Last Night at BSM

June 4, 2018

Last night at BSM, there was a special worship service celebrating the beginning of Pride month.  We praised God for the diversity of creation, and for our ability to be unified amidst all the diversity.  A multitude of voices from the BSM community witnessed to God’s scandalous love and inclusion of those whom might be considered outcasts as together we reflected on Acts 10:1-48.  Thanks be to the Spirit leading us all into new understanding of Jesus at work in the world to bring em’ all in.  Alleluia & Amen!

The community offered these prayers to God:

I pray that my son and daughter can participate in the youth initiative this summer.

Prayer for **** as he continues to heal from surgery.  Prayers for **** & **** — to bring the best of themselves to their relationship and the world. Prayer of thanks for this place.

I pray for resilience. A lot is happening all at once, and I am going to need it.

I am grateful for this beautiful community, and reminded of the true welcome and love that can exist.

God bless ****.  God bless ****.  God bless ****.  God move in every queer person till all feel totally whole.  God move in the fearful, and open their hearts.  Make them free of homophobia and transphobia.

Prayer for continuing healing and strength for ****, ****, ****, and ****.