Last Night at BSM

January 29, 2018

This night at BSM, Rev. Raymond Bonwell III led us in a meditation on Ephesians 2:12-22; emphasizing the role of peacemakers as those who extend welcome.

Listen to the sermon here.

The Community offered these prayers to God:

Prayers for wellbeing

Please pray for **** as she cares for her mother who has dementia.  Please pray for **** and his family as his father recently had triple bypass surgery.  Please pray for **** as he interviews for a new job on Monday.  Instill in him confidence.  Thank you for baby ****.  Be with **** and ****.

God, I pray for my sister.  Please be with her.  I worry about her physical and mental health.  Amen.

Dear God, please be with **** in caring for and tending to the needs of all the **** community members.  Give him patience, leadership, creativity, discernment, stamina, and confidence.  We need you to survive.  Love our family.

Please be with **** and her family.  Please give **** strength to take care of her family and give her family strength to get well.  Please be with **** and give her strength to get through this time.


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