Last Night at BSM

December 25, 2017

Last night, Rev. Samantha Evens led us on a complex journey through despair and hope, doubt and faith, contempt and love; arriving at joy in the birth of Christ as recounted in Luke 2:15-20.

Listen to the sermon here.

The community offered these prayers to God:

Please pray against cancer, dementia, chronic depression, and death.  Please pray against pride, arrogance, denial, hubris, isolation, anger, and fear.  Please pray for peace, joy, love, compassion, community, light, balance, hope, vision, courage, grace, and gratitude.

My brother ****’s cancer is back.  Pray the chemo regime will allow another stem cell transplant.  And please pray for peace and comfort for him and his wife and kids.  Thank you!

God, I give you thanks on this day for bringing me this far.  I thank you for changing me for the better even during tragedy.  Amen.

Please pray for:  –My daughter **** as she builds her new life in ****.  May God bless her with friends, opportunities, love, and prosperity.  –****, as he battles brain cancer.  Heal him, strengthen him, love him and his family.

This week my cat passed away.  He made my life a little harder and a lot better.  I give thanks for the eight years I had with him, and if there is a heaven and if cats go there, I pray that he is happy there.

Returning to competition and afraid I will falter and struggle despite hard work and I hope I can have success.

Thank you for these beautiful weirdos.  What would I do without us?

Almighty God, remain present with this community.  Keep them strong and focused.  Amen.

Continued prayers for ****, myself, and our family during this difficult time.  We are forever thankful for this community.

Dear God, thank you for bringing us your Son.  Give me eyes to see you in the world around me.  I love you so much.  Be with my grandma; holidays are hard without her sweetheart.  Amen.

Prayers for ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, You and Me.  May we be softer and stronger, steadier and easier, kinder and wiser, connected and free.