-32.  We are encouraged and challenged to change for the better, as individuals and as a society.  There is much work to be done as we protest the evils of racism and inequalities; continuously striving for the establishment of the Kingdom of God where justice and mercy flow like streams of living water.


The community offered these prayers to God:

I pray for relief from anxiety, exhaustion, fear, and worry.

I would love to be supported in praying for bravery at work–my boss is leaving at the end of the month and I’m feeling lost and ill-equipped for change.

Looking to overcome a terrible drug addiction.  Need prayers and words of wisdom.  Need other help.

Please pray for my cousin **** and her family as she goes through a divorce.  For my cousins, **** and ****, for their various health issues.  Continue to pray for me as I balance grad school, work, friends, and everything else!

I pray for our country and the self-knowledge and change we all need, and for harmful structures to come down and be replaced.  I pray for change in our hearts.

Prayer for unity in the Christian sphere.

For my friend ****, and all our fellow citizens returning from incarceration, and all those still imprisoned.

Please pray for my unborn baby and her father, the love of my life.  Pray that she be born healthy, and into a healthy and loving environment.  Please pray that her father forgives me and that he be healed–that the hurt, pain, brokenness, and doubt be removed.  Please pray that I not cause him to feel those things again.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Please pray for **** who has been in the hospital for nearly 2 months.  Pray that doctors can find answers, that her discomfort will be taken away, and that she can go home soon.  Pray that our nation’s leaders will be wise and proactive in sending aid to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.  Prayers for an awakening.  Prayers for peace…in my relationship and path, in the community and world.

I’m grateful for **** and my sisters!  For ****, I pray comfort, peace, and the space to mourn.  For my sisters, I pray for health in body, mind, and spirit.  Amen, praise the Lord.

God, please look after my Mom.  Be with me as I talk with ****.  Amen.

A prayer for peace and strength, for strength in times of loneliness in this city.

Pray for relief from loneliness and anxiety.

Please be with my sister as she looks for a job.  Please be with **** as she adjusts to her move.

Prayers for my mother’s back.

Pray for me to focus on coursework and to be led by the Spirit.

God, thank you for this week of clarity and focus.  Help me take this all step by step, knowing that I am yours and that you are at work in all of this.  I love you.  Thank you for loving me first.  Amen.

Dear God, thank you for healing ****.  Be with me this week and give me some Sabbath.  Forgive me for not making space to dwell with you.  I love you.  Amen.