Last Night at BSM

January 8, 2018


Last night at BSM, Mr. Eric Flett led us in a meditation on Luke 15:11-24 where we explored the covenantal relationship between the Father and the Younger Son.

Listen to the Sermon here.

The community offered these prayers to God:

I pray that the challenges of this week will be met with strength and hope, even if that hope and strength is not something I seem to have right now.  Thank you.

I pray that I’d be together with my girlfriend, ****, forever, and never forget about help from her and her family.

Dear God, I pray for healing of body and spirit.  I pray that the two young men who robbed and assaulted me turn to you–turn towards love and find their way.  I pray that the social injustice that undergirds this event be addressed.  I pray for my own peace–to sleep at night and let go of fear.  I also say a prayer of gratitude that I was not seriously or gravely injured.  Amen.

I want to thank God for all of the peace and healing He has given me in 2017.

Please pray for **** and her relationship with her parents.  Pray for those in grad school including myself as a new semester starts.

Dearest Father, I ask you to bless the staff, volunteers, cafe staff, guests, and congregants of our BSM family.  Please provide for my sister, ****.  Help me to live for you only.  Help tune my ears to your frequency.  Please bless our souls so as to be blessed by your giving.

Father God, bless my friend as she goes to have her teeth fixed; make sure everything is okay.

Thank you for all the wonderful people in this space.  Grant us strength in the next phase of BSM and help us discern our future.  Watch over my mother and grandmother and grant **** some peace.  Thank you for all the blessings you have given me today and every day.

God, hold us up and give us generosity in the face of this transition.  Help **** to come to truly know us and grow with us and benefit from all our community offers and teaches.

I pray that everyone stays safe in the cold.

Prayers for **** and her family, who are currently seeking sanctuary in Philadelphia.

Prayers for peace during times of change.

Thanks be to God for the Word.  Thanks God for touching my heart with your reminder of who I am to you.  Be present in my relationships with EVERYONE!

Dear God, so many scary things are happening.  My 90 year old dad is being admitted to the hospital, I have a “call back” mammogram in the morning and I am terrified.  I fear for the relationships in my family.  They are so complicated and hard right now.  Please help all of us, especially my dad.  Thank you for all your blessings.  Amen.

Dear God–Thank you for your faithfulness.  Protect and guide me while I travel.  Show up in this time of decision making.  I love you.  Amen.

Please be with **** and help him get well.  Please be with **** on his recovery journey.  Please give me patience and understanding with my family and help me to forgive.