Last Night at BSM

July 31, 2018

Last night in worship, Rev. Raymond Bonwell led us in meditating on John 6:1-21 where we found the only two miracle stories of Jesus in the Gospel of John. What is the nature of miracles? Did miracles happen? Can miracles happen today? If the central tenet of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, then other “lesser” miracles can certainly happen. This leads one to live in a spirit of Christian hope, peering around the corner in joy, wondering if one will catch a glimpse of the Gospel!

The community lifted these prayers to God:

**** is in the hospital with post-op complications. Friend **** has been sick and they can’t figure out why. Prayers for ****.

I’d like to pray for everyone who is going through a hard time. Just remember you are not alone and most importantly you are loved. I pray that everyone has happiness, peace, and joy in life. Amen.

Prayers for the future of **** Garden and neighborhood. Thankful for healthy people – ****, ****, ****, ****’s mom, my dad, ****. Thankful for getting to travel–seing new places and perspectives, and for long lasting friendships over time and distance.


Thank you, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. 100,000 children are being raised by their grandparents. One grandparent is 91 years old, raising a 17 year old. May miracles happen to and for us grandparents in Philly, USA, and the world.

Father, please bless ****, his family, friends, and community. Please grant peace to those grieving and help all to find the beauty in the mystery of tomorrow.

Dear Father – please bless our family and fill it out as you see fit and on your timeline. We love you.

I lift up communities in this city who are experiencing violence. I pray for hope and healing. I pray for a new and whole future.

Dear God, please be in my complicated family. Help my husband and I to hear each other with empathy. Please look over my son to keep him safe. Amen.

Prayers for her mental health and the attention she needs from people that love her. Don’t let her be lost.

Dear God – thank you for the miracles all around me. You show me your everyday goodness. Be with the youth this week, and bless the garden initiative. I love you, amen.