Last Night at BSM

January 22, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Raymond Bonwell III led us in a meditation on Matthew 28:16-20 about practicing faith along the journey of life.

The community offered these prayers to God:

I am so thankful for my son who turns 13 today!

Please pray for: 1. ****: She found out that she did not get the latest job for which she applied.  May God give her courage to NETWORK!  She can’t do it alone. 2. Me: Heartbreak again…may I know my worth and steer clear of men who spell TROUBLE for me.  May I be healed and whole.

Please pray for **** and his family as he awaits heart and lung surgery.

Prayer for the violence and hate perpetrated outside BSM last night.  Prayer for trust that hospitality extends goodness farther than we can imagine, transcending hate in the chaos.

Please bless our house in every way.  Crumble any walls that become wedges to loving, and help us to trust in your ultimate work.

Prayers for a family friend who lost her mom this week.  Prayers for our guests that were severely injured Saturday night.  Prayers that all of our guests will continue to see this place as a welcoming safe space.

Please pray that a job position at ****’s work would be an opportunity that is open to him (it’s currently listed at another location/state but we’re hoping they’d consider offering at his location.)  He needs a change, and I am excited to see him interested in applying to something new.  Please pray for upcoming decisions I might need to make.

Please pray that the Lord continues to walk with my mother and she doesn’t lose sight that He never stops.

Open my heart and pace me.  Lead me in light and balance.

Prayers of healing the community and extending God’s love.

Dear God, thank you for your love and kindness towards us.  Be with ****, ****, & ****.  Comfort us all as we find our way forward as a community.  Yay for ****’s debut!  Joy for **** and ****.  I love you.  Amen.

I pray for strength and direction as I explore new options.  Amen.

Prayers for my mother’s back.  Prayers for the health of my family.  Prayers for my creativity.  Prayers for my mental state.

Pray for our wounded guests…for healing, for comfort.

Thank you Lord.  Thank you Jesus.  Prayers for our government to “pass” a budget, especially for “CHIP” (Children’s Healthcare).  Nine million children do not have healthcare.  May veterans be able to get their prescriptions anywhere!  Also, we need safe injection sites.