Last Night at BSM

August 20, 2018

Last night at BSM, Rev. Laura Colee led us in meditating on Ezekiel 1:1, 4-21 about a mystical vision of the throne of God. This is a passage filled with bizarre animals and bright lights and moving structures, but at its core it is a message of hope—a promise that even as the Israelite people are going into exile, God’s presence goes with them.

Listen to the sermon here.

The community offered these prayers to God:

****’s health and upcoming procedure. ****’s salvation and to hear the voice of God, and for his protection.  My own guidance, clarity, discernment, serenity, courage, wisdom as I continue my spiritual growth in prophecy, and new biz ventures as well as safe travels to and from visiting family and friends, and protection from debtors.

I thank God for the ease of this past week, and I pray for help with the anxieties of this coming week.  Thank you.

I pray, thanking God for: 1. His revelation in my life, 2. For my **** who turns **** today, 3. For **** and her willingness to be with us at BSM.

Prayers for healing for my family.  Prayers for patience and trust and guidance in my husband’s job hunts.

Please be with ****’s grandfather as he recovers from **** and enters hospice.  Please be with **** and his family as he battles ****.

Prayers for my father’s health.  Prayers for my mental health.  Watch over my relationship with ****.

God, please be in the chaos of my family.  Help me (and all of us) to know where you are–to see you and to hear you.  Amen.

Love, joy, and blessings in abundance for **** and ****.

I pray for insight and healing.  I pray not to hurt others as I heal myself.  I pray for balance.  I pray for self-knowledge and to be able to express what I am.  I pray for boundaries.

It’s another time of transition for me.  Yet, I find myself here, at BSM, home again.  I’m grateful for the (chaotic) constant of this place and these people and of God’s faithfulness.  I ask for prayer that I would “find the Spirit [even] in the dark.”