Last Night at BSM

August 30, 2015

Last night at BSM, Rev. Andy Greenhow gave us a word from James 1: 17-27. He picked this text to get us thinking about how we can better understand what James says in verse 27 about pure religion being care for the widow and the orphan (check) and remaining unstained by the world (what?).  What does it mean to be unstained by the world, especially in our church where we are all about mixing it up in amongst the world? Click here to listen!

Our community also offered the following prayers:

My Uncle **** died peacefully last evening. Please pray for my cousins and their families as well as for my parents and Aunt **** who are the last living members of their generation on the **** side of my family.

I’m excited and nervous to lead a four-day retreat for teenage/young women in two weeks and want peace, patience, strength and Christ’s ability to be relational and speak words they need.

I received a 25% discount of tuition towards my Seminary for the winter of 2016. Praise God. My pastor and his wife are still dealing with mental health and cancer. Pray that the body of Jesus Christ will be more visible in Philadelphia, especially within neighborhoods.

For new relationships may we have honesty, joy, and laughter! For ****, healing and love.

I pray that I will dwell in a state of gratefulness rather than scarcity. I am encouraged by ****’s word to read damnation history but write salvation history. I pray this may be true in my life as well as the greater city of Philadelphia.

Prayers for all of those who have lost their pets. Prayers for healing in the Gulf Coast.


Heal ****, and keep mom safe in ****. Keep sending rain for the fires.

Hey, Last week? We crushed that! That was mostly you. Thank-you. I’m truly greatful.

Bless ****, ****, ****, ****, ****, ****and I.

Thank you God for my beautiful son. Having a child leaves one so vulnerable for life. Thank you also for all of life and creation. For my husband. Keep **** safe and help her to recover from her brain tumor. Thank you, thank you. Thank you. Amen.

Dear Lord,

Thanks so so much for the gifts and growth opportunities you have put lovingly in my life. Thank you for my **** and her generosity and risk taking. Thank you for **** and please grow us together in your light. Please bless ****, ****, the baby for healing and health. Please bless **** in his first week of school and **** on Wed. Thank you. Love, ****.

Thanks be to God for **** and **** and **** and ****. Thank you for their honesty, leadership, love and friendship. Thank you for their hearts and their poetic words that help break us open and heal—sometimes in the same breath. I am grateful to love them and to know and love you. I love you! ****.

Please be with **** and his recovery journey.

Please keep **** safe on her journey

Please be with our pastoral staff

For our elders, and for our youth—

For you and for me

For how we remember what has come before,

And for how we might be open to what is to come.

–For Ms. ****’s medical procedure

–I have been so quick to anger, without even knowing why.

Help me remember who I am, what I was like, when I was slow to anger, slow to speak.

Set me free from damnation histories,

Give me the grace to write salvation stories.

To be as faithful as ****. Thank you for the ultimate salvation story.


Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.