Last Night at BSM

August 3, 2015

Compass (FULL size)“And Thou Philadelphia the virgin settlement of this province named before thou wert born, what care, what service, what travail have there been to bring thee forth and preserve thee from such as would abuse and defile thee. O that thou mayest be kept from the evil that would overwhelm thee, that faithful to the God of thy mercies in the life of righteousness, thou mayest be preserved to the end. My soul prays to God for thee that thou mayest stand in the day of trial, that thy children may be blest of the Lord and thy people saved by His power.” -William Penn’s Prayer for Philadelphia

Last night, Peter Billings, one of our Seminary Field Education Students, preached on Acts 10:34-43. He showed that we are called to be a community, that everyone is part of the body of Christ, and that we need to recognize our work as God’s continuing work in the world. He pointed toward William Penn’s prayer for the city of Philadelphia as part of God’s will for the city, that it is a prayer for all people in the city. It’s about charity and love, a greater calling, and impartiality.

John Francis led us in a powerful time of worship, singing great songs: In Christ There is No East and West, Take me to Church (Sinead O’connor), My City of Ruin, Higher Love, Bring ‘Em All In.

We welcomed another group of youth and their leaders for the Youth Initiative. This week we welcomed the great folks from Palms Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Beach, FL and Maguire Scholars from Philly! Be sure to greet them as you see them around!

Every Sunday after worship, we also have community engagement groups. These groups are a great way to get to know people, maybe learn something about yourselves, one another, and/or God, and get to know a few more peoples’ names. This week, David and Brooke led the New and Nearly New group on a building tour. Note that we will not have groups in August but will be back on for September. Remember to stay out of the heat and keep hydrated!

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Our community offered these prayers:

Praise God for *****’s great 2 wks at camp and *****’s success with BalletX. Pray for *****’s and my continuing job searches. Praise God Mr. ***** was found safe and sound in Washington DC. Please pray for *****, my college roommate, whose father, *****, died this morning.


God, please return all curses, spells, hexes, enchantments, hoodoo, voodoo & black magic & generational, ancestral and necromancy spells that are on the minds, bodies, souls, & spirits of my soulmate and me, *****, and my children, *****, *****, *****, *****, *****, ***** BACK to ALL senders 17 times fold now & forevermore in Jesus name I ask – please pray – thank you God Bless U

God, please exit me from this matrix now & forever more in Jesus name I ask


As we are called to do your work in this time of the world – I pray Lord that it is made known to us Lord that we are to spread your love throughout this land. Make it known to us what that looks like for your body as a whole, and for its each individual parts – as your hands, as your feet, as your ears, as your heart – Lord as you lead us I pray that as we are continually transformed by you we keep our eyes, mind, and heart on you as you lead us each and every day.


please pray for those exploited in labor trafficking and commercial sex in Philadelphia (and the rest of the world); the anniversary of my mom’s death is coming, so I would like to pray for everyone grieving a loss. Thank you!


I’m starting Biblical Theological Seminary on 9-1-15 I need $30,000 for tuition, that’s $1500 for 3 credits. My pastor and his wife have health concerns. Thank you.


Prayers for this coming semester. I need balance in my academics, jobs, and leadership responsibilities.


Dear god – please bless me with the gift of empathy and charity toward others – I’m often troubled and confused about why I have enough and others don’t – Amen – *****


Dear Father, Thank you. I love you. Please bless *****, *****, *****, *****, & *****. – *****


God, Bless ***** and I and our covenant with one another and with you. Bless our engagement, our home, and then send us out to bless the world. Thank you. Thank you. Hallelujah!


Prayers: I pray for peace in the world.


Please help me with my feet.


I pray for clarity, strength, and patience and the ability to stay in the present. I pray for all of BSM, my family, and all those suffering overseas.


God, give me the strength to do your will without fear cause I clearly fing need it. Thank you. Amen.


Lord, we give thanks to you for this city and the gifts it offers to us and to the world. We pray for peace, prosperity, and joy within it. I pray for an open and loving heart and for discernment to see your path and courage to walk in it. I pray for *****’s recovery, strength, and for her faith. Amen.


I rejoice in the love I have for ***** and that he has for me. I thank God for our recent engagement and for the incredible healing God has bestowed on me through the journey we’ve been on.


God, I’m really worried. Please help me with all the fears and anxiety that seem to be ruling my life lately. Please help me learn to listen and listen to learn. Please help me speak less and more thoughtfully. Please help me to be willing to change, even if it is scary, if it is in accordance with your will. Thanks.


Help me to know how best I can serve. *****


Please be with *****. Please help ***** become the man you made him to be. Please be with the youth initiative staff on their journeys.


Prayers to relieve me of depression. Prayers to help my mother’s back. Prayers to end racism.


With these hands make Philadelphia a better place for all. Give me the strength to engage for the betterment of this community and this city.


Please bless my new business opportunity. I think it’s the right one for me, and I ask that my steps be ordered and I use the opportunity to impact far and wide.


I continue to struggle with overwhelming emotions of abandonment, defectiveness, and feeling unsafe. I’m in the process of laying the groundwork for EMDR therapy with a professional therapist. It’s draining and emotionally exhausting. I continue to need the love and support of my BSM community. Please pray for me. This shit is really hard.


God, Help us to be more loving, more selfless, more accommodating, more helpful to our neighbors. We need your help. Amen.


Thank you, Lord, for getting me through the last three weeks peacefully. Tomorrow – the new job! Help me continue to do your work in a new way. Reveal yourself. Prayers for ***** & ***** and their four children whose home was robbed and burnt down while they were away on vacation. I pray for fulfillment for *****.


Dear Lord, Thank you for the experiences of this summer, the wonder of this place, and the love and friendship of the people here. Help me to remain part of this community as I go from this place, and help me to move forward with love, trust, positivity, and an open mind and heart. Amen


Lord, Please show your loving, merciful, grace, & peace-giving face specifically to Sarah M, Sarah L, Aubree, Chad, Frances, and Peter as we transition into our next phases of life. Never stop loving us and pushing us to love one another. Thank you for life.


Thanks. Keep it together.


God, Thank you for this place. Thank you for the way you have called me to participate in your kingdom. Amen.


Lord, Thank you for guiding and inspiring me this summer. Continue to be with me and help me to discern my path – my vocation, and bless that vocation that it brings glory to your name. Amen.


For peace in the transitions. For freedom as past securities are left behind. For wisdom in the anxiety of the unknown. For healing of broken hope.


Loving God, Go with Sarah, Frances, Peter, Chad, Sarah, and Aubree. Be in their transitions and in the communities they are leaving and going to. May they always know they have a home here. I thank you for them and all that they are. Amen.


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